What the Ruck?

What the Ruck?

The big question here is… who are your starting two rucks for 2011? Of course there are many different options this year and Calvin’s takes a look at (what he believes) are the 6 most common combinations. But which one are you?

Mr. Big Spender: Sandilands + Ryder = $762,600

This coach has recently been impressed with old Patty Ryder and teamed him up with the giant from Freo. With rumours of Ryder playing a ‘roaming/wingman’ role this year, paying the big bucks here might pay off.

Mr. Boring: Sandilands + Cox = $758,300

This coach has gone for the old school approach of picking the gun of 2010, with the old gun from the past. Great selection either way! Cox is massively underpriced and has been in wicked form and pairing up with the best ruck of 2010 is a good call… but boring!

Mr. Toey: Cox + Ryder = $707,900

This coach probably has some deep dark secrets that they would probably like to leave alone in a dark closet somewhere, but expresses their hidden emotions with the names of their rucks. They have gone for a bargain along with the guy who is pushing to be in the top 2 rucks by the end of 2011. Ryder just may be there in the top 2 by the end of 2011 – look out.

Mr. Morning Glory: Jolly + Cox = $682,900

You wake up in the morning with a jollycox, oh and with a combined total of 200+ on the board and you’re a happy man. Jolly and Cox will be a dynamic duo this year and will be pushing a combined average of 200 easy I reckon!

Mr. Rich ‘n’ Poor : Sandilands + Petrie = $616,200

This is a confused coach. They bought Sandilands in as the guy who got the job done in 2010 and then felt guilty they spent so much money so they added old broken legged Petrie to the line up. Good call and if that makes you feel better, do it… but do you know that Petrie is also a forward? Oh no – now they are really confused. Seriously, not a bad combo through… cause Petrie will certainly rise in value and maybe a keeper, if not… you trade him with the money you’ve made and he turns to the 2nd best guy! It’s not even a gamble, but a calculated strategy. I like it.

Mr. Pissonatree: Cox + Petrie = $561,500

You get it?? Cox… Pee Tree?? Oh well…I’ll explain it to you later Warnie. This coach has gone for two bargain dudes and a call that will certainly pay off. Both will go up in value and it’s a great call. This is a very cheap option and one that is low risk based on their price. Unless Pee Tree breaks another foot or leg, which he won’t.

Which combo have you gone for in 2011?

Sadly at this stage we are experiencing problems with the ‘poll’, so please just leave comments with your combo.


  • Not one post about Jamar? All Australian last year, literally no backup ruckman so plenty of TOG, will rest in the forward line and can kick goals … Cox/Jamar/Smith/Derickx or Keefe .. Thoughts?

    • Myself and Mainy.3 had rant about him if you scroll up a bit. Get on him, could be a good unique.

  • Best to set and forget the rucks. Ryder/Cox with J. Tippet (GC) on bench and Petrie in forward line. Can’t afford to have 200,000+ on the bench so will use Petrie and swing in when Ess and WC have the bye. The 4th ruck is open.

  • what are your thoughts on sandilands/jolly, and any ideas on cheap bench ruckmen?

  • Cox warnock

  • Whats everyones thoughts on mr mummy ryder, or mr sandy mummy

  • Chances are 90% of us wont even be in the running for overall win so league wins is your realistic chance at glory this year. Therefore big Sandi is a must for Ruck 1 possi, being as freo have both their byes in in multi bye rounds as do the league byes. and big mummy stand out as a second ruck option so no need to worry bout covering rucks for byes, only have to have legitimate bench cover for injuries as per every other year. not rocket science. be realisitic and keep it simple

  • Richmond’s new guy, Dericx is cheap and is doing well in the NAB cup at the moment. If you’re lucky, Richmond may start him and he may get at least acceptable figures for R1. But I’d only select him as a bench ruck.

  • sandi + yao ming

  • What do people think of the Cox and Fraser duo?

    On the bench is Smith and Derickx, depending if Derickx play the first round seeing as Fraser and Smith have a bye.

  • i got COX and JAMAR….is this a good move or a big mistakey?

  • I’ve gone with Sandy and Mummy… nah nah nah nah, click click.

  • I currently have Zac Smith as my number 3 Ruck but he hasnt played in any games as yet (that i know of?) Does he have an injury? If not, then why are they not playing him? Is he really likely to be the number 2 option behind Fraser??