Rookie Upgrades (and other rookie info)

Nick Lower (Fremantle)

The following rookies have been elevated for their respective clubs. This doesn’t guarantee them games, but they’re one step closer to be selected.

  • Carlton: Ed Curnow (MID $96,400)
  • Essendon: Stewart Crameri (MID $166,700)
  • Fremantle: Nick Lower (DEF $92,500)
  • Hawthorn: Riley Milne (DEF $92,500)
  • Melbourne: Michael Newton (FWD $210,700)
  • Richmond: Brad Miller (FWD $211,800)
  • NOTE: Hawthorn picked Paul Johnson for their rookie list.

Curnow, Crameri and Lower are the guys to consider. Lower should pretty much be locked on your backline bench. He has had a smashing preseason averaging over 80 Dream Team points. Curnow is a chance for the Blues and while Cremari is a bit more expensive, but he has been impressive for the Bombers.

The Power haven’t confirmed it as yet, but Jarrad Irons (MID $80,400) will be upgraded to the primary list. Jasper Pittard (MID $97,600), Cameron O’Shea (MID $92,500) and Irons are all named up as a chance to play round one.

Our friend Chad brought this quote from Brad Scott to our attention: “Over the weekend, Cam Richardson was terrific. He might not have gotten a game if Greenwood and Bastinac were available.” OUCH! But Bastinac is listed as ‘indefinite’ and Greenwood as ‘5-6 weeks’ with his ankle.


  • would love irons to play first round, going swallow to irons can pocket u 80k jez its a lot of cash

    • playing round one doesn’t mean he will play all season like swallow

      • swallow will get rested half the games, you only need a rook to play 10 games at the start then u give them the flick

        • +1

          For less money, Harris may be the more astute pick of the GC mid rooks, unless you think Swallow will play out the season in your midfield as your 6th?

          • Swallow won’t be rested, not in the first half of the season anyway. The Gold Coast have 2 byes in the first 9 rounds, Swallow is a mature body and they will play him (if fit) in each of those other 7 games – and then for at least a few weeks after the second bye.

          • Harris the most astute? Excuse me if I sound like a smart arse, but isn’t he the most obvious pick? I’d almost bet the farm that you couldn’t find a team without him. That would most likely include teams (including mine) who are new/newish to DT or don’t know that much about AFL. I don’t doubt for a second that he would be in the top 3 most popular picks.

        • Ok. You’re either parroting the theory about resting GC rooks every other week or so, without giving it any thought of your own. Or… you are trying to put forth a false idea that Swallow is a risky pick due to him only playing about 50% of games. Either outcome isn’t good.

          Swallow is 1. GC’s second best mid behind Ablett, forget Brennan, Harris – This kid is the S&#t.

          2. A second year player – He was on GC’s list early provided they picked him up in the top 3 in last years draft. This means he’s just completed his second pre season – and spent last year playing against men/mature bodies. He IS NOT a first year player.

          3. I don’t know how many games exactly he played, however, I doubt very much that he would have polled as well as he did in the VFL best n fairest if he was rested every second week. If it didn’t happen last year, it won’t this year.

          GC may well rest and trial many of the ‘youngsters’, Matera with his light frame may be one of em. However, if someone is tearing it up in games, like Swallow probably will – They ain’t going back to the VFL every other week.

          If you don’t want Swallow, it’s simple don’t pick him. Just don’t do it on the basis that you ‘think’ he’s going to get rested every other week. Won’t happen.

  • hey, just wondering what you guys think of my team. any good?

    Goddard Gibbs Deledio Broughton Grimes Otten Lower bench: Toy Dulgan Pupolo

    Swan Pendlebury Corey Anthony Palmer Harris bench: krakouer hibberd irons

    Cox Leuenberger bench: Smith McCauley

    Franklin Johnson Riewoldt Higgins Morton Knights Richardson bench: Metera Smith Michie

      • hey guys..anyone know if goldcoast have any spots to upgrade a rookie or any lti??

        i want to get alik magin in but cant find any info on their rookie situation


        • I’m fairly certain they have no LTI’s but they certainly dont have any veterans so theoretically I thought they wouldve been able to. But it seems the deadline was today so either they dont rate him enough (would be strange) or different rules apply. I guess they’ll have to wait for LTI or rd 11.

