Spit or Swallow?

It is an ageless question that has haunted coaches all preseason, but with lockout looming the time has come to make a call, spit or Swallow him up? Let’s weigh up some positives and negatives:


  • He is a brilliant footballer, in fact he is the most talented in the rookie priced group and deserves to be rewarded by going all the way and selecting him.
  • If you chose not to swallow it could be a massive slap in the face.
  • His job security is a good reason to jump out of your comfort zone and get him in.


  • If he turns out to be a flop and doesn’t produce, he will be a waste of money.
  • If rookies costing $60K less are producing the same, if not bigger scores it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  • There are many alternative players I could mention for a similar price but it would be too much of a mouthful. I’m not here to dribble and regurgitate what you already know, so the time is almost here and the decision needs to made before lockout. You can’t afford to make a spur of the moment call that leaves your team looking unfinished and messy.

What are our thoughts? Swallow or go elsewhere?


  • just think of the feeling knowing a rookie as a good as swallow can come in to your midfield round 2 with your other premiums

  • what the hell are you supposed to do when you’ve finally managed to fit in everyone you want, except for the fact you’re $300 short of hibberd in defence….


  • hey dreamteamers i really would like some advice with my 3rd mid (midpriced player) Rockcliff or Redden? i currently have rockcliff with 14,600k in the bank money isnt the issue but what are your thoughts who will score more?

  • Spit.

    Conca. He’s likely playing the DT friendly position of HBF. He’ll score 70s.

  • swallow!!

    quick one, A swallow or J selwood?

  • i need league codes ppl

  • the King Kong Cup… for all the chest beaters out there
    AFL DT league number…685676…

  • I went for Conca instead cos i needed the $20k

    is Swallow worth it over Conca?

  • Hi all,

    Need to fill final league, everyone in the league thus far are past high rankers in dt. So if you want a challenging league please join league code 704185

    Good luck for your DT seasons

    All welcome

  • spit ill swallow later if i have to

  • When l put it to my girlfriend………..swallow any day of the week

  • My midfield rooks are all incredibly strong, Harris, Prestia, Conca, and hibberd as a dpp link with heppell. Had him in since day 1 but he’s becoming a bit hard to swallow so bye bye

  • A Swallow and D Swallow OR Bartel and Atley???????