Lock ’em in: Gold Coast Suns

We got to have a look at the Gold Coast Suns for the first time last night and we can now make some decisions on who we should be locking in our Dream Teams for 2011! I’ve just finished watching the games (thanks to the replays on the AFL site) and here are my thoughts.


Danny Stanley at $106,400 smashed GWS up forward with 72 points in 40 minutes. He is going to be able to rack up a few touches (including a few 4 point tackles) and as a 23 year old, he has to be a lock in their side.

Josh Toy played only 4 games in the VFL last year due to finishing his year 12 studies in Melbourne but was very impressive (scores of 67, 89, 81 and 49). His 37 against the Swans included 7 kicks in his 9 disposals and a couple of tackles. He was injured towards the end of the first half against GWS, but had 17 points already. Going to be an accumulator!

27 year old Michael Coad will be a player who will be a lock in the team from Round 1. At $112,400, we’d be silly not to select him. He scored 38 ahaint the Swans and 25 against GWS.

Alik Magin had a great game against the Giants, kicking two goals and finishing with 32 points. Wasn’t on the radar, but probably won’t get another look in for the Warne Dawgs going by is 6 points in the Swans game.


Of course we all had Daniel Harris in our team. At $114,400 we have to. After a solid DT career at North Melbourne and a big VFL stat year in 2010, Harris backed up with scores of 45 and 42. Pretty much Dream Team ton games. Start him on your ground (from Round 2) without any worries.

I was one of the people who got off David Swallow. His price of $160,500 was a little too much for me. I am again considering him after 39 against the Swans… but more about how good he looked. He will be a champion!

Harley Bennell is the forgotten man in many Dream Teams. He is slightly cheaper than Swallow, but produced bigger numbers in the two games (34 and 42). Could be a unique option.


Josh Fraser was the only ‘real’ ruckman out there. His DT scoring wasn’t awesome. Scores of 19 and 29 were solid, considering there are no boundary throw ins. I’m semi keen on him, but will wait until next week when he plays a full/proper game… and hopefully alongside Zac Smith.


Brandon Matera played up the ground and gathered 7 possessions against the Swans for 43 Dream Team points. I’ve got him on my bench now with some confidence at $97,600.

Dion Prestia was solid with 25 and 24. His MID/FWD positioning has him in a lot of teams at the moment. Waiting until next week to see if he is a worth contender for my side.

Who did you like in the game? Let us know in the comments!


  • Swallow/Bennell, Harris, Toy/Coad and B Matera all locked in my side from the Suns. Will have to decide on Prestia after the Eagles game next week.

  • Great write up Warnie.

    Harris, Matera and Toy are the three big locks for me.
    Couldn’t stand Stanley while he was with Collingwood so I will probably pass on him.

    Hunt got alright numbers??

  • It’s virtually impossible not to have at least 4 Suns in your team; right now I have Coad (bringing in Stanley instead for that 6k), Toy, Harris, Swallow, Smith, Matera, Prestia (Out).

  • Coad, Toy and Stanley all looked good. Only worry is whether they’re all walk up starts for round 2. McKenna targeted mainly backs as his established players from other clubs (Bock, Harbrow, Brown etc) so query how many spots are available.

    Swallow certainly confirmed his JS.

    Disappointed not to see Iles out there.

    • +1. This will burst a fair few peoples’ bublbes about Stanley’s chances


      “GOLD Coast defender Campbell Brown says he will be a full-time part of a Suns defensive unit he believes is vital to the new side’s success.

      The 27-year-old, who was used as an occasional forward at Hawthorn, says he will play in defence this year alongside experienced backmen Nathan Bock, Nathan Krakouer and Jarrod Harbrow.

      Brown says the back half is coming together well, with former SANFL defender Michael Coad and either rugby convert Karmichael Hunt or AIS-AFL Academy graduate Josh Toy making up the set six.”

      So you can lock in Coad, and make an each way bet on K-Hunt or Toy. Will only be one of the two picked (initially at least).

      • Stanley played a bit up forward though.

        • stanley though named as a back in DT spent most of both games running all over the ground. he seems to be named out of position for DT. He is a walk up start you’d think, 23 year old and a bigger body.

          • yer i heard he played all over the ground Stanley could be on of the bench players or a sub

            also, i would imagine K-Hunt would play unless injured they may stick Toy on the bench. which would be quite possible

        • In the game against the Swans, Stanley appeared to be doing a tagging role for part of the game, but he did a few good things under the packs.

          Against GWS he was allowed to run around by himself in the forward half of the ground for the entire game. He will not have that luxury when the season proper starts!

      • What teams have only a back six these days anyway? GC are going to need people to drop back every week as they will spend a lot of time trying to get the footy forward of defensive 50

  • Fraser will be a really good pick this year. Everytime GC were coming out of defence they kicked long up the wing looking for Fraser, so expect quite a few marks from him this year. If covering his byes wasn’t such a big problem I’d be considering putting him in my side.

    Also, Magin is listed as a defender.