      • Check page …couldnt post on it…

    • Blair your rucks are really poor and your mids pretty rank and file. i think there are much better players on offer for the same money. is suggest you make up an account and re-do your whole team from scratch, without looking at this team, and see what changes you get. try another tactic too. good luck

      • “Rucks are really poor”(???). Are you serious GaryReal? Cox is back to his running best & is underprice. Leuenberger is on the cusp of a break out season & is one of the best & most athletic young ruckmen going round & very well priced. Smith will be a champion of the future & will definitely play. I would definitely look at my 4th ruckman coming from some club other GC though. I think other than the 4th ruck spot, you are on the mark Blair. Cox will get you a 100+ a game. There’s plenty of growth to had in Leuenberger. Good cover with Smith. I personally do not subscribe to the Sandilands “must-have” theory. Sandilands is no cert to play out the season without injury (there are already rumours flying over here in the West). I think Leuenberger could be avery astute pick this year. There is no “real” ruckman for the price & growth potential that comes close to his value (Drew Petrie being a pinchhitter)

        On the whole it’s a pretty balanced team. Hoping it’s Nick not Jack you have? I have major reservations about Higgins durability. He was a good pick in 2009. I wouldn’t touch him with GartReal’s in ’11. I would probably rejig your mid guns a bit. Swan is a lock, & Corey worth the gamble (i.e. big upside if fully fit/underprice). Not so sure on Pendlebury, Anthony or Palmer. Only my thoughts though. Trust your instinct. Not a bad team. I have seen heaps worse on this site

  • Will we be able to get Paul Johnson soon? Probably won’t pick him but I would like to know.

  • There is a spot open in DT Talk Barlow League 871814. And Irons will play in round one IMO. He’s like Hitchcock last year.

  • anyone thinking of picking bewick from lions 118 dream team points !!!!!! v suns..

  • also just had my question answerd on who to pick out of staley toy and coad.. stanley 108 dt points !!

  • What are your thoughts on Puopolo?? Lock on the bench??
    How on earth will Lower fit into the Freo backline?
    Is Gaff a lock for a midfield bench?

    • just dropped puoplulo not sure bout js will score well but no good if his not playing.. lower will play midfield has been all pre season.. and why the hell everyone on here is even thining about gaff, polec and conca is beyond me they have all averaged below 60 all pre season.. gaff has been used as a sub a couple games.. polec got 2 handballs against saints nab cup round 1.. conca has been okay but an average of 50 does not justify 140k especially when u compare him to bewick mature age scores of 50 60 and 118 !!!! and lions are shit so will play every game.. sorry just sick of people having these 3 in their sides..

    • Lower isn’t likely to play a ‘backline’ role. He has so far been primarily used as an on ball player. He started last weekend against the Wee girls in the center square. This is where I’d imagine he would stay. He may get thrown into the backline with Hayden, Ibbotson, and Mzungu down, but I doubt it. Freo have good young running backs so it’s likely he’ll stay an on baller. Still with Harvey anything is possible.

      Furthering his case as an onballer – Hill, Mundy, Barlow, Schammer, and Morrabito are all either confirmed injured or have had no/very limited pre season game time with injury clouds over their heads.

      IMO – Lower = Freo midfielder.

  • I think the Cam Richardson quote is meaning they may not have given him the chance had Greenwood and Bastinac been in, but now they have given him the chance I think they see that he is good enough for their best 21

  • Why wouldn’t Johnson be in the system?

    • because him and 1 or 2 other players were fighting it out for hawks last senior list spot..

  • Lester or Toy? (already have stanley)


  • Warnie, please note that Paul Johnson has been given a spot on the rookie list not the senior list. They chose Riley Milne to be elevated so barring LTI he wont be playing.

  • Im thinking of getting rid of Andy Otten. Anyone still keeping him after his preseason??, only averaging 56 and his best season he averaged 69. Very inconsistent player when you see his 2009 stats. Lower could be good enough to put on the field specially with Freo’s injurys at the moment…..Dilemmas!

    • Having the same thought as you purp… With other cheaper, mature-age rooks to choose from (eg Stanley, Lower, Duigan) who should hopefully bank you $100k as cash cows, I think I’ll take the $40k saving by swapping Otten out with one of those guys and spend it elsewhere.

    • Alot of people will have Otten, Gamble, Krak as well as the commonly talked about rookies. Different options for generic players are surfacing which is for some, leading themselves into the odd unique pick. Leaving out a commonly picked player, or a commonly picked rookie, can become risky in the eyes of some DT coaches because they fear they could possibly lose points and drop away from the leaders. However, other DT coaches believe the unique picks can also put you ahead of the generic team that will be a high % of the overall DTers.

      Also unless you know the players TOG stats in the NAB/trials its hard to call.

    • Um, Otten’s best year was also his only. Not bad first year at all – enormously consistent for a first year player. Trolling?

      • i meant his games that year, read it again. he’ll have a 80 and then a 40 and then a 50 etc….and his 50’s so far this pre season arent doing it for me atm

  • needing a third bench spot in the midfield with the loss of Mzungu which of these is the best bet?

  • just wondering if you guys think that is is stupid to have lower if I already have broughton.. and I also have a carlton double, gibbs and duigan

    • If it is then I am stupid too, got all 4 of them!

    • Wouldn`t think so. Freo and carlton dont have a muilt bye together so as long as your dpp and bench players play should cover it fine.