DT TALK Live: 10th March 2011


  • Would brag about being first but i’m straight….

  • First show I’ve seen this year and it was awesomely shambolic…hey, it’s the preseason right?!!! Loved the one word answer contest and seeing your paranoia whenever someone with an injury concern was mentioned. In this light, the highlight for me was


    Great stuff…dt is alright with me, oh yeah!

    • Forgot to mention that after listening to you guys I eradicated Matera from my team…he sounds like another Hitchcock to me.

      • Matera is a lock for me

        • I thought I had him locked too…but if he gets pushed around in Mickey Mouse games, someone with a nasty streak could do some real damage in a real game.

  • We are only ‘shambolic’… that’s the only way to do these live ones! That’s what we’re about!! ;) That was pretty much how we actually speak to each other daily…

    • Different subject but what do you think of rioli. Thinking of swapping for sylvia. Will lower from freo get a game.

  • Thoughts on

  • Just to clarify, when there are 3 byes is there no league game? Also, is it the same as last year that are no league games in the first 3 rounds?

  • Love your work boys!

    Anyone after another league, join 272844.

  • In the yes/no game who was the 3rd peep mentioned…sounded like volt???

    What do u guys think of Tyrone vickery, $172k think 14 games last year, nice nab numbers,
    and the coach gave him a thumbs up.

    • I have Vickery on my bench. It may sound silly to spend $172k on a bench player, but:
      – he’s priced at 41 so his price will surely improve (so he can be downgraded later on), and
      – the extra cost for Vickery over (say) Derickx is less than 1% of the salary cap. I will also have Smith on the bench so I reckon that 1% is a small price to pay to be confident I will never get a donut in ruck devision.

      • if ur going to spend that money on a 3rd ruck ur better of spending 180 on hale as ur second and having petrie on ur fwd bench.. than u can upgrade hale to sandi once he goes down or a forward.. lot more downgade/upgrade options in the fwd line.. deffinately wouldn’t spend 180 on a bench player.. will cost u cost me last year having nic nat on the bench all year..

        • If it cost u having Nic Nat on the bench all ur y didn’t u just downgrade him u bell end

      • Disagree. Vickery is a good bench option at 170K. Because this year you will have to play your third ruck for 4 games you want a decent scorer. I plan on using 1 trade to upgrade vickery to petrie in rd 5 before petrire has changed price due to his rd 1 suspension and rd 3 bye. Petire is 200k so if vickery can raise 30K in his 2 price raises before rd 5 it is a good way to raise a quik 30K and get a very good 3rd ruckmen in the nick of time before cox’s bye in rd5 and sandi’s in rd6, therefore u wont lose too much score wise in those rds.

  • What do people think of Rioli. I have him at the moment but might change him to Sylvia. What chance does Freo’s Lower have of playing.

    • I fear Rioi’s hammys but there aren’t a whole lot of fwds that aren’t old, injury prone or unreliable so I reckon he’s a decent pick. Lower has got heaps of the pill in the scratchies. He is a safe bet.

    • freo have 2 spots available on the senior list morribito and hayden so he should get a gig

  • Great talk guys, but now I’m more confused than ever. Just made 6 changes to my team and about to make 6 more.

  • Hey Warnie easy solution to your Josh Fraser ruck dilemma. If you are looking for a fourth ruck who will play so you can pick Fraser and still cover his Rd 1 bye – look no further than Lachlan Keeffe from Collingwood.
    Injuries to Brown & Maxwell have him all but locked for a RD 1 debut in the Pies back 6. Can’t see Keeffe pumping out much more than 50 but he will play. No excuse for you now champ – lock in soft jaw Fraser !!!

    • he won’t play.. sure they might not have brown, tarrant will take his spot and goldsack will be able to cover maxwells spot.. if u look at their gf side they are the only 2 missing and tarrant and krak will take their spots the only other one that might sneek in is davis.. who they going to leave out blair ? beams ? wellingham ? don’t think so..

    • i am a massive Pies fan and went to the NAB Granny and Keefe was absolutely appaling, possibly worst on ground. He was too slow, too clumsy, unskillful. I would be shocked and dissapointed if he got a game rd 1. We have good defenders in tarrant and reid and even leigh brown. pretty much anyone would do a better job than keefe. Players shouldn’t get picked just because they are big but because they are actually good enough for the job they are set. He is like one of those wacky inflatable arm waving dudes.

  • bombers and pies game juz finished on local telly… (WA time)… time for a winge…

    Shaun Dawgs says…

    March 10, 2011 • 11:27 pm .Just to clarify, when there are 3 byes is there no league game? Also, is it the same as last year that are no league games in the first 3 rounds?

    sorry to make a point out of you buddy…

    i am sick of ppl that havent done research and by using sites like this can now obtail info to get upto scratch with a similar starting squad to those that have doen the research over the last few months.


    i am sick of fan footy forums… that ask.. player x + Player Y + Player z or Player… + ____ + ____
    honestly… any time some one asks these questions and gets responses, they aregue there own case as to why those chose certain players and dont take on the feed back any ways!!!!

    what is the point in asking these rediculous questions… teams arent final till hours prior to lock out… so make up your own fukn mind… dont rely on ppls help and choose your team based on stats and personal opinions on where players will be situated in 2010/11.

    Dream team iis a test on your footy knowledge! dont get others points of view… choose your squad based on stats and reason… and back it!

    i will get ragged shit out of for saying this… but honestly… fuk those askin stupid questions of who to choose etc. decide yourself based on performace and shit! dont fukn cheat the system… and those helping them out!!!! shut up!!!!

    sorry if i piss ppl off for saying this:-)

    • Ok Richmond players in focus or discussed. cotchin, deledio, derickx, foley, bachar, morton, riewoldtJ.

      Personally, yeah they have lots of mid ranged players…
      who may increase in value..
      but seriously, richmond ranked 16th overall points DTwise last year only averaging 1422. The next lowest port averaged 80 more per game while a team like geelong averaged 1767, thats 3 extra tons to be spread amogst DT’ers
      Now while they should improve slightly, not all these players will have the gain that many coaches may be expecting. What im asking is are they worth the risk, your foleys, bachars, mortons and cotchins.??

    • so basically you are saying you don’t like this site.. well i say if you don’t like it than don’t use it ?? that is the purpose of this site to ask questions.. thousands of people use this site and enjoy asking questions on players so i think u are one of a very few people who don’t like it.. brown or okeffe lol

    • Spring board?