Luke Hodge: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Luke Hodge
Club: Hawthorn
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 6(MB) & 17
2010 Average: 103
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 108

Why should I pick him? Not only is Luke Hodge an awesome bloke, more importantly he is a bloody awesome Dream Teamer. Last year Hodgey was one of the most selected players, mainly due to his bargain price and duel position availability. So far this year he seem to be the forgotten man as it look as though he will only be named as a midfielder and is priced at an average of 103. This builds the foundation for a potential “unique pick” of an absolute gun, who seems to put a knee complaint from last year behind him and is this year stepping up to be the skipper. Now when you play with as mush heart as Hodgey does already, imagine what he will be like when a captain badge is sewn over his ticker. Hodge reached the all important 100 mark on 13 occasions last year and look for that to improve this year as he gets increased time in the midfield, and floats to half back and forward as he sees fit.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Hodgey has not played a full season of DT I mean footy since 2007, so his “hard nut” ways tend to cost him a couple of weeks to recover, however last year he only missed one. The only real reason he wouldn’t be considered is if he doesn’t fit into a particular structure coaches have in mind, especially being priced in that awkward bracket.

Deck of DT Rating.King- If you select Luke Hodge, you know what you are going to get. I personally think he is in line for his best DT season to date and think the naming of him Hawks captain, could lead to DT coaches having no choice but to consider handing him DT captaincy on the odd week. Even more so than usual (if possible) he is going to work his guts off this year, leading by example, gathering heaps of DT point and trying to get the Hawks back to the GF.


  • If he was listed as a back, i’d be on him for sure, but I cant see him getting into my midfield, however I think as his first year as captain for hawthorn, he could tear it up.

    But usually the first bloke tagged from the hawks.


  • What a legend ……….one of the toughest men to pull on a jumper…………I will hopefully trade one of my cashed up rookies for him when he has a little form slump, half way through the year some time, he wont be starting for me.

  • I’ll use Hodgey as an upgrade target this year by trading out one of my DPP rookies .

  • Here’s a tip, listen carefully or you might miss it!
    Serioussslllyyy…. Get him in there and throw away the key. 103 with a groin for 12 weeks would of been 120.
    The new Sweet Merciful!

    • Didn’t have him in my team until now, bye bye Redden… welcome Hodge! hiiii haaa

    • I’m loving Deck of Dream team. It’s first thing I check once I’ve taken off the work clothes and cracked a beer, Cheers!

      TKOL, Hodge is locked into my team as well. I must admit that part of his appeal is that the man is an absolute champion. I have Hodge, Swan, Boyd and K. Jack as my starting mid keepers. It’s hard not to put Hayes in there, but having the Brazilian up forward and GODard up back, means that having Hayes could really hurt me when St Kilda has a bye and tries to figure out why their brand of football is so ugly.

      I want to bring in GC’s bald headed Radlett after he has had a few cries and gotten cheaper and then bring in Hayes after round 14. Here’s hoping I have enough cashish to get the bastards to play for me.

      I have to say it’s hard not to have Selwood. But as I’ve already got Gibbs, I can’t have two guys that need to be traded out during the finals.

  • Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a starting line-up without Hodgey!
    Geez, if he was a B or B/C, we’d all have him, Goddard, Gibbs, & Delididio, in our backlines!
    A great pick for those going for league wins- will score well, but also be available for every final.
    If he wasn’t in that horror round 6 multi bye round, I’d be more than happy with Hodgey as my 3rd mid behind Swan & Boyd.
    I’m sure come round 10, Hodgey & GAJ will both be on my team.

  • Could be a trump card for many teams this year. I have a feeling he will be overlooked by many just because he is no longer listed as a defender.

  • Massive call, I dont know about Hodgey.

    I love him but durability is a massive concern and i dont think he will average more then the likes of Swan, Ablett, Boyd, Monty, Pendles, Bartel and Selwood.

  • I will pass, only because he isn’t named as a back ;)

  • If he wins australia’s greatest athlete i’ll pick him haha

  • Upgrade option because of no DPP

  • im gonna pass. i think 108 is a very appropriate predicted average yet his round six multi bye is scaring me. i already have a lot of round 6 players who will be missing.

    great write up. he’s an absolute jet and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

  • Already locked in Swan, Boyd and Monty. 4th Mid I’m leaning towards Hodge over Selwood, Jack and Anthony.

  • Not this year I don’t think. If he was a back, locked and loaded but not as a midfielder.

    He’ll be on my list of upgrades throughout the year I think.

  • j selwood over hodgey at the moment i think, but hodge and gaj are my two upgrade targets

  • Is there anyone else out there that is starting to think, ‘Who cares if I loose a game or two because of byes, I am going to have a twelve million dollar team come finals and be ready to cock. Oh, I mean rock.’

  • Hey Warnie what are your thoughts on Ben Ross as a smokey if he gets games

  • Bloody awesome player and DTer, if he was a back/mid he would be locked but just in the mid i think there are better options.