NAB Cup/Challenge Lowdown for Round 4

Collingwood v Essendon: Grand Final

Bah, the Bombers lost, but who gives a sh*t. It’s NAB Cup! What I cared about was the scores. Not one player scored over 100, with Heath Shaw trying to trick us once again – top scoring with 90. It’s fair to say that Andrew Krakouer is a lock. He should be in the Magpies best 21 (we won’t want best 22 anymore). I was worried about him being a prime candidate for a substitute, but he should be right now after his smashing NAB series. Simon Buckley wants to be in all of our Dream Teams with another great score of 76. He loves the ball. Shame he won’t be there in Round 1, and if he is… probably won’t last long. A possible 4th ruckman at $92,500 is Lachlan Keeffe. He was able to score 54 points playing in defence. Could he get a gig early with Maxwell and Brown out? Oh, and do what I heard a heap of people do… jump off Dane Swan for Scott Pendlebury. While it could pay off, it’s Swanny guys! He is a machine. Pendles may improve again this year. If there weren’t the bye hassles, I reckon they would both be in most teams!

The Dyson Heppell and Michael Hibberd DEF/MID show took an interesting turn. Heppell, the more prolific ball winner only managed 24 points compared to Hibberd’s 63. For the $40K or so saving, Hibberd is your man. Both players are a possibility for me, with one in defence and one in the mids. Michael Hurley will improve a fair bit this year, but 3 goals and 16 touches to get to 79. It think it would be a frustrating season with him.

NAB Challenge Games

The big story of the NAB Challenge games was the injury to everyone’s locked in MID/FWD Tendai Mzungu. Okay, we’ve all got him… but he was a key to our DPP structure. For me, he was worthy of starting in my midfield. I’m going to have to have a good think about what I’m going to do with him. He will be out until about round 5 or so and probably ready for us to pick up in about Round 8. Cash cow milking time.

We went along to the Hawks v Demons game. We did have a lot of beers and can’t remember heaps, but one thing we took note of was Paul Puopolo sitting on the pine until Half Time. He wasn’t the sub (that was Max Bailey). This isn’t good news for his job security. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in the Hawks team in round one. Also, Luke Hodge stopped to have a chat with us – yeah, pretty cool when you’re on first name basis with a Norm Smith Medallist – but, don’t pick him. He will struggle through the first few rounds. He jogged off and looked very proppy. That achilles injury isn’t ready to go just yet.

The Fantasy Freako kept us updated pretty well on his Twitter with scores and other bits and pieces over the weekend.

Drew Petrie scored a massive 111. He was a dead set lock for me (and a whole lot of other coaches), but after his Round 1 suspension and the Round 3 bye… I was off him. There probably couldn’t be a better time to have him in your team than early on (your bench players SHOULD be playing from Round 1), but then again the mix of Gold Coast players will make that call interesting. A massive talking point is the ‘Dish’. Also in the North v Dogs game, Callan Ward should still be on your radar. He scored 86 points. Another thing to note is that Shaun Atley started as the substitute for the Roos.

Another cheap forward option is Chris Knights. He was awesome to finish with 107 DT points. Lock him in! Andy Otten was solid for 57. Not his best game, but that would still help his price increase in the real thing. Nathan Foley had 103 and will now be a fair few people’s number 4 midfielder – especially with the Mzungu injury. Shaun McKernan is an option for your forward or backline benches. McKernan scored 52 points.

Former Bulldog Andrejs Everitt could be the recycled player of the year after scoring 102 against the Saints. Priced at $281,700, I’d be more confident with him than Jed Adcock that a lot of people have. Other scores from the Saints v Swans game of note: Adam Goodes 106, Shane Mumford 92, Brendon Goddard 79 and Leigh Montagna 63.

Steve Johnson, the forgotten man, will find himself in a lot of teams. He had 52 points in the final quarter to get his score up to 106. Chris Yarran is on track for a breakout year. As a sub-$250K forward, if he can rack up 20+ disposals a game, then scores like 83 would be very nice!

Stay tuned to the @FantasyFreako Twitter feed on Monday for new scores from the remaining games. Don’t forget the Fantasy Freako Newsletter will be out on Wednesday arvo. Sign up now to get it emailed to you.

What else did you learn from the final round of the NAB Cup/NAB Challenge?


  • Just did a whole heap of reading on this page.
    I am Legend = You are dickhead.
    ShaunDawgs dont be fooled by Foley & Co. GUNS N ROOKS All the way baby!

    • no petrie or knights for you then tkol?

      • No Petrie rnd 1 & 3?
        Oh absolutely going to get will smash Sandi and Cox!

