AFL Injury List: NAB Cup – Week 1

Here is our first real injury list of the year. Very interesting to see quite a few names there of people who are on our Dream Team radar… and some guns who we mightn’t see early in the season. If some of your players are here, it’s time to think twice!

James Craig (hamstring) – TBC
Chris Knights (corked quad) – available
David Mackay (groin) – 3-4 weeks
Andy Otten (ankle) – test
Sam Shaw (back) – 2 weeks
Bernie Vince (knee) – 3 weeks
Will Young (shoulder) – 4 weeks

Brisbane Lions
Callum Bartlett (knee) – indefinite
Jonathan Brown (groin) -1 week
Jamie Charman (achilles) – indefinite
Xavier Clarke (knee) – indefinite
Josh Drummond (hip) – 6 weeks
Ash McGrath (achilles) – 1 week
James Polkinghorne (hernia) – 1 week

Lachie Henderson (hip) – 4 weeks
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – 8 weeks
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – 6 weeks

Nathan Brown (shoulder) – test
Brad Dick (shoulder) – test
Alan Didak (shoulder) – test
Tyson Goldsack (virus) – test
Shae McNamara (soreness) – test

Darcy Daniher (hip) – 6-8 weeks
David Hille (knee) – 4 weeks
Anthony Long (hamstring) – 4 weeks
Tayte Pears (foot) – TBA

Hayden Ballantyne (foot) – TBA
Michael Barlow (broken leg) – 6-8 weeks
Roger Hayden (foot) – 5 months
Joel Houghton (broken arm) – 6-8 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) – season

Marcus Drum (ankle) – 6-8 weeks
Cameron Ling (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Matthew Scarlett (ankle) – TBA

Gold Coast

Gary Ablett (groin/hip) – TBA

Jarryd Morton (foot) – TBA
Shane Savage (ankle) – TBA

Robbie Campbell (achilles) – 2-3 weeks
James Frawley (pectoral) – 10-12 weeks
Michael Newton (broken wrist) – 6-8 weeks
Ricky Petterd (hamstring/back)— 1-2 weeks

North Melbourne
Ryan Bastinac (knee) – 14 weeks
Nathan Grima (back) – 6-8 weeks
Ed Lower (knee) – indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (achilles) – 6-8 weeks

Port Adelaide
Travis Boak (appendix) – 2-3 weeks
Jason Davenport (shoulder) – 2-3 weeks
Hamish Hartlett (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Ben Jacobs (glandular fever) – TBA
Matthew Lobbe (dislocated shoulder) – 10 weeks
Andrew Moore (groin) – ongoing assessment
Ben Newton (ankle) – ongoing assessment
Simon Phillips (shoulder) – 2 weeks
David Rodan (knee) – indefinite
Jay Schulz (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Jacob Surjan (knee) – 8 weeks

Daniel Jackson (hamstring tendonitis) – TBA

St Kilda
Michael Gardiner (knee) – TBA

Sydney Swans
Daniel Bradshaw (knee) – 4-5 weeks
Craig Bolton (achilles) – indefinite
Campbell Heath (knee) – 12-16 weeks
Tadhg Kennelly (knee) – 4-5 weeks
Shane Mumford (knee) – 3 weeks
Lewis Roberts-Thomson (sciatic nerve) – 4-5 weeks
Nick Smith (knee) – 3 weeks
Matt Spangher (quad) – 2 weeks

West Coast
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) – 2 weeks
Luke Shuey (broken finger) – 1 week
Beau Waters (knee) – 2 weeks

Western Bulldogs
Brian Lake (knee/hip/shoulder) – 8-10 weeks


  • Knights, Kreuzer, Didak, Jacobs, Petterd…. ARGH!!! The only upside I can see is that Hawthorn is pretty much injury free!

  • Port getting hammered hey, it’s a shame Hartlett can’t catch a trick.

  • ben jacobs injury may be a blessing in disguise as he will be a brilliant downgrade target when heppell peaks around rnd 10,11 or 12 then can upgrade harris to ablett with money from heppell to jacobs.

    Not good for Ben personally though

  • Considering that the start of the season proper isn’t for another month or so, a lot of these players should be ok for Round 1. That said, they would have had interrupted pre-seasons…

  • Lobbe’s shoulder injury really hurts my structure as he was my ruck/forward bench warmer to swap with Petrie in the forward line. Now it’s either the useless Tippett on the bench or Petrie to the bench and a youngster in the forward line.

    Any ideas?

    • Hale?

      • Yeah, the extra 70k you spend on Hale might seem like a lot now sitting on the pine, but it could prove a good investment as a might make you a hundred grand or so, then you can downgrade him to Tippett 9or any other rookie ruckman) later in the season. That’s the path i’m gonna go down.

  • The interesting ones for me are Chris Knights, Didak and Kerr.

    As i understand Chris Knights just got a corked thigh at training so nothing major there.

    Any news on Didaks injury?

    And Kerr just seems to much of a a liability now and i’m leaning towards young swallow instead.

  • So Ben Jacobs is to be avaliable?? Any new on him, still looking likely for round 1?

  • Are these injuries for the nab cup or for the season rounds

  • Add to that Nick Riewoldt who is apparently ‘not quite fit’ and Sam Gilbert who has a ‘slight hammy’ according to coach Ross Lyon. Of course, skeptics might think they are being shielded from a hammering from fans and opposition in the wake of their indiscretions…

  • haha could Lake have anything more wrong with him? Why didn’t they just put ‘body’?!

  • I didn’t realise ballantyne was injured, does anyone have an idea of how serious and how much it will affect his playing time?

  • Jonathan Brown (groin) -1 week
    With the lingering effects those type of injurys tend to have .. especially in players with his age/gamestyle .. This’ll probably count him out of many more initial squads.

    Gary Ablett (groin/hip) – TBA
    Hopefully that keeps him under performing till just before their 2nd bye in round9 .. also may give swallow/harris/bennell & co a chance to fulfill their cashcow potential quicker *fingers crossed*

    Bombers gone now gary! Its safe to come back to the cattery :)

    • Was hoping Johnno Brown would be injury free, might have second thoughts about him now, still having nightmares over last years groin injury…

      • Yeah I hate seeing Jonathan Brown injured. He is a DT gun! But if you had him him last season it was a shocker…. worse if you traded him in! You would be hesitant seeing him injured… hopefully it is only 1 week and then injury free.

    • +1. Heard Ablett’s hip is wallet-related.

  • Can anyone please shed some light on Brian Lake’s multiple injuries how serious are they and will he be good to start round one? Please info would be great…

    • don’t know the answer to the question but love the Gemma Atkinson photo haha!

      • Don’t think of bringing in Lake for round 1- a very big risk that could hurt your selection. Potential downgrade target for me and M Hibberd could be the next Michael Barlow and is a great DPP link with Heppell.

    • Thanks guys will keep an eye on Hibberd in the NAB cup and Lake over the course of the season. Cheers

  • does anyone know when xavier clarke is back??

  • Ricky petterd.. injured? resting? whats up with him