NAB Cup: Round 3 Live Chat

The semi-finals of the NAB Cup are on this weekend and with much stronger sides than in the previous weeks, we might get a better look at the Bombers, Saints, Eagles and Magpies. Squads are below and the players in RED are on my radar to be watching this weekend. The NAB Challenge also continues around the country. Don’t forget to sign up to the Fantasy Freako newsletter at for all of the NAB Cup and NAB Challenge Dream Team scores. Emails are sent out on Wednesdays!

This will be a very interesting weekend of footy to help shape our teams. Don’t read much into any North Melbourne scores. They will be increased thanks to playing GWS. Some hot tips in following these games, follow all of the AFL Clubs on Twitter. Their media departments do a great job of updating fans on these NAB Challenge games. You’ll pick up who who’s been impressing, kicking goals and other little bit of info. Scour the forums and AFL news websites to find out more.

If you head along to any of the games, feel free to email a report into for all to see. Always nice to read stuff from people who like their Dream Team. It’s like watching a different game!!


7:40pm Friday March 4, 2011 – Etihad Stadium

ST KILDA: 1. Jason Gram, 4. Clint Jones, 7. Lenny Hayes, 8. Raphael Clarke, 9. Sam Crocker, 10. Steven Baker, 11. Leigh Montagna, 12. Nick Riewoldt, 14. Jarryn Geary, 16. Ryan Gamble, 18. Brendon Goddard, 20. David Armitage, 21. Nick Heyne, 22. Farren Ray, 24. Sean Dempster, 25. Sam Fisher, 26. Nick Dal Santo, 27. Jason Blake, 29. Tom Lynch, 30. Brett Peake, 31. Tom Simpkin, 32. Andrew McQualter, 33. James Gwilt, 34. Dean Polo, 35. Jamie Cripps, 38. Will Johnson, 39. Alistair Smith, 42. Daniel Archer, 44. Stephen Milne

2. Ricky Dyson, 4. Jobe Watson, 5. Brent Stanton, 6. Angus Monfries, 7. Leroy Jetta, 8. Jason Winderlich, 9. Brent Prismall, 10. Mark McVeigh, 11. David Zaharakis, 14. Sam Lonergan, 15. Courtenay Dempsey, 17. Jake Melksham, 18. Michael Hurley, 20. Henry Slattery, 21. Dyson Heppell, 22. Jake Carlisle, 23. David Myers, 26. Cale Hooker, 27. Luke Davis, 30. Patrick Ryder, 33. Mark Williams, 34. Kyle Hardingham, 37. Kyle Reimers, 39. Heath Hocking, 40. Ben Howlett, 43. Michael Hibberd, 44. Tom Bellchambers, 45. Stewart Crameri, 46. Josh Jenkins.

5:40pm Saturday March 5, 2011 – Pattersons Stadium

WEST COAST: 1. Mitch Brown, 2. Mark LeCras, 3. Andrew Gaff, 5. Brad Ebert, 6. Mark Nicoski, 7. Chris Masten, 8. Beau Waters, 9. Nic Naitanui, 10. Scott Selwood, 11. Matt Priddis, 12. Brad Sheppard, 13. Luke Shuey, 14. Koby Stevens, 15. Tom Swift, 17. Josh Kennedy, 18. Bradd Dalziell, 20. Dean Cox, 21. Quinten Lynch, 23. Darren Glass, 24. Matt Rosa, 25. Shannon Hurn, 27. Jack Darling, 28. Ashley Smith, 31. Will Schofield, 32. Andrew Embley, 37. Adam Selwood, 38. Brett Jones, 41. Andrew Strijk, 44. Gerrick Weedon

COLLINGWOOD: 1. Leon Davis, 3. John McCarthy, 5. Nick Maxwell, 7. Andrew Krakouer, 8. Harry O’Brien, 10. Scott Pendlebury, 11. Jarryd Blair, 13. Dale Thomas, 14. Luke Rounds, 17. Dayne Beams, 18. Darren Jolly, 19. Cameron Wood, 20. Ben Reid, 21. Sharrod Wellingham, 22. Steele Sidebottom, 23. Lachlan Keeffe, 26. Ben Johnson, 27. Simon Buckley, 28. Ben Sinclair, 31. Chris Dawes, 32. Travis Cloke, 34. Alan Toovey, 35. Alex Fasolo, 36. Dane Swan, 44. Tom Gordon, 45. Tom Hunter, 47. Jack Perham, 48. Jye Bolton, 50. Shae McNamara


7:00pm Friday March 4, 2011 – Shepparton

7:00pm Friday March 4, 2011 – AAMI Stadium
Head to for a LIVE video stream of the match!

4:00pm Friday March 4, 2011 – Visy Park

7:00pm Saturday March 5, 2011 – Albury – Lavington Sports Ground

3:30pm Saturday March 5, 2011 – Bunbury – Hands Oval

12:00pm Saturday March 5, 2011 – Visy Park

3:00pm Saturday March 5, 2011 – Southport – Pankhauser Reserve



  • Dream Team Analyzer puts my projected RD1 score at 1,693 and max projected RD1 score at 2118

    Starting with Petire on bench (suspended) and 3 rookies in the starting 22.

