NAB Cup: Round 1 (Week 2) Live Chat

Bombers / Lions / Saints

Etihad Stadium, Friday February 18

All times are local

Match one:
Essendon v Brisbane Lions, 7.15pm
Match two: Brisbane Lions v St Kilda, 8.20pm
Match three: Essendon v St Kilda, 9.25pm

1. Jay Neagle, 2. Ricky Dyson, 3. Scott Gumbleton, 4. Jobe Watson, 5. Brent Stanton, 6. Angus Monfries, 7. Leroy Jetta, 8. Jason Winderlich, 9. Brent Prismall 10. Mark McVeigh, 11. David Zaharakis, 14. Sam Lonergan, 15. Courtenay Dempsey, 17. Jake Melksham, 18. Michael Hurley, 20. Henry Slattery, 21. Dyson Heppell, 22. Jake Carlisle, 23. David Myers, 24. Alex Browne, 26. Cale Hooker, 27. Luke Davis, 29. Alwyn Davey, 30. Patrick Ryder, 31. Dustin Fletcher, 32. Travis Colyer, 33. Mark Williams, 34. Kyle Hardingham, 39. Heath Hocking, 40. Ben Howlett, 41. Michael Quinn, 42. Nathan Lovett-Murray, 43. Michael Hibberd, 44. Tom Bellchambers, 45. Stewart Crameri, 46. Josh Jenkins

ONES TO WATCH: Hibberd, Heppell, Jenkins, Browne, Prismall, Zaharakis, Stanton, Watson.

1. Mitchell Clark, 3. Sam Sheldon, 4. Jared Polec, 8. Matt Austin, 9. Ashley McGrath, 10. Daniel Rich, 12. James Hawksley, 14. Brent Staker, 17. Claye Beams, 18. Todd Banfield, 21. Daniel Merrett, 22. Tom Collier, 23. Matthew Leuenberger, 24. Joel Patfull, 26. Ryan Harwood, 28. Patrick Karnezis, 29. Andrew Raines, 32. Cheynee Stiller, 33. Amon Buchanan, 34. Jesse O’Brien, 35. Ryan Lester, 36. Matt Maguire, 37. Bryce Retzlaff, 38. Tom Rockliff, 41. Mitchell Golby, 42. Joshua Green, 43. Rohan Bewick, 44. Aaron Cornelius, 46. Broc McCauley

ONES TO WATCH: Polec, Clark, Beams, Retzlaff, Green, Bewick.

1. Jason Gram, 5. Ben McEvoy, 8. Raphael Clarke, 9. Sam Crocker, 10. Steven Baker, 11. Leigh Montagna, 14. Jarryn Geary, 16. Ryan Gamble, 17. Nick Winmar, 18. Brendon Goddard, 20. David Armitage, 21. Nick Heyne, 22. Farren Ray, 24. Sean Dempster, 25. Sam Fisher, 26. Nick Dal Santo, 27. Jason Blake, 29. Tom Lynch, 30. Brett Peake, 31. Tom Simpkin, 32. Andrew McQualter, 33. James Gwilt, 35. Jamie Cripps, 36. Tommy Walsh, 37. Tom Ledger, 38. Will Johnson, 39. Alistair Smith, 40. Robert Eddy, 42. Daniel Archer, 44. Stephen Milne, 45. Jackson Ferguson, 46. Warrick Andreoli

ONES TO WATCH: Gamble, Goddard, Simpkin, Cripps, Walsh.

Giants / Swans / Suns

Olympic Park, Saturday February 19

All times are local

Match one: GWS Giants v Sydney Swans, 7.15pm
Match two: Sydney Swans v Gold Coast Suns, 8.20pm
Match three: GWS Giants v Gold Coast Suns, 9.25pm

2. Curtly Hampton, 5. Dylan Shiel, 6. Josh Bruce, 7. Kurt Aylett, 8. Jeremy Cameron, 9. Tomas Bugg, 10. Anthony Miles, 11. Jack Hombsch, 12. Sam Schulz, 13. Gerald Ugle, 14. Sam Darley, 18. Jarrad Harding, 19. Simon Tunbridge, 20. Alex Carey, 21. Joshua Growden, 24. Stephen Clifton, 25. Jimmi Savage, 26. Jonathon Giles, 27. Andrew Phillips, 28. Rhys Cooyou, 30. Damian Williams, 31. Jacob Townsend, 32. Adam Flagg, 34. Isiah Stevens, 35. Mitch Daniher, 36. Marcus Crook, 37. Ben Hughes, 38. Tim Barton, 39. Rohan Bates

ONES TO WATCH: All of them… for you DT2012 study!