        • in the forward line. as you are the master tkol, how many prem mids are u starting with

        • shut the f**k up simon (tkol) you have no f**king clue mate. Stop thinkin you know everything, when you know f**k all. Your a f**kin rabbit mate.
          The goood coaches eat guys like you for breakfast

          • Lol. Swazza – tkol is offerring his opinion… which is exactly what this site is for… You, on the other hand, are insulting and swearing at people for no reason whatsoever… so who’s the dickhead? tkol may get beaten by a few coaches, but seeing your ‘valid opinions’, you’re a bloody entree…

          • awwww!!! Swazza all butt hurt over somethin and havin a meltdown on a comments page….. how cute!!!

        • isn’t it great, i’m getting both Petrie and Tippett cos petrie can cover Tippet’s Rd. 2 bye. It’s like getting one shit player for the price of two!

          • yep but i dont want the other coaches out there reading his opinions that i wouldnt listen to coming from an echidna mate. SO he should get f**ked or post good opinions.

          • Swazza wrote:

            “yep but i dont want the other coaches out there reading his opinions that i wouldnt listen to coming from an echidna mate. SO he should get f**ked or post good opinion”

            oh the irony of this

    • tkol do you think the “I am legend” dude is a dick because he thought the guy who posted the match report on GC v Sydney had to type it out twice on different threads?? lol- (that’s what I was thinking)

    • ok cheers mate

  • How many rookies are we expecting to actually play in Rd 1 (or Rd 2 for GC)?
    Here’s what I’ve come up with based on what people are talking about:

    Backs: Duigan, Hunt
    B/M: Hibbeard, Heppel
    M: Swallow, Harris, Gaff,
    F: Darling

    Then there seems to be a whole lot of ‘will he won’t he’ that seem 60%-80% likely, which of these do you think will actually get a game straight up?
    B: Lower (needs promotion), Poupolo, Batchelor, Stanley, Coad, Toy, Tape
    B/F: McKernan, Retzlaf
    B/M: Buckley
    M: Bennell, Iles, Weller, Lock, Atley, Wallis, Polec, Conca,
    M/F: Prestia, Smith,
    R: Derricx, Keefe
    F: Dixon, Richardson, Tapscott, Skinner
    I’m sure there’s others I’ve missed.

    Aside from Swallow and Harris who we’re all pretty confident on, who do you think really has job security from the early rounds this year?

    • the problem with GC is there arethat many rookies that we don’t exactly know who they will pick for there sqad, and then we don’t even know by rnd 1…….

      • Fair enough, but even outside GC, who do you think are the most likely now Mzungu and Callinan have gone down?

        • well I put in darling and i smith in the forward line and took back mckernan in backline to replace puopolo.

          but people are saying these two don’t have job security.

          first round one of these two will need to play and if they don’t I will get doughnut. (petrie and matera won’t be playing.

          besides krakour and prestia who I already have in mid who would be a good option?

        • oh yeah, lower and richardson will definetely get a game. both on my field as well.

    • i have mzungu,richardson,callinan,polec,drum,tape

      i know some of these players are injured and won’t play.

      but i don’t have too many players of the same team.

  • Hey Warnie Have you thought of the prize for the boags drought group yet ?

  • 2 questions, Did anyone see Luke Tapscott on the weekend? looking for my 3rd fwd bench player

    What are people’s thoughts on Juddy? it’s either him or Murphy but can’t decide.

    • I think murphy could be a ball magnert this year, has had a great preseason.

  • Is Enright worth picking this year?? Im starting with 5 premium backs if you include grimes. Is this a good ideA??

    • ive got 5 premium backs and i think most people do.
      broughton and deledio are better for the price i reckon.

  • How did Danny Stanley go on the weekend

  • i notice brad moran isn’t getting a lot of publicity. he has been ok through the pre season with 44 in a half against port his best. i have currently got him as my 4th ruck, do people think this a good option? i will be relying on him in round 1 with petrie and smith both missing.

    • He wont play round 1 mate. I’d be really surprised if he plays much at all during the season unless Maric/Jacobs hit poor form or become injured. Mckernan has had a few good games too and is the key position big man who can backup the ruck. I like moran and would really like him to get a few games to prove himself but it’s unlikely. Derikxx or Redden are better 4th ruck options.

      • yeah alright cheers. thought there must be a reason he wasn’t getting talked about

  • Even if GC rookies are rested, they will still go up, and importantly they have a bye for a rest in round 9 so they might not need one before, nor one after for a while. The best of them anyway. The lesser ones will get rested more often I guess.

    tkol = get over yourself

    • agreed.

    • tkol, please do not have a go at people, u saw the report that was more useful then ur dont get foley info..
      and please do not act like your the god of DT just cause u did well last year.