    Is this about average for starting out scores in RD1?

    • how do get max to predict your round 1 score?

    • Pfft, I wouldn’t worry too much about what that analyzer has to say. How the hell does anyone know what guys like Krakouer, Mzungu, Irons etc are going to pump out? How the hell is the analyzer going to predict if a gun has an off night?

      Is it accounting for returning players that might instigate role changes of other players in the team?
      Is it accounting for current injuries that change the dynamic of a team, thus affecting a players new DT potential?

      Can it predict form slumps of a team overall?
      I seriously doubt it.

      It’s a guess on past statistics, well guess what – Past stats mean nothing.

      Look at all those people who jumped on Mitch Clarke then had to ditch him cause he didn’t perform.

      Would the analyzer have predicted Mick Barlow’s season?

      Forget that Analyzer BS it knows no more than you or I about the performances in the upcoming season.

  • Guys,

    Anyone interested in joining a league where buy in is 100$? Prize money = $1600 (1200 for winner, 400 for runner up)

    If so, email me at

  • Just a quick Question.

    Which combo is better?

    Montagna and Adcock or Liam Anthony and Broughton?

    Thanks :D

  • anyone doing super coach, join this league for a bit of a challenge 510547

  • is $140,000 too much to start in the bank?

    • i can’t decide between stanton and montagna…

      • Montagna easily

      • Cant decide on stants either. (got Monty as well)
        I know its only Nab, but last night was on 48 @ half time, 48 @ 3/4 time, end up on 91!
        Not sure of TOG, but saw him running around.

        • in the 3rd.

          • thanks for ur comments guys i agree. the other thing on my mind is gun mid rookies, i have swallow + harris + hibberd for ddp, thoughts on ploec vs gaff vs conca?

      • I guess with Brisbane in tatters, Polec frontrunner, plus Vossy likes him.
        Conca looks got, st bye in rnd 11, enough opportunity to make $s hopefully.
        Only my opinion. but can’t see Gaff playing straight away… again just my opinion.
        BUT, if you have Boyd &and or Montags, then Polec weakens mid structure…

  • Stanton often will get tagged, and then he will score about 70.

    Because opposition have to focus on hayes, dal santo players. teams usually dont worry about Montagna

    Montagna for sure

  • Anybody’s thoughts on Jarrad Waite? I only can afford a guy less than 370k

    • With the GC and so many good rookie options at other clubs ie Richardson, Krakouer, Mzungu for starters, how does anyone spend all their money? I reckon I have a great mix, and have 472k left. I simply can’t spend it.

      Backs – Great rookie choices in Lower, Heppell, Otten (not a rook, but cheap as) then GC – Kraks, Stanley, Coad
      Still managed Goddard, Grimes, Gibbs and Bruce.

      Mids – Totally undecided here too many on watchlist, still, current line up – Boyd, Hodge, Stanton (considering either swan or pendles), Houli ( Sidebottom, Shuey, Foley, Cotchin or even Conca are considerations for this spot) Mzungu and Irons (upgrade dependant – Pittard another considered) round out Rd 1 field players

      Swallow, Harris, Hibberd round out the bench

      Rucks – Cox, Hale (Fraser, Derickx) – Fraser to come on field rd2

      Fwd – Buddy, Volt, stevie J, Mcglinn, Duncan, Kraks, Richardson (Prestia, Matera, Talia)

      I’m going to have to spend some cash somewhere – 472 is too much to leave in the bank. Or is it? With GC and the extra amount of good rook choices, coupled with some really good discount choices, is it not smart to keep a bunch of cash? What do you guys reckon?

      • I’m not sure you answered my question but i have about 420, looking for a player under 370k and i heard Waite played well but unsure if he’s a good DT player.

        If you have 472k in the bank and your happy with your team you should be really happy, because you have mulitple trade options early in the year. You have enough money virtuallly to bring anyone in if you missed them. Lets say a player out of the blue start off like a rocket and you missed him you can bring him before he plays three games and his price changes.

  • Anyone got an opinion on TDL??? I was thinking of him over knights

    • Go unique and pick Gary Rohan. He will spend more time up the ground for around the same price and earn AT LEAST as many points.

    • I’d go with Rohan too. TDL was on my list for a while, but gut feel says no.

      Knights won’t deliver on his potential this year IMO.

      There will be alot of people to disagree with that statement though.

      • Rohan injured today according to AFL match report…achilles. Not sure how serious though

  • j voldt or rioli…….have franklin byes an issue

  • stanton or bartel? i want hayes/montagna but already have goddard + riewoldt… too many saints?

    • Probability wise, you’re not going to have a problem because most opponents will have Goddard and the Voldt anyway. It’s more of a question as to whether your subs will outscore your opponents subs.

  • @adam200 i’m in the exact same dilemma.. except i’m tossing up between bartel,stanton & selwood.. such a tough decision

  • McKernan to take Adelaide’s rookie spot?

