Trade hard now, or forever hold your trades

Hello, my name is Roy and I’m a tradaholic. Ok, so that is the first step in my recovery after 3 years of hard core trading that has left me on the brink of a DT breakdown and strained many of my relationships over that period. The second step is to pull trades left right and centre in the pre season, so hopefully I will not have the urge so early in the season. My trades at this stage of the year can be prompted by a rumour, a bad pre season game, a good pre season game or even  form on the track like Shaun Hampson picking up Megan Gale earned him a look (for 2 seconds until I remembered that is the only time he has scored something good).

Here is a rough list of my “INS” and “OUTS” over the weekend for one reason or another, for better or worse. There were other minor changes for money sake between players who are rostered for the NAB this weekend that I wont bother mentioning because they are irrelevant at this stage.

Issac Smith (Haw, Fwd)- Two uninspiring scores saw Smith get the arse for a while
Bachar Houli (Rich, Mid)- Too soft to pull the boots on
Cameron Bruce (Haw, Def)- Love Brucey but see above


Nick Lower (Freo, Def)- Could be a regular player for a bargain price, after 2 x 10 possession games.
Patty Dangerfield (adel, Mid/Fwd)- Liked the look of him in the middle. Seemed to have a new found hunger/confidence.
Jack Grimes (Melb, Def)- Swapped him and Bruce around for the 11th time. He was captain backline and his team mates looked for him at every opportunity. I enjoyed the way he kicked for himself multiple times from full back.

What changes did you make?


  • I set my team a week or so ago and haven’t looked at it since. I’m hoping the habit of not trading will sink in and I’ll be able to keep that restraint when the season proper starts.

  • Nick Lower (Freo, Def)- Could be a regular player for a bargain price, after 2 x 10 possession games

    Did you even watch freo’s games Roy. If Nick Lower plays any games this year I will boycott all freo games this season. I was at the nab cup, and Lower happened to be playing on the boundary close to where i was sitting. 3 possessions of his clearly standout.

    1. After taking the mark, Lower proceeded to kick to a player on the lead. The kick went straight to the man on the mark. It was so terrible that the man on the mark actually caught it as apposed to smothered.

    2. Lower recieved a handball, and was under a bit if pressure, but probably had same time to make a decision. So what does he do? Handball straight to the opponent, not a freo player near him. And it was a proper handball, not a sloppy, ill-directed handball. The bloke just panicked.

    3. Ok… so maybe 2 clearly standout, but i know he coughed it up atleast once more. I think by this time i was trying to block this bloke out of my mind. Every time he got the ball i couldn;r help but cringe and hope it would go to another freo player.

    So Roy… if you want to LOWER your score for the season, put this bloke in your squad. He will probably be in and out of the squad (or just out), so I hope you enjoy having a useless bench player. :D

    On a side note
    Tendai Mzungu… what an awesome game he had.

    • feathertopDT

      I think we all had a bit of a smile on out faces watching Mzungu and learning that Ibbotson and Hayden wont be playing for a while

    • no, i didnt watch that game……. the boring format plus the fact freo were on. all i did is look at his score, plus read a good review about how he went.

      • You made the right choice not watching the game Roy. Freo were woeful :S.
        I don’t mind the format. It’s only for 1 round of the NAB cup. But some of those rules they implemented need to be completely removed from the game, never to be talked about again. Give us a boundary throw in ffs!!!

      • I thought Lower was average, got a bit of it, wasted most of it and I wouldnt say he did much to put his name in front of the selectors faces, but not many from freo did and he may sneak in due to injuries back there. have to wait and see rnd 1. if he is rnd 1 ill have a look if he isnt def pass

    • stuffing it up 2/10 times… 80% efficiency not bad i’d say

      • Judging by the game that must not be named (SC) he only managed 11pts in the Freo v Hawks match, which i could totally believe because i though his first game was deplorable. His second game may have been better (SC puts it at 57), but i guess after seeing his first games performance I had totally written him off.

    • Haha ha next trade Roy… Lower OUT again.

  • feathertopDT

    Same Roy except i’ve gone Smith in for Callinan
    Derickx in for Campbell
    Cox in for Jolly
    and Atley in for Conca

  • Based on this article I have just included Nick, Paddy and Jack and kicked out Issac, Bachar and Cameron! Damn those rumor mills.

  • Just thinking about Lower – how many actually have Broughton, Duigan in their backline? If so do we risk a third Freo player in the backline? Given that some may even go for Otten and Grimes in their backline – chances are we might not have enough cover for a round. Other than that it’s an interesting pick

  • Is there a problem with sandi atm?

