AFL Injury List: NAB Cup/Challenge – Round 2

James Craig (hamstring) – TBC
Sam Jacobs (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
David Mackay (groin) – test
Sam Shaw (back) – 1 week
Nathan van Berlo (hamstring) – 1 week
Bernie Vince (knee) – 1 week
Will Young (shoulder) – test

Brisbane Lions
Callum Bartlett (knee) – indefinite
Jamie Charman (achilles) – indefinite
Xavier Clarke (knee) – indefinite
Josh Drummond (hip) – 3 weeks
Pearce Hanley (ankle) – 2 weeks
James Polkinghorne (hernia) – 1 week
Jack Redden (hand) – 2 weeks

Lachie Henderson (hip) – 2-3 weeks
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – 6 weeks
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – 4 weeks

Nathan Brown (knee) – season
John Ceglar (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Brad Dick (shoulder) – 1 week
Alan Didak (shoulder) – 1 week
Tyson Goldsack (virus) – 1 week
Josh Thomas (foot) – 4-6 weeks

Darcy Daniher (groin) – TBA
David Hille (knee) – 3 weeks
Nathan Lovett-Murray (calf) – 1 week
Tayte Pears (foot) – TBA
Kyle Reimers (thigh) – TBA
Michael Ross (hip) – TBA
Ariel Steinberg (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Andrew Welsh (abdominal) – 1 week

Hayden Ballantyne (foot) – 2 weeks
Michael Barlow (broken leg) – TBA
Matthew de Boer (hamstring) – test
Roger Hayden (foot) – TBA
Joel Houghton (broken arm) – 4 weeks
Garrick Ibbotson (ankle) – 5-7 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) – season
Tim Ruffles (knee) – TBA

Jimmy Bartel (tonsillitis) – 2 weeks
Marcus Drum (ankle) – 4-6 weeks
Cameron Ling (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
James Podsiadly (broken hand) -2-4 weeks

Gold Coast
Gary Ablett (groin/hip) – 1-2 weeks

Jarryd Morton (foot) – TBA
Max Bailey (knee) – TBA
David Hale (ankle) – TBA
Luke Hodge (Achilles tightness) – 1-2 weeks
Tom Murphy (ankle) – TBA

Robert Campbell (achilles) – 4-6 weeks
Jack Fitzpatrick (foot) – 4 weeks
James Frawley (pectoral muscle) – 6-8 weeks
Jordie McKenzie (groin soreness) – 1 week
Cale Morton (finger) – 4-6 weeks
Michael Newton (broken wrist) -4 -6 weeks
Ricky Petterd (hamstring/back)— 1-2 weeks

North Melbourne
Ryan Bastinac (knee) – indefinite
Nathan Grima (back) – 4-6 weeks
Ed Lower (knee) – indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (achilles) – 4-6 weeks
Marcus White (shoulder) – indefinite

Port Adelaide
Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) – 1 week
Ben Jacobs (glandular fever) – indefinite
Matthew Lobbe (dislocated shoulder) – 9-10 weeks
Andrew Moore (groin) – ongoing assessment
Ben Newton (ankle) – ongoing assessment
Simon Phillips (jaw) – 6 weeks
David Rodan (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Steven Salopek (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Jacob Surjan (knee) – ongoing assessment

Daniel Jackson (hamstring tendonitis) – TBA

St Kilda
Tom Curren (ankle) – TBA
Michael Gardiner – TBA
Justin Koschitzke (ankle) – TBA
Arryn Siposs (quadricep) – 3-4 weeks

Sydney Swans
Craig Bolton (achilles) – indefinite
Daniel Bradshaw (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Campbell Heath (knee) – 10-14 weeks
Tadhg Kennelly (knee) -4 weeks
Shane Mumford (knee) -1-2 weeks
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (hamstring/gluteal) -1-2 weeks
Nick Smith (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Matt Spangher (quad) -1-2 weeks
Jesse White (ankle) – 1-2 weeks

West Coast
Sam Butler (thigh) – 2 weeks
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) – TBA
Andrew Strijk (calf) – 1 week
Beau Waters (knee) – 1 week

Western Bulldogs
Adam Cooney (hamstring) – 3 weeks
Brian Lake (knee/hip/shoulder) – 4 weeks
Ryan Hargrave (ankle) – 10-12 weeks


  • Cheers boys, good work again. Sam Jacobs is a blow…. And now having second thoughts about Bartel.

    Also, liked the use of Dean Cox in the Injury List image… Cheeky.

    • Bartel will play Round 4 of nab cup and will be ok for Round 1 (according to :)

      • more worried about his conditioning… but he’s such a gun, it really shouldnt be a problem.

    • Jimmy will be fine, he’s done all of the conditioning work to date and normally only plays three of the four preseason games anyway. He won’t forget how to win the ball.

  • Man, I swear this list looks really familier from somehwere! :P

  • Hmmm not much to worry about there!

    Thanks guys, I got my stubby holders today! :)

  • A or B

    a. pav and anthony

    b. knights and montagna

  • I noticed the Tigers have not picked Deledio.

    Did not play last week but is not named on the injured list.

  • Nathan Lovett-Murray (1 week for calf). Any thoughts on picking him as a DT defender this year? Injured last year but played 12 games and averaged 90.5. Injury free i reckon he could be a unique pick.

  • Thoughts on conca from richmond or are there better options? keep in mind that i already have swallow, gaff, harris, mzungu, Krakouer, calinan and heppel who can all be selected as rookies in the mids for me.

  • Just an observation… but why so many achilles injuries? (Hodge, Bolten, McIntosh, Campbell, Charman) I don’t recall this being a common injury before… Could this be the new gerneral soreness?

    I’m a little worried about Hodge given the others have 4-6 weeks or indefinite next to their names…

    • If it is high in the achilles, it could well be calf soreness, which I think you will see less of during the season, I think it is the pre-season equivalent of The General, as you say… That said, 3 of those (Bolton, Charman and Campbell) are ongoing injuries from last year, and are all legit achilles problems. Mcintosh I have no idea about though. And Splodge will be ok in the early rounds of home and away, if not before

      • Thanks Axis – I hope you’re right !

        I just noticed that Hodgy’s injury timeframe has been increased to 2-3 weeks…

  • round six is the only round that i now have an bye issue with think im going to have to cop one forward 0 not happy but happy enough…then again still 29 days till bounce down so more issues will arise id say

  • Whats up at Hawthorn. All their players are TBA. Their medicos cant be up to scratch if they cant get round to ‘assessing’ their players.

    • Its probably the equivalent of what is normally listed as ‘test’ meaning they are pretty much good to go, but they need to be assessed closer to the day to see if they’re ready to play/train again

  • In the AFL article about Bartel’s tonsilitis, there is another comment about Chappie battling a calf strain.


    “…and Paul Chapman is battling a calf strain.”

    But he ain’t listed in the injury list…anyone know more about that?

    • Thats because he was supposed to play last week, he was named in the squad and was there on the day, but his calf was giving him the shits so they put him in cotton wool, he’s not really injured, but as long as his calf is even stiff, Geelong won’t risk him in the pre-season

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  • So a lot of people’s smokie, Levi Greenwood is out for 7…… could Richardson get a bit of a run through the middle?
    Kangas are the walking wounded- any1 know the extent of Zeibels spine injury?
    Did Atley cop a knock last week?He didn’t impress.