  • One player you must be considering this year is Scott Pendlebury. I have not seen him in any teams yet as I tip him to average 110+ this season.

    • Im lookin at him but I dunno about 2 prem mid from same team (Swan is a C lock) I have put him in tonight then swapped him for Boyd. Im goin for league win and I still may have both maggies by rnd 1 as I think if you jag one of those 2 bye weeks as a league win youll be fine. hell if they both fire you could prob drop both and still be up there at the end

      • I have Atley who will be one of my midfielders covering the byes come round 7 and a DPP (Goddard). I’m well-prepared for rounds 7 and 13.

        • Isn’t Atley out for a while with a broken nose? Granted he should be right for round 7, but there’s no guarantee.

          • How long is he out for?


            Not sure. But you’d think about 6 weeks. The upside is he can still run and do weights, but won’t be taking part in match simulation drills at training, and clearly wont play anymore pre-season games. This doesn’t mean he wont make the squad on return to fitness, but you’d reckon the coaches would want him to find some touch in the VFL first (maybe). The other thing is that he wont be able to put his hand up either through strong performances on the track and pre season so I’d consider using him as a downgrade target. I had him also, but when I heard about his nose I changed him.

            Some good choices I reckon are Ports Jarrod Irons, and Jasper Pittard. There are plenty of others of course.

            Punch their names into google news and you get a few articles singing their praises. Irons I reckon will get an upgrade prior to round 1, and will play. Pittard has been playing off half back and in the first nab games was given kicking in duties – very good for DT scores. He’s also put on about 10kgs over the last year and looks to be ready for senior call up (IMO of course)

          • The article before the Hawks and GWS games…and Atley has played in both of them! He ain’t injured folks

          • Fair enough Benatron, are you sure he played? Herald sun must have got the broken nose bit wrong then, clearly he wouldn’t be on the ground with a broken schnoz.

            Apologies – Was just going on a HS article. – Looks like Atley might get back into my side!

            Will have to check out if he is really ok first though.

  • Rate Pendelbury compared to Montagna.
    I have Goddard Volt and Swan

    • Pendles had a lazy 120 last night. Very tidy!

      Swan, seemed to struggle with Selwood tagging him. I reckon those who have Swan should change to Pendles. No Didak means Swan gets No 1 tagger every week. He’ll still prob give you high 90’s-102/3 but that will mean price drop in the short term. I also reckon the reduced interchanging will hamper his scores (only slightly) but it’ll be enough for his price to drop in the short term.

      Swans def an upgrade target for mine. I just hope I’m right!

      • interesting call, does anyone have any info on conca vs polec in terms of likely hood of playing time vs likely-hood to score well?

        • Yeah, I’m not really expecting too many to agree with that view, but it’s just a gut feel I have. Real world critics such as Leigh Matthews have been saying for a while that Swan isn’t in the same category as say a Judd or GAJ, simply because Didak is the man who’s influence teams would rather curb – so he isn’t getting the number one tagger each week. It’s one game, so its hardly a conclusive observation, however, the theory appears to have some merit as Swan was kept to double DT figures last night when given the number 1 tag. Couple that with the fact he’s the number 1 subbed player in the comp and you’re starting to impact his game. He’ll still be a premium mid, but I don’t reckon he’ll be a 120 ave, at least for the first part of the year. That will probably change with Dids is back and firing.

          I think you couldn’t go wrong with either. I think both are healthy, both are in teams that are going to play them. I have neither, but am strongly considering Conca. I haven’t seen much of either player first hand, though there seems to be a touch more positive press surrounding Conca. Then again, that could be simply because Conca plays for a Melbourne based club, as opposed to a Brissy club.

          Conca for mine – though you could consider both. You certainly could do worse.

        • Yeah, I was saying awhile ago that Pendles will outscore Swan this year. Still quietly confident but hoping that there aren’t too many on that bandwagon!

          Conca will play and play early. He’s good, but no Swallow. You’d have to expect Polec to get a lot of game-time as Voss tries to rebuild the Lions, but I don’t know a great deal about him. Gaff didn’t get a whole lot of the ball last night, but looked awfully classy when he did.

          • yea cheers, guys. you make good points on the swan vs pendels debate. atm i will go with conca over polec and defineitley over gaff.
            you could always have swan and pendels?

          • Who should be captain this year? Swan, Pendles, Boyd?

  • Jarrad Irons?

    • If he is elevated and given a go for rnd 1 definitely jump on him. Port can elevate someone by rnd 1 if they want and irons has been one of their best players so far this year.

      • Hope so or do we use Callinan as a Dylan McNeil style DPP player by selecting the cheapest FWD/MID to save trades this season or do we go with Atley despite injury rumours.

        • Callihan is out for a fair while. Tore the bicep off the bone in one of his arms in the match against Carlton.

          My advice, go to google news and punch in anyone you are considering. That way, you’ll get a heads up on any injuries, and will help you to gauge form on players you probably haven’t seen too much of. It also gives you a heads up on possible role changes in the team that in your opinion could either elevate or impede their dream team performance.