1. Mark Seaby, 2. Rhys Shaw, 3. Jarrad McVeigh, 4. Dan Hannebery, 7. Brett Meredith, 8. Trent Dennis-Lane, 9. Nick Malceski, 10. Daniel Currie, 11. Jed Lamb, 12. Josh Kennedy, 13. Andrejs Everitt, 14. Craig Bird, 15. Kieren Jack, 16. Gary Rohan, 20. Sam Reid, 21. Ben McGlynn, 22. Byron Sumner, 23. Lewis Johnston, 24. Jude Bolton, 25. Ted Richards, 26. Luke Parker, 28. Dylan McNeil, 29. Martin Mattner, 32. Lewis Jetta, 33. Jared Moore, 37. Adam Goodes, 38. Mike Pyke, 39. Heath Grundy, 42. Paul Bevan

ONES TO WATCH: Hannebery, Lamb, Everitt, Jack, Goodes, McNeil.

1. Marc  Lock, 4. Maverick Weller, 5. Jarrod Harbrow, 6. Alik Magin, 7. Karmichael Hunt, 8. Luke Russell, 13. Hayden Jolly, 14. Nathan Krakouer, 16. Rory Thompson, 17. Josh Fraser, 19. Joseph Daye, 20. Joshua Toy, 21. Daniel Harris, 22. Tom Nicholls, 23. Charlie Dixon, 24. David Swallow, 25. Danny Stanley, 26. Matt Shaw, 27. Michael Coad, 30. Campbell Brown, 32. Brandon Matera, 34. Jack Hutchins, 35. Michael Rischitelli, 37. Harley, Bennell, 41. Dion Prestia, 47. Daniel Gorringe, 48. Sebastian Tape, 51. Jake Crawford

ONES TO WATCH: Everyone… especially ones with “mature bodies”.

Cats / Kangaroos / Bulldogs

Skilled Stadium, Sunday February 20

All times are local

Match one: Geelong Cats v North Melbourne, 3.45pm
Match two: North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs, 4.50pm
Match three: Geelong Cats v Western Bulldogs, 5.55pm

4. Liam Anthony, 5. Ben Warren, 6. Lachie Hansen, 7. Jack Ziebell, 8. Daniel Wells, 9. Andrew Swallow, 12. Lindsay Thomas, 13. Leigh Adams, 14. Gavin Urquhart, 18. Shaun Atley, 20. Drew Petrie, 21. Cam Richardson, 22. Todd Goldstein, 23. Kieran Harper, 24. Levi Greenwood, 25. Robbie Tarrant, 26. Ben McKinley, 27. Aaron Edwards, 29. Brent Harvey, 30. Daniel Pratt, 32. Cruize Garlett, 33. Matt Campbell, 34. Jamie Macmillan, 36. Ayden Kennedy, 37. Brayden Norris, 38. Majak Daw, 43. Marcus White, 45. Luke Delaney, 46. Ben Speight

ONES TO WATCH: Anthony, Petrie, Atley, Richardson, Daw.

3. Jimmy Bartel, 4. Andrew Mackie, 6. Brad Ottens, 7. Harry Taylor, 8. Josh Hunt, 9. James Kelly, 10. Daniel Menzel, 11. Joel Corey, 12. Trent West, 13 Tom Lonergan, 14. Joel Selwood, 15. Jordan Schroder, 18. Josh Cowan, 19. Taylor Hunt, 20. Steve Johnson, 21. Cameron Mooney, 22. Mitch Duncan, 24. Mark Blake, 25. Tom Gillies, 26. Tom Hawkins, 27. Mathew Stokes, 28. Allen Christensen, 29. Cameron Guthrie, 31. James Podsiadly, 32. Steve Motlop, 33. George Horlin-Smith, 34. Simon Hogan, 35. Paul Chapman, 36. Nathan Vardy, 38. Ben Johnson, 39. Darren Milburn, 40. David Wojcinski, 42. Josh Walker, 43. George Burbury, 44. Corey Enright, 46. Jonathan Simpkin, 47. Ryan Bathie

ONES TO WATCH: Bartel, Menzel, Selwood, Christensen, Cowan… and other kids!

