Andy Otten: Perfect Substitute


ADELAIDE coach Neil Craig has identified defender Andy Otten and utility Scott Stevens as two players perfectly suited to the new substitute role.

The Crows experimented playing with 21 players and a substitute at different stages of the pre-season competition.

Opinion on what type of player makes for a good substitute is divided.

Several coaches have floated the idea of handing the green vest to a back-up ruckman, while others are adamant the sub must be a running player who can help with the increased physical demands created by having one fewer player on the interchange bench.

Craig leaned towards the latter option, saying the key to a good substitute player was versatility.

“An Andy Otten or Scott Stevens would make the perfect sub,” he said on Tuesday.

“Andy could come on and play down back or in the midfield … and Scott Stevens can go forward or back, so he also gives us some flexibility.

“I’m not saying that’s necessarily what we’ll do, but I think they’re the type of players that would made a good substitute.”

Craig also floated the idea of using the substitute role as part of a club’s list management.

The Crows eased a number of underdone players including Richard Tambling, David Mackay and Bernie Vince into the pre-season competition by playing them as substitutes.

Craig said the substitute could be used as a way of limiting a battle-weary player’s game time in the later rounds of the season.

“You might have a player that’s played 15 games and playing half a game as a sub [instead of missing a game] might be perfect for him,” Craig said.

“And you might do that for two or three weeks. It gives the player a bit of a rest, but you’ve still got some quality there [on the bench].”

The Crows will train on Tuesday night ahead of their opening-round clash with Hawthorn at AAMI Stadium on Saturday night.

Forward Ricky Henderson is nursing several sore spots and will be given until later in the week to prove his fitness.

Hawks skipper Luke Hodge is also in doubt for the game as he continues his recovery from an achilles complaint


  • He is in my squad to make money…you can’t make much money when he plays half a game every week or so

  • Round 1: otten getbsubbed on and smashes it
    Round 2: otten named in top 21
    So really we just need to have cover for otten round 1 and thats it

  • out

  • reece conca or atley? who has the better job security?

  • I dont know if this topic has been discussed already and ive just missed it but what happens to players averages if they are used as a sub….just thinking cause it will have a big effect on price drops

    EG- if say Otten has a break even of 70 and only gets 50 due to being subbed on later in the game, does this mean his score counts as if he played the full game…whats the go there ???

  • one rookie who people aren’t mentioning is smashing it along half-back apparently, and nobody mentioning him is a good thing for me its so hard to keep hidden gems quiet.

  • i just got my Hawks V Crows tickets….it’s been a looooooooooooooong summer…can’t wait!!!!

  • cheney anyone?

  • this sux, haven’t had otten and was very happy that I would be fairly unique in this and now craigy says a random comment and 50000 ppl change their team more like mine.

  • Just swapped Otten to Everitt…a little push was all I needed :)

  • Why did neal have to come out and say that I had jumped off the bandwagon weeks ago and now everyone else will

  • Wouldn’t take craig’s comment to seriously. He is a massive Otten fan and with the exclusion of goodwin,mcleod, bock and the like, they will need otten every week either in defence or going through th guts. Dont jump off otten, watch him become a big fat cash cow!!!

    • He was also just making a point of a player like Otten; doesn’t mean it will actually be Otten. Also, it sounds like he’ll be rotating players through the position so even if Otten gets the sub role for the first few rounds he’ll still become a great cash cow, only just a few rounds later.

      • I agree with you both.

        He’s just talking about the ‘type’ of player. Obviously there are other Otten / Stevens types in the team.

        Also, it’s not good for a player’s confidence to come out and name him as the ‘perfect sub’, hence Craig just talking about the perfect type of player and giving examples.

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