  • Wat about sam iles why wasnt he playin

    • I read somewhere that he had a slight niggle and they didn’t want to risk him. Said that he should play later in pre-season without any worries. I was keen on him originally but I don’t want 3 suns on the bench come round 1 and I can’t go past Swallow and Harris

  • You’d think most of the hype players are walk up starts for Rd2

    • yeah i would say so.. the only one that everyone has that may not get a gig round 2 would be prestia based on last night..

  • I think I have too many Suns in my team at the moment. Toy and Stanley, Swallow and Harris, Smith and Fraser, Matera and Prestia….
    Also, Dixon fighting for Prestia’s spot in my team, 21 and 25 in both games and a fair bit cheaper…

    • i wouldn’t have both fraser and smith.. it means you have to be certain your 4th ruck is going to play round 1.. and could definately cost you round 9 if there still there

      • DPP could help with petrie and maybe joel tippet swapping but still unlikely as a bench foward would have to play

  • What did you guys think of Dixon?

  • everyones thoughts coad or stanley ?

  • How come Sam Day Tom Lynch and Zac Smith didn;t play?

  • I have a lot of suns in my team currently, and I think if you can just about the starters, theres no reason to pick a lot of em. Anyone else going for 10 suns?

    • no im going with 7 as there is always late withdrawals for whatever reason.. so i think you need at least 1 emg in each position..

      • Kunt was alright for his first game

        • Yeah I thought he played ok too. At the moment though I can’t put him in my team ahead of Coad even though Hunt is 6 grand cheaper. Same price as Stanley, and $8800 more expensive than Toy. But it’s early days!!

    • I’m going with 9 I think at the moment. Hopefully one or two will be traded out by round 9. If not I’m almost prepared to concede a loss that found for the greater good of the rest of the season.

    • Will start with 6/7 definately.

    • Have 7 in the team at the moment are looking to maybe add another 1 or 2. Think it is the way to go this year and most definitely next year with GWS.

    • Only 4 at the moment but it is highly likely to increase. Everyone is going to have a lot of suns in their team and then be using them to upgrade later on.

  • I was interested to see Illes play, but wasn’t selected. A more mature body. Any news?

  • Where was zac smith?

  • 6PR did an interview with guy mckenna saturday morning. They asked him who they should be looking at for their dream team and these are the names he rattled off (cant remember what order):

    Maverick Weller
    Josh Toy
    Daniel Harris
    David Swallow
    Danny Stanley
    Brandon Matera
    Dion Prestia
    Seb Tape

    Make of that what you will :)

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  • i didnt see the gold coast game, whats prestia like.. a lock?

  • where is sam day?
    can’t find ANY information about him ANYWHERE

  • is anyone interested in a 16 team drafted league on fantasy footy, they have keeper leagues now so im looking to join a league doing that

  • Is anyone considering leaving a couple of GC players out until Rd 4 and making a double trade on a couple of blokes like Polec and Gaff in the Mids or a Duigan or Puopolo (If picked Rd1) after they have played 3 games to hopefully make a cheeky $30 or $40k on them before getting in the likes of Swallow before his price changes???

    This way you can start with less GC players for Rd 1 and you can have a look at them for 2 games before deciding on Swallow or Bennell or The backs Coad/Toy/Stanley etc…

    I understand this burns 2 trades but has the potential to make $100k and buys some time to get the right young suns in!!!

    • Nah. You’ve gotta have some confidence with picking your rookies. Even if they don’t play round one (or two, for GC), the ‘hype’ rookies will still play in the early-mid stages of the season. Dumping Richardson because he’s not named round one or holding off on Swallow to see if he cements a spot from the get-go doesn’t really make any sense at all.

      You don’t need ALL of your rookies to be playing every game from round one to seven to get enough cash buy the best guns, so there’s little benefit in burning trades like that. How many of us got burned with Relton Roberts last year instead of keeping Pods or Rocky when they weren’t named first up…?

      • Me! Had Pods in my team all the way up until the time that the Round 1 teams were named, and then decided to take him out for Relton Roberts! And didn’t make a move on Rockliff because I kept thinking I was buying in too late! Season 2010 was always going to be a struggle if you didn’t have one of those cash cows.

        Interesting idea Beav….I like the outside-the-box thinking. You’d have to be super-confident that the rookies you trade in will be big earners or potential keepers. For me, $30K is not enough incentive to burn a trade that early in the season.

  • I have these Suns guys in my DT D Swallow/Harris, Toy/ B Matera/Prestia and Smith.

    • DITTO, I’m a little nervous getting more than 2 GCS per position, at the moment I have 2 in Def, 2 in mid, 1 ruck and 1 forward

  • Coad’s kicks got smothered 3 or 4 times. I reckon he looked slow.
    Matera looks too small.

  • Keep in mind that Harris’ long time problem at AFL level was his horrible endurance. These short 20/20 footy matches are perfect for him. He should definitely be a lock in your team anyway (I can’t believe they rookie-priced him after one year in the VFL… if he’d spent all year out with a knee injury instead but on North’s list he would be MORE expensive. So silly). But don’t rely on him to be a keeper or even a consistent 90.

  • i shaving heppel swallow and harris in your team too much?

    • with one shaver? could be risky?

      ps, I heard Riewoldt allready got shaved so you missed out there.