Daniel Kerr: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Daniel Kerr
Club: West Coast Eagles
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 5 & 15
2010 Average: 59.3
2010 Games Played: 4
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? Because Kerr is a bloody good player and he’ll be cheap! He’ll be priced at his 2010 average of 59 and discounted as he only played 4 games before a bad hamstring injury.  He was back training on a modified program before Christmas and should be right, up and running by now.  He averaged 93 way back in 2007 when he came runner up in the Brownlow Medal behind Jimmy Bartel. He also came runner up in 2005 to Ben Cousins, as he nearly created one of the biggest upsets in Brownlow history. That year he only averaged 81pts compared to Benny’s average of 94. Kerr has always been a premium midfielder and relished the old days when he was surrounded by Judd and Cousins and has found it tougher in the last few years. However, the Eagles now have Priddis and other good younger guys who surely can offer Kerr more support than they have in the past.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Cause he’s only played 25 games in the last 3 years. He has missed 62% of the games due to many reasons. He strikes, headbutts and tears hammy’s all the time. He has missed 11 games and has been fined thousands of dollars for doing bad sh*t on the field. He is just always injuryed and picking him is a huge huge huge risk, I said HUGE risk. Kerr gets frustrated easily cause he can not handle a tag at all. Kerr can have games where he has just 10-12 touches and then loses the plot and punches someone in the dick or headbutts them. Loose unit! I’ve predicted his average to be 87 which is achievable for Kerr, but for how many games? I’m tipping not 22, maybe 17…or 3.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Every year, Kerr’s name is tossed around. He’s a great player and is always cheap, and the reasons for that are stated above. When will Kerr turn this around? When will Kerr get back to the old sh*t he could do? He will one year, I’m sure of that! His career will not just fizzle out the way it is going… will it be 2011? I’ll be watching his pre-season for sure.


  • Yeah…….NUP!
    But great choice for the deck!
    Lots of talk about McLean & Foley, but Kerr, a similar scorer, has flown completely under the radar!
    Plus, you’d only need him to play 5,6 or 7 games to fatten up nicely, (averaging in the 80s.)
    The say the greater the risk, the greater the reward, & Kerr could be that unique smokie.

    • Would rate him more of a Jack than a Queen tho. (Like Shuey)
      Mainly coz of his handball to kick ratio.

      And I hope the 20/20 game went well, heaps of $s raised & runs & wickets for you & Warnie.

  • unless this guy is less than 100k he will NOT be in my team.

  • feathertopDT

    queen i’d say he is a -3

  • If you are game you could start your midfield like this,
    Gun, Gun, Gun, Kerr, Rookie, Rookie,…(Rookie, Rookie) You may very well get 7 or 8 weeks before he belts someone or does a hammy and save about 200k…………you have extra trades this year, just factor him in as one of them….

    • whoops………missed the third reserve with that midfield line up

      • There are alot of the ‘Kerr’ types in this same sort of price bracket – the midfield is going to come down to who pick the right mix of guns, underpriced proven performers, and rookies.

        The players that I am considering in this price bracket are the following:

        Hartlett (has just re-injured his string)

        Now that is a bit bigger that my short list but after going through all the players this is what I have come up with.

        All these players are priced between $250,00 and $130,000 so there is plenty of value to be had – who is going to pick the right combo!??!

        • Dangerfield is another consideration,at $276,900 and as Adelaide have lost the ‘Fantastic Four’ he should be in the midfield more often :)

        • Good list Klaw, I have something similar but am capping it at around 200k.

          I would also add Shuey and Houli to the list to be followed….

        • Klaw, nice work as usual. I have been thinking of Harris, McClean and Pettard from you list. With Ottens, Knights and Adcock and Petrie added in, just so I can taste the kind of fear that problem gamblers have. It’s the equivalent of having your rent money on a dishlicker called Pamela.

          What do you think of Swallow? When I think back to last year and how Dustin Martin and Jackson Trengrove did me so well, I’m tempted to get him.

          At the moment I am trying to figure out if I should take Swallow instead of Harris or McClean as a 5 or 6 mid.

          On my mid bench I have gone for the cheaper mid rookies of Iise, Callihan and Hibberd.

          I figure if I have all these guys above, I might have to use a trade or two because of them, but they look like starving Indian cows that I am about to put out to pasture in lush green Victorian farmland. They are a significant part of my cattle and I’m playing to win.

          *GJayBee sings 80’s song ‘this time I’m playing to win’ in his head and then vomits*

          • Nice write up Calvin, this man is as you might say, risky’ma’tisky. I’m not sure if I can spell it right. But I recon Kerr is a great pick for ‘Deck of’, cause he could go either way. I can’t see him playing 22 games and averaging 65! It’ll be averages of 80+ or injury.

        • taking up foley, absolute gun and will average over 80

    • Players like that are why u finished 80,412th last year!

  • Its been stated he wont be in full training for another few weeks and will be lucky to play in the preseason comp, has not recovered well form last years hamstring tear.

