Jack Redden: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Jack Redden
Club: Brisbane
Position: Midfield
Bye Rounds: 4 & 19
2010 Average: 79.3
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? Redden is an interesting one I reckon. He was drafted at pick #25 in the 2008 draft which means that 2011 is his 3rd year and we all know that this usually means a break out season. He only averaged 79 last year so there is plenty of room for improvement and with the way he ended 2010, I’ll show you why. In the last half of the season he averaged a massive 90.2, compared to the 68.5 he averaged in the 1st half of the year. Redden is certainly on the up and no one can argue with that. He played every game last year and is therefore in the Lion’s best 22! He’s another Brisbane player who fit perfectly into your team if you are going for a league win as their bye games will only count towards your national ranking. According to the Lions, Redden is one of the standouts on the training track in 2011, ripping it up and is in very good nick!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Because he’s only played 30 games of AFL, and although he’s young, he is still a bit of an unknown dude. Lets not forget that the Lions suck. They will most likely struggle again this year and with a struggling team comes struggling players. Plus, these guys are not cheap… being priced at an average of 79, he’s one of those players, who are in their 3rd year that may go BANG or PFFTH… and you better make sure you get it right.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – smokey! Redden is certainly one to watch! His end to 2010 was very impressive and in his 3rd season, I think you’d be mad to not consider him.


  • I’ll consider him… i don’t think it will go much further then that though

  • if he was dpp then maybe, and its a very unlikely maybe, but purely as a mid, no chance.

  • Flat out NO!!!
    Just like Leanne Edelsten putting a 1.8ltr Camira engine in her pink Lamborghini!!! No, No, NO!!!

  • He is about fourth in line for a tag so worth some thought…..If he is burning up the track at training he will stand out in the NAB cup …………I will keep an eye on him.

  • Pass.

    Good write up Vin.

  • Believe it or not I was thinking about this kid last night. I’ll be watching the nab cup very closely. Keen to see what he has to offer.

  • Picking up Reddon will only make you the laughing stock of your league.
    He will only be picked up by little kids that support Brisbane.
    Whose next? A write up on Firritto?

  • Pass from me. Too much of a risk for one of those prime midfielder slots.

  • IMO he will be too expensive and take up room in you midfield. your money is better spent elsewhere.

  • in your midfield you should only be picking guns and rookies, nothing in between. how many people got burnt last year picking masten or armitage and others who were supposed to be in their breakout years?????

    • best comment here! Argee, worth thinking about for those who are looking for 3rd year break out dudes, but many will go gun/rook approach, but all in all, he’ll be going up this year and just might explode.
      Risks involved though!

      Redden was requested by the way guys, thats why I did him.

    • Yeh, I agree but I reckon some of those coaches who picked up these duds didn’t do their homework and factor in these four things when deciding on their ‘3rd year/breakout ‘ selections.

      If all four boxes are ticked, and it fits your structure, you can buy with confidence IMHO…

      1) Job security/defined role in team – eg clearly Armitage had none. Redden is a LOCK for a key midfield role for all 22 rounds with no more Rischitelli, Sherman or Brennan. Varcoe is another example, he will play much more game time as a midfielder/forward rather than a forward/midfield chopout.

      2) Durability – Masten struggled, simple as that. Dangerfield gets banged up a lot too. Pass.

      3) Proven ability – again, Masten hasn’t got any. Think Mitch Morton and Redden as examples of fantastic 2nd halves to last year.

      4) ‘The tag’ – are they so damaging that they will be tagged? For poor Hill, yes. Varcoe may suffer a similar fate of being tagged he is SO damaging on the outside. Can they deal with it? In Reddens case, as Calvin pointed out, it’s very unlikely be wil be tagged. Black will still cop that.

      For me, Redden ticks all the boxes, but my final team structure isn’t set yet….

      • Well said PKS.

        Your point about the positions opening up in front of him is a good one. This guy was on my radar last year and although I’m not going to pick him, he looks like one of those guys that will make me think, ‘What if?’