  • Beginning to get concerned about 2 Tigers players… Havent heard much about Morton or Houli, i was hoping for Houli to be unique pick for me this year :S

    Should I be swapping…
    Houli >>> Foley
    Morton >>> Yarran

    Houli is my 5th MID
    Morton is my 5th FWD

    • I wouldn’t. Houli’s been doing well for a while. Foley’s had 2 good weeks. Morton or Yarran… Yarran might have a breakout, but Morton is set to improve… that one’s a tough one – if Yarran breaks out, of course him. otherwise, i reckon Morton…

      • Cheers mate, such a tough one coz I know that Houli is an absolute gun but I just havent heard anything about him in pre season form…

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  • Petrie + $223,000 or Stevie J + $39000
    Thoughts Please :)

    • im guessing thats the money you have left in your bank if you get those players,

      still get stevey J, will have an awesome year, most likely move into the middle with no abblett,

      with rookies on your bech there pricess will go up a lot so money shouldn’t be a problem

      petrie is out first round and third round why risk it when you could just get stevy j straight up for a few weeks before his bye

  • thoughts on sandi vs ryder would be appreciated.

  • Is Joel Selwood likely to cop a tag most weeks with Ablett out of the equation? And if so, how will he handle it? Ive currently got him locked in but having second thoughts.

    • Players getting tagged is an overrated Dream Team myth, Swan, Pendles, Ablett, Hayes they all get tagged every week yet they’re still the best scorers in the game.

  • Thoughts on Astbury, Otten and Adcok? have Otten and Adcok in my defence now

  • Backs: Goddard, Gibbs, Connors, Grimes, Shaw, Otten, Heppell (Hibberd, Duigan, Lower)
    Mid: Swan, Boyd, Montagna, J Selwood, Scully, Swallow (Harris, Conca, I Smith)
    Ruck: Sandilands, Fraser (Z Smith, Derickx)
    Forwards: Chapman, Franklin, Petterd, Hurley, Krakourer, C Richardson, Matera (Petrie, Dixon, Michie)
    $4000 left.
    I’m a little worried that i have too much high hopers in my forward line and not enough legitimate stars. Can you really go wrong with either Sandilands or Cox? Dont you get just about the same out of both except ones 50000 cheaper?

    • mate that forward line needs a lot of work…. you want cox in there. You have spent too much money in your mids.

      • So maybe get rid of Scully and put 2 rooks in the start and sell Sandilands and get Cox and then upgrade who in my forward line?

        • Now have liberatore instead of scully, cox instead of sandilands and reiwoldt, mcglynn and knights instead of petterd, chapman and dixon with 181 thou left… Better? What else could i do with the money?

  • Callinhan and Mzungu have f**ked as all over ey!

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton, Grimes, Otten, Heppel (Coad, Duigan, Lower)

    MID: Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Stanton, Swallow, Harris (Bewick, Hibberd, Wallis)

    RUC: Cox, Jolly (Smith, Derickx)

    FWD: Franklin, Sylvia, Goodes, Reiwoldt, Knights, Krakouer, Prestia (Matera, Richardson, Darling)

  • S Johnson and Grimes or Morton and Bruce?

  • Stevie J or Sylvia ?

  • this is a crucial question for my team.

    Tapscott or darling?

    PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!

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  • anyone think cox and jamar is a good ruck combo?? 11 k in bank

  • From @FantasyFreako:

    Stanley 28, Bewick 24, Harris 16, Toy 14, Swallow 10 and Bennell 6 at quarter time in the Suns v Lions match.

    • Here the latest at half time:
      Black (76), Rockliff (69), Maguire (60), Leuenberger (59), Stanley (49).

  • I’ve looked into Tapscott a bit, hope this info is of some use.

    Monty at fanfooty has predicted that he will play at half-back in round 1.

    Reports on highlighted his kicking ability.

    Everywhere you look dredging up info, everyone says he’s a tough looking hombre.

    I think he’ll be pretty good as a slow burning cash cow. Don’t know much about Darling…seems like he’ll be a more popular pick after last week’s effort.

  • Here’s my team any advice would be appreciated…….

    1. Goddard, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    2. Gibbs, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    3. Deledio, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    4. Grimes, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    5. Broadbent, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    6. Otten, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    7. Lower, N Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    23. Buckley, S Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    24. Puopolo, P Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    25. Duigan, N Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    d 8. Swan, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    9. Boyd, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    10. Selwood, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    11. Boak, T Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    12. Palmer, R Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    13. Foley, N Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    26. Prestia, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    27. Harris, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    28. Hibberd, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    s 14. Sandilands, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    15. Cox, D Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    29. Bailey, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    30. Derickx, T Pts:0 Avg:N/A

    s 16. Franklin, L Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    17. Goodes, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    18. Riewoldt, N Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    19. Duncan, M Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    20. Knights, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    21. Krakouer, A Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    22. Matera, B Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    31. Richardson, C Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    32. Darling, J Pts:0 Avg:N/A
    33. Schneider, T Pts:0 Avg:N/A