  • Nah I’m gonna stay away from him this season. Hopefully he can find his old form. Can’t believe dream team opens Tuesday, this summer has been so good here. I start school on Wednesday so I don’t think I’ll be on DT talk as often, but I’ll try to stay on. Thanks for all the help and good work boys.

  • I’ve been silly enough to pick him in my opening squad the past two yeard for all the reasons Cal stated as to why you would pick him. third time lucky – not for me.
    He cannot cannot cannot do anything when tagged and all opposition clubs know that. They also know how damaging he could be if not tagged so you can be assured he will continue to draw the number one tag.
    Priddis and the remaining West Coast midfielders constantly turn the ball over so oppposing coaches don’t really care if they get 30 possies.
    Kerr has never beeen nor will ever be again the player he was when he had Judd and Cousins taking all the heat.
    As said above, I have been burnt once too often with Kerr.

    • judd and cousins wernt taking all the heat ,he was getting in and under dishing it out to them half of the time ,and the umpires noticed it.
      and so did opposition coaches as he copped the best tagger just as many times as they did,people forget there was braun,fletcher,jones,butler,embley,stenglien, chick who all helped out to make it a gun midfield,and impossible to stop them all.
      people like to say that the eagles r cactus without judd,but forget to mention that they were up around the top of the table building for a good few years before the 2 grannys,wich is about all any club does when its their turn.they also forget on top of judd,they lost matera,jones braun,banfield gardener,sampi,stenglien,wirrapunda,hunter,cousins and chick and kerr hasnt been on the park long enough to make a coffee so he wasnt doing it all himself,he just read the writing on the wall thats all

      • Great post. You sound like you could drink beers and tell the story of those Grand final seasons. I’m sure it would be good until you got wasted and started singing the Eagles theme song!

      • Is he going to be in your team Tuppy???

  • How the hell can this guy still get in this thing?

    still haven’t seen K Cornes yet, I really hope you’s don’t forget him. He has been a DT gun for the 6 to 7 years.

    • K Cornes…Risky and could be well overdue for a big injury. Really regretted selecting him last season and was only selected by 10, 000-15 000 coaches.

      • Luke Shuey is a way better option. Hes cheaper, wont get tagged and should ave 80ish this year.

      • Nice try swanlow.
        Kane was a walk up 100 points every week.
        Clearly you have him in mind as a somewhat unique pick.
        That will make 2 of us.

    • 010 100101

  • Pass but good write up Vin :D

  • Too many injuries, too big a temper, too big a risk! Better off with a rookie

  • Hell no. If you pick him you may aswell give up

  • i keep refreshing dt talk home page every 2 minutes waiting for CHOOKS ROOKS FWD/RUC !

  • A Big No!!!!! There’s better players out there with a price range similar to Kerr-y. May well be his last season.

  • You would have to be a nutter to have Kerr in your side, the only way he would make my side is if he was free and i could have four on the mid bench!!!!!!

  • Picked him my first year playing and bloody learnt my lesson!! So a big NUP!

    Be interesting to see what his preseason games are like if he f**kin stars maybe might change my mind but with the 20 20 format BS I doubt we will see enough to warrant a selection.
    Nice work

    • You’re right mate. How can we choose Rooks based off 20/20? There might be a few standouts but they might be playing in 1/2 the normal team, so there is no way to see if they are slotting into a position or competing for it.

  • He still can’t run properly due to pain in his tendon or some bs.

    ‘Apparently’ he is going to start training with the main group ‘soon’. I guess will see how he goes in the NAB if he is able to play.

    The one thing I would say is, if anything, the amount of kicking he does is likely to decrease due to his f**ked hammy. Doesn’t take many marks because he plays in and under. Would see that even if fit would probably not score as well as his years where he was in his prime.

    I hope to see him resurrect his career. Though most people don’t seem to rate him and think he was carried by Cuz / Judd, I think he was a true super star for a few years. Immense intensity, strength and general toughness. The reason why he “snaps” is because people niggle at him, take him out behind the play, etc all game every game.

    Go Kerry!

    • He need’s a time machine so he can go back and take Platton’s position for Hawks in the 80’s. That way kerr could rack em up and if anyone messed with him to much, Dippa could just accidentally elbow them in the head.

  • he is finished, will be lucky to play any more games.. hamstring is stuffed

  • Brak

    Last year there was enough rookie priced players who were good enough to not need mid priced players. I dont want to sacrifice starting premiums to free up the cash needed for these Kerr types so will be watching NAB games with interest in hope of starting some rookies.

  • If Kerr stays fit and Luke Shuey stays fit they will both complete the midfield and they should do really well but I have heard from someone that Shuey has dislocated his finger but he should be back before the start of the season. Also if Gaff plays he will be a gun because when I watched him at the eagles training he was training well. I have noticed a couple of WAFL players training as well:
    Here they are

    Andrew Ruck (Claremont)
    Steven Caniglio (Swan Districts)

    Anyway here is my SHORT list for some midfielders to watch during the pre-season

    Andrew Krakouer (Collingwood)
    Luke Shuey (if he is back from injury- West Coast)
    Swallow (Gold Coast)
    Daniel Kerr (West Coast)
    Dayne Beams (Collingwood)