    • Agreed. I’m one of the first year rookies who thought Armitage was going to have a breakout year..

  • This is a good pick, a player who steps up their average by 15 or more towards 85-90 with 20+ games. Redden is in last years category of:
    Jack (syd)
    Douglas (ade)
    Wellingham (coll)
    Ebert (wce)

    Also one of the very few lions to play 22 games.

    My midfield structure of
    2 Aces, 2 Queens, 2 <$200k
    which leaves you with enough cash for premiums for the bulk of fwds backs and rucks

    With 2 of these types of mids Queens in the starting side, could start as your 3rd/4th mid and become 5th/6th mid fairly quickly when you've made some cash, and then minimal cash is needed to upgrade the Queens to premiums.

    Others that seem to fit this category could be:
    Dangerfield (ade)
    Hill (freo)
    Robinson (carl)
    Thomas (port)

    • I just hate when injury disaster stricks and your trade priorities have to go elsewhere and you get stuck with a “Redden” on the field regularly getting matched or outscored by a rookie sitting on the bench. Damn I really hate that.

  • Big no. The kid is a good player…but there’s no way he’ll be in my team

  • i was talking this guy up in my brisbane write up. watch his nab cup he could be a gem. plus you say 90.2 in the last half thats also 99 in the last 10 so thats even greater

    • agree – his last half speaks for itself and as someone else said above, no tag!
      Hes worth a thought, this is why he’s in here

  • It has nothing to do with them both playing for Brisbane, but I’m picking Rockliffe instead. Rock Averaged almost 100 in the last 3 months and he too is “training the house down”. Redden will improve but not so much that he will become an acceptable 6th mid whereas I reckon Rock will average over 100 this year which is plenty for a 6th mid.

    • What about Claye Beams as an option?


      As a rookie, Claye had an outstanding inaugural season with the Brisbane Lions Reserves which culminated in his selection in the QAFL Team of the Year.

      A strong clearance player who demonstrated a good football brain, Claye earned his elevation to the senior list with consistent performances at QAFL level. He was very close to senior selection towards the end of 2010 and will add depth and weight of possession to the Lions’ midfield.

      He is a product of the Queensland AFL system and also was an excellent cricketer. With the progress of his brother Dayne at Collingwood, Claye rededicated himself to football and has since demonstrated strong improvement during his time at the Lions.

      He booted three goals and was among the Club’s best players in the recent Shanghai Showdown Exhibition Match played against Melbourne in China back in October and has hit the ground running in his second AFL pre-season.


  • I have Beams penciled in my team as a cheap mid bench, but have to wait to see if he’ll get a game. The lions lost a lot of players to injury last year so those returning players may keep Beams out of the early rounds. Also, Brisbane have A LOT of young midfielders. I think he was on the brink of selection late last year so if he’s named for round 1, he’s a no brainer.

  • No, not having any mid-range players in my midfield as they are annoying come finals time

  • well done. i didnt even consider him yet he presents some value. a strong end to the year must always be considered.

    a good spot and a nice write up but he doesnt fit my midfield structure.

    im taking the creme de la creme midfield premiums and the solid rookies.

  • Redden could get there, but I am going to spend $50,000 more and get Kieren Jack. Kieren also has the multi bye rounds and looks to be a perfect choice for an initial fourth mid.

  • Dear author,

    The nuffies using this site are already in enough trouble with their ‘dodgy’ teams without polluting their heads with junk like Redden.

    Us elite dreamer call blokes like Redden a list clogger.

  • NO!!!

    Got Swanny, Boyd, Montagna and Anthony as my Premium Midfields and Redden would be a risk.

  • I dont get why people want cheap players in their mids…the midfield is the engine of your team – it should be or guns/rookies only

    • Trying to get a new avatar up aswell but doesn’t seem to be working lol? But the person with a picture of a #1 on a race car is still me (if I ever get it up)

  • Thanks for the post Calvin! Redden fits in perfectly into Toby’s Titians. I think Redden was the missing link to his puzzle

  • I rather pick Tom Rockliffe or Claye Beams.