Jared Brennan: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Jared Brennan
Club: Gold Coast
Position: Forward/Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 1 & 9
2010 Average: 87
2010 Games Played: 18
Predicted Average: 95

Why should I pick him? Jared Brennan, or as I like to think of him, the REAL JB, stood up in Round 1 and 2 last year and went BANG, BANG! He gave us a 121 and a 119 before being suspended for Round 3. He returned in Round 4 with 108. I was a very excited man… and was kicking myself for not getting on him from the start! He had another 3 hundred plus score for the remaining of the year… and uh, maybe we need to go to the next section…

Why shouldn’t I pick him? …and this is where the Real JB lets us down. There are too many of these reasons! Firstly, he is a loose unit. Last year he was suspended for Round 3. The year before, he was rubbed out for headbutting Josh Carr (should have got Brownlow votes for that rather than a suspension). You never know what he’s going to do. That’s the same with his Dream Team scoring. After that awesome start in 2010, he then backed up the next three games with a 69, 59 and 66 before missing the next three weeks with an ankle injury. Oh and came back from that pretty poorly too with a 56 point game. Did I mention I picked him up in Round 4 after Nick Riewoldt went down with his hamstring. Argh! Anyway… he is up and down like a yo-yo and consistency isn’t in his vocabulary! There is so many negative things about Jared Brennan, I can’t even believe he has made it into the Deck of DT! What am I thinking?

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – He’ll be a massive risk, but who knows… could possibly be the pick of the year! A forward/midfielder who is (arguably) under priced because his potential is so high, coming into a new club where he will get the opportunities to ‘do what he wants’ because he is a senior player at the club. He will need to step up, and hopefully his DT scoring (and consistency) can do the same. I am all over the Real JB. I think I will talk myself into starting with him come the March 24 lockout. He’s been hovering around that mid-80 average for 3 years now. With all of that AFL Dream Team potential, it’s time to break that and become the premium player we all want you to be!

I <3 you JB!


  • Basically is a choice between Brennan or for an extra 30K more

    Nick The Stripper
    a-dances on all fours
    a-dances on all fours
    he’s in his birthday suit
    he’s in his birthday suit
    he’s in his birthday suit
    he’s in his birthday suit
    and ooooooooh! a-here we go again

    (Lyrics from Nick The Stripper – Birthday Party)

    I would rather spend the extra 30K…….

  • Cannot entertain the thought of any GC premiums until after both their byes, & if I did, Brennan would be the last considered due to the high risk.
    He is a “real,” JB- A Jack in the Box- will bob up with nice scores now & again, but too often, (stays in his box,) producing mediocre scores.
    Last year I said never again with Heath Shaw, too up & down, same applies with Brennan.
    For $50,000 less, & with same dpp, Mitch Morton is the man for me!!!
    Don’t do it Warnie!

  • NO!
    Sorry Warnie!
    He is on life ban from my side…..
    Really good write up though, gave me a good laugh ;)

  • Not for me Warnie. I get the feeling if Brennan had the choice he wouldn’t play on wet days or against better opposition.

    Off topic, I may have been a bit drunk but last night I got the idea of having super spud Tippet as second ruck so I have the flexibility with Petrie. So that when they both get injured and play crap, I can move them around hahaha

    • Don’t be afraid nor ashamed of having Tippett as second ruck. He will average 85+ this year – sure there will be the odd 60 in there but plenty of 100’s. The crows will have a better season this year and are well progressed vs this time last year when half the team was injured!!

      Insider out!

      • Too scared for Tippett as he burnt me last year.

      • If Tippett sucked and I’d picked him twice in two years, I just don’t know how I would cope emotionally.

        Imagine it? A green spud with rotten holes in 2010, and then I go back for more in 2011!

        If I get him and he averages 85+ it would be beautiful. I would be healed of all my 2010 scars.

        He lasted three rounds in my team last year, how many if any, will the potato man last this year?

        I’m almost tempted to Google ‘Tippett potatoes’ to see if they are an actual potato variety.

    • im glad im not the only 1 thinkin bout DT while im out drinkin

      • I had two mates from tafe last year. When I first met Cam he goes ‘Mate, all me and Paul do is go to the pub and talk about supercoach. Come and have a beer.’

        • Sound like good blokes! thats why im always on here, cause i live in sydney n i have no mates who like afl.

        • You mean, ………..is go to the pub and talk about DREAMTEAM!
          And you forgot to add, “and we love checking out DTTALK on our iPhones!

  • TIGERS19800 has it worked out ……..30k extra and you have the nude rude volt………..end of story

  • Surely we have learnt from the past? Pass

  • Sorry, but I would rather get a rookie Gold Coast player. Also to injury prone/bad boy :)

    Of topic I am freaking out about TC Jack Anthony and hopefully the power won’t be out for to long.
    I really don’t want to miss the start of DT!

  • wot do people think of houli now that he moved to the tigers, he had a 70 averge last year but hasnt played many games so he should be cheep plus now that he is at richmond he should play more games

    • He’s been on my radar for that reason. The only reason he’s not in my fan planner side is cause I can’t fit him in. Worth the punt I reckon

  • Had him last year and he disappointed me so a big no this year.

  • another player that came to my mind was ricky petterd, any opinons?

    • Ricky Petterd is a musttt. Lock him in. His cheap cause of injury last year. He will increase in price by a few hundred K then trade him off. Come round 7 upgrade him.

  • HereIam86

    Jared Brennan is a dud after the time he gets caught with the ball or kicks it straight back to the other team.