1. Jarrad Grant, 3. Mitch Wallis, 4. Daniel Cross, 5. Matthew Boyd, 7. Shaun Higgins, 8. Mitch Hahn, 9. Lindsay Gilbee, 10. Justin Sherman, 12. Tom Williams, 13. Daniel Giansiracusa, 14. Callan Ward, 16. Ryan Griffen, 18. Brennan Stack, 19. Liam Jones, 20. Josh Hill, 21. Tom Liberatore, 22. Dylan Addison, 23. Jordan Roughead, 24. Jayden Schofield, 26. Zephaniah Skinner, 27. Will Minson, 29. Easton Wood, 30. Christian Howard, 32. Patrick Veszpremi, 33. Nathan Djerrkura, 37. Lukas Markovic, 38. Dale Morris, 41. Andrew Hooper, 42. Liam Picken, 44. Brodie Moles, 48. Matthew Panos, 49. Ayce Cordy

ONES TO WATCH: Wallis, Boyd, Higgins, Sherman, Liberatore, Veszpremi, Skinner, Cordy.


  • Harris- Lock and Loaded

  • been going the gunx3 rook option but a certain mid price mid has really caught my eye……and im forty g short but im really happy with my whole team atm rookies will change but all guns and mid priced for/backs are pretty set barring injury.. what to do

    • Wouldn’t be Hanebery by any chance? I have a similar situation at the moment. Either Mitchell and Anthony or Selwood and Hanebery. Thoughts?

      • Mitchell and anthony. Mitchell isnt captain, so that might take off the pressure for him to lead this year, so that might have an impact on how he plays. And as everyone has said, Anthony is a gun!

  • Hey guys i’m not quite sure about my last 5 forwards, please tell me which option you think is best

    1) Gamble, Mzungu (Prestia, matera, richardson)

    2) Knights, Mzungu (Gamble, matera, Prestia)

    3)Knights, Mzungu, (Prestia, matera, richardson)

    4) Something else (please specify)


  • Any thoughts on Scott Thompson frm adelaide. Only 400k. tossing up between him and marc murphy

    • Scott Thompson should average 95-100 while murphy has the potential to average 100+
      Carlton has a bye in the finals though.

    • I have being seriuosly considering scott thompson. 398.k is cheap for a player who has averaged over 95 for the last 4 seasons. he may receive more attention in the midfield with all of the adelaide players who have left, i was considering dropping selwood for him but i couldn’t bring myself to do it as selwood is an absolute gun, also he only scored over 100 9 times last year out of 21 games but selwood scored over 100 times 14 times. He ended the year with a bang and i think 8 or his last 9 scores were over 100, his scores suffered early on due to Adelaide’s poor form and if adelaide improve this year (which they probably will) expect his scored to improve aswell.

      • yeah could be good unique pick.. won’t get tagged as bernie vince always gets the tag easier to shut down and more damaging with his dissposals..

  • Thought I’d make an attempt at the GC side likely to take the field round 2, based on what we saw yesterday.

    Hunt showed a lot more than I thought he would, and I think he’s definitely going to be a regular in the team based on his efforts last night. Was exposed once or twice by Goodes last night, but that’s all part of the learning process that Bluey will want him to go through. With half the uncontracted players that were picked up from other clubs being defenders, I think Hunt’s inclusion will make Coad’s position a bit iffy. I know he’s mature age and experienced at state level, but their defence is already pretty solid.

    All eight of the uncontracted players pretty much pick themselves, and on last night I’ll lock Matera, Magin, Lock, Swallow, Harris, Toy and Bennell in as well. Iles didn’t play last night, but he did win the B&F last year, so I’ll assume he’s pretty close.

    Brown – Hunt – Harbrow
    Krakouer – Bock – Toy
    Swallow – Harris – Lock
    Bennell – Dixon – Brennan
    Magin – ??? – Matera
    Fraser – Rischitelli – Ablett

    Smith – Iles – Stanley

    I haven’t been able to make room for either of Prestia or Weller; both played last night but neither was all that noticeable (although Prestia is a good kick). I’m not sure I can consider either of them until I’ve seen something from them.

    Not sure who takes full forward. Dixon was pretty good last night and I think he’ll definitely be playing as their main key forward. They could use Brennan as another which would allow for another runner in the team, but I think Brennan will be used more around the ground.

