Pauliechoo’s Dream Team Template

Pauliechoo has sent us a very handy spreadsheet for the Dream Team nerds out there like us. It is a team template worksheet, created in Excel, that lets you calculate your team scores based on their 2010 data and their 2011 NAB Cup/Challenge scores and more.

What you do is select your team using the drop down menus and then it will do the rest itself!

Thanks heaps Paul! This is a ripper!


  1. Pre-season game count error fixed
  2. Pre-season DT averages fixed
  3. 2010 Average (column F) now populates with 2011 pre-season average for players with no 2010 data to reference.
  4. For players with no 2010 data, nor any 2011 pre-season data, a default score of 20 has been used.

If you have any questions, Paul will try to answer them here.


  • Very good !

    • maybe I misread something wrong, but it doesn’t look like you attempted to factor in projected scores for rookies :P

      No huge issue, but, could have given it a shot :P

  • Great work paul!

  • this has destroyed my self belief that I could ever win the car, with people like this out there I stand absolutely zero chance. Well played good sir, well played.

    • +1 I thought i had some research happening this blows me out of the water, well done pauliechoo for sharing

  • nice

  • Awesome work!

  • Above and beyond the call of duty.

  • yeah very good but is it just me that cant scroll down past players first names starting with D?

    • Your NAB Cup Averages has a formula error. Those that have played four games are having their 4 game total being divided by 3 not 4. Giving inflated numbers. Also happened to a few that played 3 games but was divisible by 2. IF you right click on the tabs and hit unhide ‘NAB Scores – Rnd 1-4’ you can change the averages yourself.

      I’d also incorporate the NAB Cup numbers into the Output when rookies did not play the year before.

      None the less very awesome – well done

      • Yep, I found the same thing too. I have adjusted the averages myself but I still see errors. Maybe a full writeup on formulas etc from the creator may be needed to fully understand.

  • Great work, will it get updated throughout the season or is this just here to depress us and make us change our teams again for the buzillionth time? Na really good work.

  • Incredible work!!!…………l just showed my girlfriend and she said, ” thats amazing, somebody’s more anal about dreamteam than you”

  • This is a good mate of mine, he is in my league and I have to admit…am a tad nervous after reviewing this work of art!

    Paulie, this is pure gold!

  • DT boys, this guy needs to be sent a slab of boags and what ever else you may have to chuck his way, what a mammoth effort ………well done!!

    i dont know who to pick:
    Duffeild or deledio?
    duffeild because he will not miss any bye games (fremantle)
    or deledio because hes a gun but he might have one of those 70ish years?

  • does anyone rate puopolo?

  • i made one of these as well….although i just dropped out all of the players who should never be in any team to save time scrolling! and it does a round by round analysis looking at who has the byes…although couldn’t quite make it fancy enough to automatically figure out what the logical use of MPPs would be, but does have some flags in there to make it easy to see what should be done. but at the end of the day – all this stuff is only good for round 1….and i inevitably end up making stupid last minute changes based on what rookies line up in round one. leaves me with the likes of Relton Roberts on the pine for the last 21 rounds of the season!

  • Well done. However second player entered “David Hale” still shown as North Melb instead of Hawthorn?

  • Wow, Paulie. Above the call of duty, indeed!

    However, I don’t see how useful it is, to be frank. Amazing effort and dedication – RESPECT. But yeah, I don’t think it tells us anything new – though a great centralized source of pre-season info.


  • Noted that Nic Suban’s NAB Cup Scores don’t show on the spreadsheet.

  • Hi Coaches

    Thanks for the feedback guys. i acknowledge that there are errors, but this is mainly just to use as a guide, not to be taken literally. The averages dont really mean much anyway given the extended benches. however, i will look into the averages issue that has been raised and if i have the time i will resend a new version to Warnie

    Unfortunately my wife thinks there is a life outside of Dream Team so this is the best i could pull together over the weekend, once the NAB Cup/Challenge info came out from Champion Data. Next year pre-season template will be much slicker.

    Anyway, i hope it is of use to you all.


    • Brilliant- great stuff, thanx for sharing CHAMP!

    • mate! you are a legend! nice work! its the people like you that i actually hope win the car

    • I like to give credit where its due, and make no mistake its due here, its right up there with fantastic freakos reports. Once again thanks for sharing .

  • Great effort. Don’t worry about all those Wankers bagging the formula problems. If they know so much about ft and exell they can fix it themselvesit will give them a break from Dick in hand action.

    Great stuff paulie.

  • An auto-select based on averages may be interesting too

  • Fantastic Job Paulie. Similar to a spreadsheet I have for myself, but better!

  • Can’t see how this would help in any way?

    but love how you spent time doing it, even though it’s complicated to use and probably a slight waste of time

    • f**k me ………..what do you mean “cant see how it helps in any way”, lions_23, all he is trying to do is help and wankers like you are probably to f**king dumb to use it. If you have nothing nice to say shut the f**k up!!

      • yeah sorry cant see the point of this either.

        good on you Paul for making it, but what benefit is this?

  • Version 2.1 has been sent to Warnie. Hopefully he will be able to upload it tomorrow.

    HarryShezza – I have fixed the pre-season game count and averages. I have also used the pre-season score for rookies who did not play last year (good suggestion). Any player that still had no data i just gave 20 points by default.

    nick1408 – i had to copy/paste values over most of the formulas to get it under 350KB in size. Keeping the formulas in tipped it over 2MB.

    lions_23 – you only have to do one thing, select a player, and the tool does the rest for you. this just helps you waste time, but in a more efficient manner :-)

  • This reminds me… does anyone know when FF Genie will be available?

  • Just a quick one in the Ruck average totals it is counting all 4 ruck scores!

    Was stoked to see my ruck division giving me 270 points a week!

    Sadly it was not the case!

  • Great work, but it would be handy to see when their bye rounds are.

  • and i thought for a moment that i spent way too much time on dream team……. thanks for bringing me back to earth!

  • Great work mate:)

    I dont know if it is just me but when i see the projected score it is including both substitute ruckmens scores :)
    Other than that perfect :) Well Done :)

  • So what sort of total predicted score should we be looking at given it is the start of the season and our team will have more rookies in it now than towards the end?