NAB Cup: Round 4 Live Chat

This weekends NAB Cup and NAB Challenge games are the last practice matches for our Dream Team players before the real stuff starts in a fortnight.

Be on the lookout in the following games for what the teams end up being and who is missing out. Clubs will probably work with the new substitute rule in these games, so keep an eye on who might start off with the green vests on (and who spends a bit of time riding the pine).

If you’re getting to any games, write a bit of a review in the comments or shoot through an email (go to the contact page). Let us know who might suffer from TOG. That info helps for guys like Brett Deledio who was subbed off at half time last week. Taking that into consideration, his score of 49 was awesome!

I’ve been following the games on Twitter. The @FantasyFreako has given us a few scores throughout games. So stay tuned to him. We’ll be at the Hawks v Demons game tonight. I’ll try to tweet some stuff on our @DTTALK account. We are in a corporate box with free beer, so maybe that might be more important.

NAB Cup – Grand Final

Essendon v Collingwood
7:40pm Friday 11th March, 2011 @ Etihad

NAB Challenge

Richmond v Adelaide
4:00pm 11th March, 2011 @ Visy Park

Hawthorn v Richmond
7:00pm 11th March, 2011 @ Aurora Stadium

Fremantle v West Coast
11:00am 12th March, 2011 @ Fremantle Oval

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs
1:00pm Saturday 12th March, 2011 @ Eureka Stadium

Carlton v Geelong
1:00pm Saturday 12th March, 2011 @ Visy Park

Port Adelaide v GWS
4:00pm Saturday 12th March, 2011 @ Willaston Oval

Sydney v St Kida
7:00pm Saturday 12th March, 2011 @ BCU International Stadium

Gold Coast v Brisbane
3:00pm Sunday 13th March, 2011 @ Fankhauser Reserve


  • After an unique pick in the forwards: who do you rate out of:

    Leon Davis, Yarran, and Robbie Gray (i didnt get burnt last year btw)

  • Stevie J or Shuan Higgins?

  • Mcglynn or Higgins.

    Cox and Jolly plus 77k or Cox plus Sandi with around 15k ( as I will dwongrade someone else)

    • Jolly has never averaged above 85, and no reason to believe that suddenly after 11 years he’s going to.

      Jolly predicted average= 83
      Sandilands predicted average= 97

      That’s 15 points to game * 22= 330 points over the season.

      go Sandilands

      • Last year after the pies used brown instead of fraser Jolly started averaging closer to 100 but is cheaper than that

    • what about ryder?

      he is the best young ruckmen in footy.

      he will keep improving, jolly, cox and sandi are at their peaks.

  • For my 4th mid spot
    Fyfe, Cotchin, Plamer or Kennedy?????
    I like Fyfe because he is cheap and has DPP and will fill Mzungu’s DPP that i lost with his injury. But in saying that I want the highest scorer possible.

  • Hate the sub rule as it will affect Dream Team scoring in 2011.

  • Does anyone know where to find stats from the NAB Challenge games?

  • hey everybody callinan and Mgunzu have been injured. who would follow the trend to be next?

    krakour or richardson?

    there two players that everyone have.

    • my theory i will call the uno theory

      cal – mal – morton – martin – mzungu – ?

      gonna be someone whose name starts with m or rhyming with Mzung

      dunno who – maybe montagna?

  • Hi All, i have quite a few spots left in my league

    INVITE CODE: 212854 :)

  • Lads, just created a new league as other one i was in was full of complete novices… anyone keen for some real competition?

    Leage Code: 597960

  • Since the Mzungu injury it has thrown a lot of people and made them rethink their strucutre. From what I’ve read on the site, people are going with Swallow, Harris Krak and Hibberd or Heppell (usually one in the backline). And they are tossing up for expensive rookie mids:
    -Gaff, Polec and Conca
    Then they are tossing up between cheaper rookie mids:
    -Atley, Irons, Liberatore, Wallis and Bewick
    Am I right on this assumption? or I’m just analysing too much and its not correct haha?
    Also who are people going for as their expensive rookies (other than Swallow, Harris, Krak) and who are they going for as their cheaper rookies (other than Hibberd or Heppell).

  • Anyone else reckon that chap dog is too expensive?? should i get rid of him? i already have pav too but am thinking about buddy and or goodes

  • Apparently Luenberger has now gone down with a knee (know nothing more than that)…

    • His back in the huddle and doing some shuttle runs lads. Must have been just a knock. But from all reprts it looked serious!

  • sandilands/gamble or jolly/knights ?

  • dixon or prestia? dpp not an issue

  • Does anyone have any info why Prestia didn’t play? Also thoughts on whether he is in there best 22? Prestia now vital as only decent dpp fwd/mid rookie left!?!? (p.s. i dont rate Isaac Smith)

  • GCS were thrashed today Iamlegend, and the possession count was really one sided in favour of the Lions.
    It makes you wonder how they will make any cash for us if the opposition has the ball all day. Getting a few of the senior blokes back in the defense will help.

    Toy and Coad looked lost today. Hunt was reading the play well and led Clarke to the ball more then once. He dropped off at the end after Stanley cleaned him up with friendly fire.

    Dixon was the pick of the forwards along with Matera who looked sharp

    The mids were well beaten all day with no one really standing out. They rotated a different bunch of players at every centre bounce it seemed. When Stanley went in he tagged someone every time. Lock got a fair bit of the ball in the 2nd half

    Warnie, Luenberger looked really sore with his knee

    Sam Day came off with his arm in a sling and it looked pretty bad

    Sam Isles was sitting right behind me so I asked him how he is going. He had a hip operation over Xmas and is still not quite right. He played in the 2’s yesterday but he reckons his back pulled up a bit sore. He is not playing next week, but reckons he will have another run the week after and is 50 / 50 for round 1

    McKenzie hurt his knee last week. Again hoping for round 1

    The trainers said they are hoping to get 12 games out of the younger blokes – maybe even a few more if they are holding up alright.

    Thats about all – I hope it helps


  • f**kin mzungu. Is Issac Smith worth a bench spot??

  • Do many coaches here have charlie dixon. I feel like he is almost a look and load.

  • Whats yr thoughts guys?

    S.Tuck,A.Swallow,D.Thomas,K.Jack,Mundy,L.Anthony or a cheaper mid.

    I have 410,000 left for a mid

    I currently have Boyd,Boak,Montagna,Stanton,Simpson and on th bench :Pittard,Atley and Hibberd.

    Appreciate the opinions guys and gals :)

  • Hey guys,

    I got $105,000 left for a midfielder – for a substitute.
    Was wondering if Isaac Smith(Haw) , or Simpkin (Geel)?
    Or if there are any other suggestions….

    Looking forward to the season

  • Hey guys,
    Am in a league with some decent people… not really sure :D
    But anyway need 4 extra players
    Invite code is 805238
    Would be great cheers