Leigh Montagna: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Leigh Montagna
Club: St Kilda
Position: Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 4 (multi) & 14
2010 Average: 112
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 115

Why should I pick him? Joey Montagna was a member of a lot of good Dream Teams last year and is a definite favourite of those who picked him from the start in 2009 where he took his ’08 average of 87 to 115. This bloke is nothing short of a Dream Team gun! Remarkably durable missing only 3 games in the last 5 years (which really is not missing a game in the last 3 years except for that bloody game down here in Launceston where they rested half their side). Anyway, Joey has averaged very well over the last few season and in the last two has ranked just behind Swan and Ablett as the best in the competition. At 27, he is prime picking in DT in a ‘top 4’ team with plenty of good players around him. He has the ability to smash massive scores with 9 scores over the magical 120 mark last year and in that, some thumpers – how did you like the 128, 135, 129, 133 he go back to back? Or that massive 151 against the Crows?! Wow. He is a machine.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Montagna won’t be coming cheap. Priced at 112 is down from his 115 the previous year and these are the only two years he has averaged over 100 points. Both of these years were seasons that St Kilda made the Grand Final. Hmm… that could be where the worry is. A lot of people are writing the Saints off this year and his Dream Team scoring may suffer. I personally don’t buy into that.

Deck of DT Rating. ACE – I’ve not no problem in thinking he’ll average over 110 and be a top 5 midfielder for 2011. If you’re not starting with Swanny (WHY?!), then he is a dead set captain option for almost $50K less. Be aware that his first bye is in Round 4 – a multi bye round shared with Brisbane and the Bulldogs – which shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Simple thing is – get on!.


  • First comment at quarter to 4

    I have considered getting Monty over Boyd for a while, and I had him last year so why not. Into my team.

  • Locked into my second midfield spot behind Swanny – this bloke is a dt SLUT!

    What I love about Joey Montagna is his hard running away from stoppages that gets him a cheap little mark kick + 6 thanks very much.

    I scored with him last year when I traded Ball out when he peaked and Joey had dropped, I only needed about an extra $40k and then he went on his hot streak!

    Great post btw Warndog – with a couple of valid points. At 27 he is in his prime and although the ‘media’ jungle drums are beating on st kilda in reality they will probably be as good or better than last year which only means good for Joey’s DT output.

    Because he isn’t as marketable as ablett or judd he almost flies under the radar in a lot of teams and is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the ‘Aces’ of DT!

  • I will be selecting Boyd instead of Montagna because I do not want 3 premiums from 1 team all having the bye at the same time.

    Brendon Goddard
    Leigh Montagna
    Nick Riewoldt

    Since there is not a lot of value from the Backs and Forwards; Leigh Montagna misses out.

  • Great write up Warnie! Joey is one of my favorites. He is like Swan and Boyd a durable Bluechip Premium… Really hard to look past?… Was strongly considering all 3… Until I read the Hodgy Deck of Dream Team… Oh the dilemmas…

  • I selected Boyd over him for my starting line up………………………But will have him by years end.

  • .LOCK & LOAD!!!
    Will be starting with ALL 3 of Swan, Boyd & Montagna.
    Was originally thinking, Swan + Boyd or Montagna, but after a little research, I’m willing to take the risk of hurting (overall ranking,) rnd 4, where Goddard, Riewoldt, Boyd & Montagna will all be missing-OUCH!!!

    Keeping it short, WB open with games against Ess, Bris & Suns- 2 of Boyd’s favourite teams, & will prob smash a big score vs Suns.

    Saints start with games against Gee, Rich & Ess.
    Monty in 2010, 128 vs Gee, 146 & 139 vs Rich, 137 & 110 vs Ess. (WOW!)

    Monty last 3 scores vs Gee, 128, 108, 134
    ……………………………vs Rich, 146,139, 85
    ……………………………vs Ess, 137,110,109.

    Cant see him getting much cheaper at any point in the season, IF AT ALL,- NO BRAINER for me!
    Happy Aussie Day TO ALL!

  • Plain and Simple- Lock and Loaded!!!

    But the problem is that if players have Boyd/Montagna and Wallis on the bench, this could hurt in round 4.

  • I will lock in this sick unit at some point. I have stated that I would initially go for Boyd instead to avoid the pain of the Saints bye with the Brazilian and Goddard, but I’m starting to think I wear a few low scores to lock into the best keepers as early as possible.

    The overall win is for magicians, I want a league win!

  • A little off topic but dt related. I was listening to sen just before and they said that ‘baulking’ will be in champion data scores can anybody confirm this?
    If this is correct the likes of Hayes, boomer, rioli, and rodan could possible turn into dt jets! (even more so)

  • seems as boyd is in my team i think monty will be an upgrade target for me. atlease i dont have to cover 2 mid spots come round 4. good write up guys :)

  • Same as a lot of comments, Boyd for me and Joey later on if he tanks

  • sounds like boyd is basically in every team. I want 3 premiums so swan and boyd/montanga and im thinking of picking up either bartel or selwood.

  • My midfield is gonna be Swan, Hayes, and Bartel. I’m going for the 3 premium/ 3 rookie and hopefully by mid-season I’ll have 2 of them upgraded to Boyd and Monty.

  • very tempting coz he’s one of the few DT Jets.

    might get a spot in my initial team.

  • Definitely one of the DT aces. There is no doubt he will be in my team at some point but the question is when? For some reason I’m thinking after his Round 4 bye would be the perfect time to snap him up after the prices have changed a little.

  • Probably not gonna start with him but he will be a definite upgrade target after his 2nd bye in round 14, bought him after barlow broke his leg and he was pretty good to me.

  • In my starting team, Montag, Swan, Mundy or Boyd

  • Boyd is better at handling tags / doesn;t get tagged…

    But i do like Montag has huge scoring ability

  • Locked in as 3rd mid!

  • Damn I want three saints , joey , Goddard and nick grrrr ! Ok so quick question, I won the cash league last year and was just seeing if you guys where doing it again, would love to take your money again lol ! Let me know cheers

  • A team starting without any Bulldogs, Saints and Brisbane players is gonna be ranked very high in Rd 4 I thinks… starting mids of both Swan and Ablett will be a bit unique, throw in Bartel, Gibbs and Chappy – weekly prize almost in reach, and I can still get Voldt in for Rd 5 before he goes up in price.

    just a thought, I have had Montagna locked in from start last two years and loved it!

  • If you had the cash would you start with Joey or normie Hayes? I can’t decide between the two. Like joeys consistency and ceiling but hayes’ 14 tackles in the gf is ridiculous.

  • All this talk about Boyd and Joey. Penders!! Locked and Loaded, will average over 110.