Warnie on Coaches Box tonight from 9:45pm

Warnie joins m0nty and Molly on the Coaches Box Podcast tonight discussing all things Dream Team about a week out from the season starting. Listen (and chat) live tonight from 9:45pm at fanfooty.com.au/video or catch the podcast soon afterward.

If you aren’t subscribed to the podcast, you can do so by clicking the link below:

The website for the Coaches Box can be found below:

Be online from 9:45pm!


  • oh warnie talking with monty this will be interesting.

    plus anyone with free spots feel free to join dt public league on 775445.


  • Hope ya mic’s workin properly this time, Warnie :P

  • One spot left in the freo dockers league 932055 and another great one in 254880

  • Should be a good one. Is Footylover18 doing a show with m0nty next week? That’s what I’ve heard…not sure if it’s true tho

    • Yes, they will be going through montys team so footylover can rip on him about it, look forward to it.

  • Warne dowg look forward to it, don’t forget to test ur mic 1st this time.

  • Thanks again Warnie! Was great to have you on as normal!
    Show is now available as a podcast for those that missed it!

  • These goons r trying to steal your gig warnie

    • Ahh… they’re good at what they do. I don’t think they’ll ‘steal’ our gig.. as we don’t actually have one! Haha! One day maybe… we should get everyone here to write to One HD or something and tell them to get us on board! ;)

    • why promote and provide links to wankers? whats next , links to supercoachtalk lol

  • Hey Warnedawg and every other DT’er out there please rate my team and give it some feedback

    Goddard, Enright, Deledio, Grimes, Suban, Otten, Heppell Lower, Stanley, Talia

    Swan, Boyd, Montagna, Bartel, Swallow, I Smith Harris, Hibberd, Schneider

    Cox, Ryder Z Smith, Keffee

    Goodes, Johnson, VoldT, Pav, Varcoe, Karks, Prestia Richardson, Matera, McKernan