    Obviously there’s a whole bunch of other players I haven’t seen yet who may take spots away from some of those guys, but I wouldn’t write off the team above, I think it’ll be pretty competitive, at least with most sides pushing for or outside the eight.

    • Great attempt, looks good. I was thinking perhaps Coad over Hunt? Just my opinion, I hope they play Coad, he will easily make 100k+

      • Yeah, it’s a bit 50/50 for me at the moment. TBH I think they’ll end up playing both of them in a seven man defence. If Coad is a regular in the starting 18 he should be a very good scorer for that price.

    • nice post mate. It’s definitely hard not picking your team when we don’t get to have a look at gc round 1 team. I reckon there’ll be a fair bit of movement week to week, they’re gonna wanna see how a bunch of different guys stand up at afl level. hunt will be a guaranteed lock each week, they won’t pay that much for someone to have a run in the ressies.

  • Got eyes on Craig Bird and JPK now.

    • although he has a good last name, i’d take your eyes off bird, last night was just one of his occasional good performances, JPK could possibly be a little more consistent, although i’d stay away from him still as there are better options, even form the swans with the likes of hannebery and jack

  • Looking for DT stats for this arvo’s games?

    • I don’t know how you do it Warnie! Ripping out the satisfaction like this – may SHIVA bless you!

  • wow richardson just played an amazing couple of games, scored 44 and 57 against WB and Geelong. locked in

  • dixon or prestia?? can’t decide

  • petrie going to be suspended?

    • Petrie was offered a one-match suspension. Because he has a prior record it cannot be reduced through an early plea. It’s either one week or challange the ban. I think we should know by tomorrow.

  • Atley was dissappointing,Wallis was ok in the 1st game and very quiet in the second. Richardson ripped it up and Motlop and Liberatore were also very good.

  • What is better value

    Dion Prestia or Andrew Krakouer

  • Petrie could face suspension in the first few rounds from the maggots. FMDT

  • now that round 1 of the nab cup has finished, ive got my team, sort of how i want it by the start of round 1, but will most likely make a frantic rush and trade a few at lockout. but hers my team, can you please sus it out, and give me a few pointers. i didnt want to post it on the rate my team thing, coz there is just too many teams going around in there !
    cheers lads.

    Backs- B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, J. Grimes, A. Otten, D. Heppell
    (M. Coad, J. Toy, N. Duigan)

    Mids- D. Swan, M. Boyd, J. Bartel, B. McLean, B. Martin, T. Mzungu
    (D. Swallow, D. Harris, J. Bolton)

    Rucks- A. Sandilands, D. Cox
    (R. Cambell, M. Curnow)

    Forwards- P. Chapman, L. Franklin, N. Riewoldt, M. Morton, D. Zaharazis, A. Krakouer, C. Richardson
    (B. Matera, I. Callinan, T. Schneider)

    2,500 Clams left

    players im a bit iffy about- McLean, Zaharakis, Krakouer..

    after round one, i will swap Mzungu with Krakouer, and then swap Krakouer onto the bench for Swallow or Harris.

    Going for the car btw, league wins mean nothin !
    be harsh with your criticisms please
    thanx again

    • Ok well mate I’m a firm believer (along with many others) that the multi-bye rounds will either make or break the teams going for overall- I think the elite teams will make a big gap on the rest of the pack that will be very hard to chase down. My theory along with alot of others is a maximum of 3 guns out per MB round. Rd 6 you have Broughton, Bartel, Sandi, Chappy and Buddy out. That’s too many guns out.

      IMO you don’t need such a strong ruck duo- I’d personally de-list Sandi and put Petrie there (he is one of the biggest cash cows) I’d slot Z.Smith as your 3rd ruck instead of Curnow or Campbell. I’d upgrade McLean to Anthony and with the remainder cash which should be alot I’d upgrade Morton (you only have 3 proven guns in your Fwds). Start Kraks on the field-providing he is in the pies 22. Zaha is a smokey, keep him. and while your backs are like about 200k teams in DT that’s for a reason-they’re solid as but nothing “unique”.

      Lastly I’d look at a couple of you rooks, Bolton and Schneider are behind some other rooks such as Wallis,Atley, Darling e.t.c (unless you know something I don’t ssshhhh)

      Hope this is helpful

      • brappinalong your a dt gun.. i would have said the exact same thing you know ur shit.. question ? your thoughts on j brown ?