  • I went Buddy down to Rioli and Green down to Morton to get some cash (because I already had Chappy, Colin and Volt). Then Petrie up to Cox and to make some more cash I went Duffman down to Otten (yess I know, shut up). Toy up to Smith and Bailey down to Derickx. I feel like I have a much better side and instead of having $400 cash left I have 45k which I might use to upgrade Rioli back to Buddy (or Green) depending on how they go for the rest of the NAB cup matches.

    • Oh I also took Callinan out of the midfield and put him up forward replacing M. Motlop and then I put Wallis in Callinan’s old spot.

      • Wallis is a mid year down grade target. Eade has already said he’s prob not gunna play early.

  • yep i got rid of Bachar Houli too, thought hed be a good pick up but just lazy to get out there. Also Gibbs worried me a bit with a 19! in the only game he played…i hope he had limited TOG so hes walking a fine line in the preseason.

    • oh yeah and NIck Lower (fre)……straight into the side for Faulks (fre), gonna be a regular after those promising efforts :)

  • liked Mckernan (ade) bought him onto the bench)

  • I made zero changes to my team based on this past week’s footy. Last year i got caught up in pre-season hype and i got sucked in, Barry Hall is just one from memory. The only change i made this week was Out: Judd In: Goodes to give me extra cash and another DPP option in the Mid.

  • Isn’t Nick Lower on the rookie list?

    Why is everyone putting him in their team when he isn’t even on the senior list?

    • This is true. Personally i dont think he will be elevated unless he can show us more in the next couple of matches

  • anyone see how Luke Breust (haw) went on the weekend?, got 2 x 25 scores, bit of a long shot to get in the fwd line maybe?

    • he dropped about 6 marks so he could of scored so much better, but was always presenting and found himself near the footy in the forward ALOT. hard to see how he could break into the hawthorn side with franklin and roughead (who refuses to play as a defender)

    • you can watch the replays on the afl site (i did as a hawks suppoorter), i think schneider might get a senior game before breust… and whitecross was just horrible LOL

    • He aint gunna get that much footy in a full team. You gotta remember that was pretty much hawthorns reserves out there.

  • All ive done in the last week is switch Bartel and Montagna around like 100 times. Cant make my mind up.

    • I just got both instead : D

      • I got caught up with the rumors of Ablett going to the GC last season and thought he would have a crap season. I was wrong about that and wasted a trade to get him in I think I traded out Stanton after he made abit of money, the mids of geelong might not look that good without ablett. I would go Montagna but I was worng last season so get them both and I will keep Montagna only.

  • i also thought breust was pretty good as was that duryea or whatever his name is…… i also thought that rilet milne could be handy in the future. i was at the game and barely sighted smith.. however did a couple of composed things

  • I wouldn’t go as far as changing my team, but have certainly added to my watchlist.
    My structure is pretty much set, and there’s no room for rooks like Lower, Bruest, (multi-bye rnd6,)
    Even choosing McKernan is a tough one as I already have Otten,Callinan,Knights….. although Knights is giving me the “seaby jeebies!”
    And Mzungu has cemented his spot in my 22, could even be a fwd keeper?! 6th/7th
    I’m still not sure on Duigan….. was more impressed with Watson, but great to see Coxy back to his best!!!
    Sandi way too expensive, probably the obvious upgrade choice, but I’m not sold on the 211 in 2011!!!

    • I agree no changes as yet I still have Gaff even though he didn’t set the world on fire Mzungu will be a keeper even if he doesn’t play in round 1 which he will no doubt.

      I am the same with knights hoping a rookie comes up that I havn’t thought of yet to get some extra cash in.

      Sandi should run into some poor form hopefully by the time Fraser gets to full value good idea as always to leave 100k in the bank at the start of the season, the only problem is covering fraser round 1 with a decent scorer maybe derickx if he starts round 1 he looked good, still not locked in until 24th March.

      • now ibbotson is out for up to 8 weeks (round 2-3) he’ll have to play rd 1, hopefully he impresses Harvey really well.

  • Been moving my rucks around ALOT. At one stage I had neither Cox nor Sandilands, now I have both, and I’ve also had combinations with Sandi and not Cox and Cox but not Sandi.

    Keep swapping Goodes and Silvia around, one is ultra reliable but old the other is injury prone but young.

  • I done some trades but changed them back and now i don’t have a full team, because i want to wait on these players:

    Sandilands – worrying about him all preseason with age and injury catching up to him
    Gaff – wanted to get Dangerfield in my midfield
    Duffield – alot of people seem to have him and i wanted different

    Cox- excellent games in NAB
    Dangerfield- also great games
    Malceski – no one has him and he’s a great player

    • You are worried about Sandilands age? So you replace him with cox who is older than him…. rofl

      • LMAO, didn’t realise that!! hahahahaha! what i meant is that he was getting injured last year (his foot problems). LOL i feel stupid.

