Loop That!

If you didn’t hear… Bryce Gibbs’ had 147!
Did you follow the advice you were given and lock Bryce in as “VC”?
I certainly did and therefore will not be calling on Dane Swan this week to beat it. Although he actually might, the risk isn’t worth it. I was calling Dane in for anything under 125, but Bryce did the job. I’m over the fact that Foley had 24 and was subbed out (what a SHIT rule)…. but with 147 in the captain account… I’m happy for now.

What did you do with the loop hole?


  • Ha ha ha warnie thats what i always say to people annoying me come up with a new one PMSL

  • You guys just cant handle it, i broke you lol lol lol lol

    • I don’t get it, how have you “broke” someone? Maybe your mind has PMS.

  • I can now give some certainty to the captain loophole for those (like me) that were a little unsure as to whether they had to name a captain who would score zero in order to get double points for the VC.

    As quoted in a reply from Dream Team support:

    “Yes your vice captain will score double points if you don’t select a captain.”

    Unfortunately I didn’t get this response until Saturday morning, so I took the option of naming Harris as my captain and then covering his score with the emergency (hoping no other midfielder was a late withdrawal). I thought Gibbs’ 147 was too good to pass up. As it turned out, I would have given the C to Swan if I had to and I would have only missed out on 20 points.

  • yeeeeow, gibbsy vc! you ripper!