Are they actually unique?

As we move into the hustle and bustle of the last few days before lockout, it is only natural we over analyse things and quite often question our “unique” picks. If not questioning current unique picks, this can be a common time to try and pluck one from obscurity caused by the panic of thinking all teams are the same. I am going to have a look at some players I have heard referred to as “unique” and questioned that being the case over the pre season, just to see how unique they actually are. For this I am going to need the help of the “assistant coach”.

Matthew Boyd: At the very start of the pre season, some coaches were talking about selecting Boyd as their premium mid, and a unique alternative to Dane Swan. This idea did grow in popularity to some extent, but he is still only ranked 28th and somewhat unique for one of the elite players.

Dean Cox: For years Coxy has been a top 10 pick in terms of popularity but this year he has slipped to the point of being unique by his standards. Although a ranking number of 31 is nothing to turn your nose up at, it indicates that he is not in every team this year, however to call him unique would be a stretch.

Chris Knights: Coaches are definitely still split on the decision of whether Knightsy’s body can hold up. As the 48th most selected players, it shows a lot of coaches are turning their back on his potential upside for fear of injury, while equally on the flipside he is too much for others to resist placing him in a mildly unique bracket

Scott Pendlebury: With lots of talk about Pendles taking Dane Swans number 1 spot, the people with this bright idea either haven’t been backing it up with their trade finger, or haven’t been very convincing. Dane Swan is still the leader of the most selected players, while Pendlebury is a lowly 58th and arguably unique for a premium with upside.

Colin Sylvia: Sylvia had the potential this year to become a mainstream top 50 selection, but a week out he still remains quite unique for a DPP with huge scoring ability at 61. I know the Warne Dawgs will be horrified to hear he is not top 10 but truthfully, he is about as reliable as Fev backing you a winner on the Horses.

What “unique” picks are you planning on throwing in the mix this week?


  • Ultimately is Smith or Gorringe the best pick for a cheap Suns ruck?
    Gorringe has played every preseason game but Smith has all the wraps on him and is cheaper

  • Jack and ROK are my uniques, going for league so want a few syd players.

    I also have 2x 80k rucks, save some cash.

  • straight forward ruck combo of sandi and cox….not so straight forward back up with petrie and hale forward/ruck combo and either z smith or bailey as 4th ruck.

    backline- everitt
    midfield- foley
    forward- m morton

  • again another handy spill from the DT masters… Anyone keen for a decent league… late call i know but i have one league space to fill so join if you want a challenge!!??

    CODE: 651283


  • Haha! Nah it was supposed to sound like a comment to back up your point, not direct advice, but re-reading it, it sounds like that huh? Forgive me, alas, I am a night shift worker!

    I currently have Foley in my side but am now re-thinking that based on one of my DT rules: Pick the player who is on the better team. But I have Cross in the middle! Damn these byes!

  • some of my uniques…

    J Trengove (Def)
    T Rockcliff (Mid)
    P Dangerfield (Mid)
    N Fyfe (Fwd)
    R Gray (Fwd)

    let me know if you think any of them are a no go

  • this is a serious question that ive wanted to know since the start of DT this year, how are people managing to have petrie in the forward line but not having a DPP in the ruck on the bench?

    can someone answer it please

  • Thoughts on Xavier Ellis? He’d be pretty unique.

    • Cos he’s shit

    • I was thinking of Xavier ellis as well, he aint shit, he just hasnt lifted like he was probably meant to. A number 3 draft pick in 2005, 70 odd games, I think he could dominate this year, just really awkwardly priced. Last NAB cup game looked promising as well. I have had him in and out of my side, but ultimately I think ill go adcock to save some cash and because I think if they both play to the potential I think they should they should both ave around 85.

  • Pendelbury or Boyd??
    duffield or broughton??

    and need help on foward line????
    fwd: adam goodes, nick riewoldt, andrew krakour, pavlich, franklin, cam richardson, darling
    subs: prestia, materia, daw

  • Just activated the free trial (sorry Warnie, but I ain’t paying =p). I have 17 of the 25 most popular players (including 11 of the top 12). Hooray for groupthink!

  • Mr Magoo here. I was seriously considering picking Pendlebury but when I saw his hair cut I changed my mind. He has obviously had some sort of brain injury or been attacking the mind altering drugs in the off season….

  • hey guys im tossing up between deledio and broughton as my 3rd defender who do u think i should go for?


  • Looking at most of the teams posted on FF, my unique will be ROK. Havent log into my free trial to find out where he is at?

  • thoughts on PALMER, Rhys get him or not HELP PLEASE THAKS

  • Can someone please point me to where we can find the most popular list in Assistant Coach, can’t seem to find it. Ta