        • hahaha.. its all good. I swear ruckmens ages are so random. I thought David Hille was around 25 last year. And Josh Fraser looks like hes 40

  • Viv Michie anyone? Massive output in NAB cup for a 92k rookie. If they play him on the ball then he could be pick up of the season!

    • Tempted by Viv Mitchie’s output on the weekend.. especially now with ibbotson spending some time on the sidelines.

  • hey guys who should i pick

    anthoney and pav or knights and montagna

  • Fyfe or Dangerfield?
    Gilbert or Goodes?
    Anthony or Sidebottom?

  • I think it is a bit harsh on Zac Smithy there. Jye Bolton from the Pies and Thomas Schneider from the Hawks look good pick-ups. Both 80K!!!
    Any more tips on good rookie scores?

  • Simon Buckley looks alright up back for the pies now that Nathan Browns done for the year, grabbed a 31 and a 29 on the weekend. Bit injury prone isnt he?

  • Sorry off topic, someone has left DT TALK Montagna League, code is 150090, only one spot!

  • Sorry quick question.

    Josh Hunt anyone? or others under that 300k?
    Cheers boys :)

  • Anyone keen on Ricky Petterd ? $286500 ave 76 over 6 games ?

  • made so many trades i couldnt even explain the logic of them, they just happen when i’m looking at my team. latest inclusion is hannebery, he probably wont be there round 1 though just because he’s not a premium

    • if he was around 220 i would have considered him. But at 276 ihes jusrt not worth it. To injury prone and would rather tak a chance on knights. I spose you should consider him if you want to try something different

  • what does it mean with c.bruce – look above?

    • i think Roy meant to look above to Bachar Houli, who was too soft to put the boots on

      • oh cheers, doesn’t mean u should still get rid of him! even though i am thinking about getting grimes

  • G’day Roy it’s Dave from over in Fiji mate. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip.

    I know the feeling, swapped about half a dozen in and out over the weekend. Broughton, Sandi, Jbrown, Sylvia, plus a few others.

    Hope you have a cracker season mate!

  • Kyle cheney and brodie smith are 2 that im keeping my on.

  • going unique, douglas or K jack?

  • Not to sure on what the situation is with liam anthony
    im still undecided on if i should keep him or have another rookie starting which will free up cash for elsewhere
    does anyone know how hes going/what is everyone’s thoughts about him for 2011

  • mmmmmmm Magan Gale… arrrrrrghhhh (drool)

  • Notice Dangerfields name being thrown around abit. I was burnt by him last year a bit but I think it may be a resonable choice, am sure he has spent his pre-season working on being an outside midfielder, as Craig noted that is the type of player he wants out of him, as he is a very good user of the ball. Which means good DT scores for us! Only prob he is in that awkward price category, but I think he could be a more reliable selection then Knights, just have a feeling he is gonna get some whack injury again and leave us all high and dry.

    Im still tossing up between Hurley or Henderson what do you guys think?

    • which Henderson?

      Hurley will have a better side giving him the ball this year. I hope not being a blues man but when I watched Dempsey and a few others last year I just thought s@#t Essendon are a pile of turd. My guess is they won’t be a team of blouses of last year’s (lack of) quality. Just blouses of the normal Essendon variety. He’ll probably get a fair bit of ball in the backline fed through him (like all of them that aren’t Pears or the prostitute that is the other main backman) or if he plays forward will be another target with their resting ruck and Gumby if he makes it on the ground. Of course he has to nudge Neagle out of the forward line (how do you write sarcastically in one of these boxes?)…

      Essendon have a few developing midfielders who move like sheedy off a shovel and can send it deep pretty quickly, if they develop the jam tart to defend then they might turn themselves around. Jetta has me more than a little worried.

      Nothing would make me happier than to watch them suck all over again of course…

      • I meant a better side than Essendon ’10. They won’t be better than the Blues and that’s just the truth, not loyalties.

        truth in my opinion anyway, bring on the season

      • Actually one thing would make me happier – for Collingwood to suck more. Still I’m not greedy

        GO BLUES

        • No Judd ……….No Blues…………..its as simple as that…………kelonwheels

  • look my team is lucky to stay the same for over afew hours with access to the computer…the only player that has stayed there is barry hall…also what are the chances of keplar bradley playing?

    • if you have bazza and are looking at kepler… i probably wouldnt bother entering the comp mate :S. Maybe have a look at some of the fanfooty forums ( and get a feel for what players to look for. Your gun players should be capable of being top 10 in dt for the position the play. You want your forwards to average +95, and bazza is not going to get near that,

      Also kepler is in and out of the squad… i doubt he’ll play 22