        • Thanks jb, And on the big fella I would have him as a lock if I knew he was 90% fit. BL haven’t said much on him at all -maybe our Queensland DT talk friends have heard something? at 360K I’d lock him for sure if fit. Maybe an upgrade target once his up and firing and before $$ go up.

          • yeah all i have heard is his had a limited pre season.. but haven’t heard anything about him being injured ? guess i will see how he goes in the practice games..

    • u actually have a great team!! my suggestions would be trade krakouer for C richardson 97,600 and thats a plus 30,00 and upgrade zaharakis to morton which u already have and then use mortan plus extra money to get higgins who can be injury prone but also a dream team gun if he stays fit!!! thats just my opinion u could also just trade krakour for richardson and keep the money!!

    • Looks like a great team. Will be interesting to see who gets the Carlton guernsey between McLean and Ellard. Ellard played out the 2010 season (last 8 or so games and final) and did very well in NAB cup, but McLean apparently impressed in intraclub.

      Have Ellard in my mids at moment, but will swap to McLean if they pick him for rnd 1 instead.

      Re the rucks, I disagree with the majority opinion that a strong ruck duo is a bad idea. I reckon its a good idea going by my experience last year where I skimped on the rucks and sufferred for it. Have Sandi and Jolly myself. I also don’t rate Petrie like many others do so don’t think he will be a great cash cow….perhaps if I did rate him I’d be happy with the Sandi/Petrie or Cox/Petrie combo so many others are going for. I reckon stick with the strong ruck combo…will get you good scores and probably save you a trade or two. Probably should have GC’s Smith as a bench ruck though if you can afford him (subject to seeing him in NAB cup – assuming he gets a run).

      Wouldn’t be iffy about Zaharakis…except for the fact that just about everyone else will have him too…can’t not have him though. Andrew Krakouer I’ve added and removed several times…so yeah iffy about him as well.

  • Okay, we’re all hanging out for the real stuff.
    How did people go score wise with their best 22 scorers on the field from the first round of NAB Cup?
    I finished with a max figure of 1499, haven’t traded for a few days.

    My standouts were Cam Richardson, Boydy, Stants, Harris,Morts, Astbury and Danny Stanley. Nice that 4 of them were cheapies.
    My bench rucks scored higher than Cox/Ryder- crackup.

    How did others go?

    • Best I could get was 1691

      DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, J. Grimes, A. Otten, R. Tarrant (S. McKernan, J. Toy, P. Puopolo)

      MID: D. Swan, M. Boyd, J. Bartel, T. Cotchin, D. Swallow, D. Heppell (D. Harris, T. Mzungu, I. Callinan)

      RUC: A. Sandilands, D. Cox (Z. Smith, T. Derickx)

      FWD: L. Franklin, C. Sylvia, N. Riewoldt, S. Higgins, P. Dangerfield, D. Astbury, D. Prestia (B. Matera, C. Richardson, B. Sumner)

      CASH LEFT: $100

  • Dixon or Prestia?

  • everyone join my league 816051

  • 1st & 2nd RUCKS

    Some people are going for a premium (Sandi or Cox) + injured premium (Petrie) whereas others are going for a double premium (Sandi + Cox).

    Seriously, what are peoples thoughts on Petrie? My take is that he will be unlikely to ever return to a career best 80 average, and is more likely to settle somewhere around 65 to 70. Now if you look at the injury risk that he could go down in the first 6 rounds, then you will be forced to trade sideways to a muppet who will average 50 or 60….is it worth such a big punt?

    And let’s be honest on Smith, he will be future gun ruck, but as a first year ruck he will struggle to score more than 50…therefore he can only be seen as a cash cow (my 3rd ruck) and not relied upon for points. Once again, if Petrie goes down you cannot seriously rely on Smith?!

    So…to Petrie or not to Petrie….?

  • Hiya, guys!
    Advice Pllllllllllllllllllllease Who should I get rid of to get Harris in; Gaff or Polec. I reckon Gaff.
    O.K. Rucks. I have got D Hale on the ruck bench 4 Petrie. From what I heard he is suspended.
    Worth gettin rid of Prestia for Matera?
    Also, my mid is this: Swan, Joey, Colin, Delidio, Swall and Harris
    121 left worth tradin Sylvia FWD/Mid for Chap FWD/MId

    Comments; Thanks