Sam Gilbert: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Sam Gilbert
Club: St Kilda
Position: Defender/Forward
Bye Rounds: 4 (multi) & 14
2010 Average: 93.2
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 90

Why should I pick him? The official photographer of the St Kilda Football Club finished the year playing 22 games with the 4th most points for any defender and the 5th best average. There would be a lot of fans of Gilbert in Dream Team because in 2009, he took his ’08 average of 50 up to 89 and was close to the best pick of the year! He is now playing a perfect Dream Team rebounding role for the Saints which racks him up the points. He had 13 of his 22 scores over 90 DT points with a thumper of 152 in Round 3 against the Magpies. The added bonus, if we can find a decent link, is that he will be controversially classed as a defender/forward for 2011.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? You’ll be outlaying a fair bit of cash for a bloke who probably isn’t the most popular guy around the Saints at the moment… but I’m sure that will all be forgotten about out on the ground. We can get a few poor scores from Gilbert – some people may blame him for a Grand Final loss last year with only 58 in the DT GF. His role is often changing, one minute he could be getting a forward tag on him, then he is tagging himself. Also, Ross Lyon has spoken about more time in the forward line. Not a great thing for his style of DT play.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – Sam Gilbert will have a point to prove… and a lot of making up to do from his team mates after the Dickileaks scandal. He is one of the top defenders in Dream Team and should continue to be so. If we can find a good link on our forward or back bench, he is close to a lock! However, I am far too worried about his potential role in 2011, so at this stage it’s a no from me. But with some positive NAB performances, he should still be selected as he is a mega chance to be a top 5 back (or even forward) this year.


  • Awesome player/DTer, I upgraded to him last year but for my starting line up this year I reckon I will be looking elsewhere. Possibly an upgrade target later on, I will see how he goes throughout the start of the season and make the call.

    There are probably a few other upgrade targets for me that are in line before Gilbert eg Lake & Enright.

    • Here is a list of all FWD/BACK players, not much on offer here if you were looking to pair someone up with Gilbert IMO.

      Gilbert (Stk), Grundy (Syd), Bob Murphy (WB), Shane Edwards (Rich), Drummond (Bris), Henderson (Adel), Hurley (Ess), Stewart (PA), McPharlin (Freo), Henderson (Carl), Wright (Roos), Whitecross (Haw), King (Rich), O’halpin (Carl), Rohan (Syd), Bennel (Melb), Salter (PA), Menzell (Geel), Astbury (Rich), Willson (Roos), Moore (PA), Brown (Coll), Post (Rich), O’brian (Bris), Daniher, (Ess), Quinn (Ess), Smedts (Geel), Mckernan (Adel), Johnson (Syd), Retzlaf (Bris), Markovic (Dogs), Gaertner (Stk), Talia (Adel), Hunter (Coll), Sheppard (Freo), Weston (Geel)

      – Gilbert
      – Murhpey
      – Hurley
      – Rohan
      – Menzell
      – Daniher
      – Talia

      These guys are the only real relevant ones as far as I know, unless someone could share some light on some of the other rookies that I dont know much about?

      • Drummond????
        I read somewhere in one of the posts that Titch Edwards was likely to spend more time in midfield.
        Otherwise, big watch on Talia.
        I’ve actually got Hurley in my backs- a lot to like about the way he plays, & hopefully can have that “breakout,” year!

        • Edwards is my big smokey for this year. My only concern is if his sprinting ability is going to render him the designated sub for Richmond. Pretty sure that we’ll see Morton start every game on the bench instead, though, so he might be a gamble worth taking.

          And jeez, never thought the Tigers would make picking the backline so hard. Deledio was a shoe-in until Connors and Titch found themselves named down back… All three should average 90+ this year so on value alone, might just take the Smokey option. Decisions!

      • You may have meant Staker.
        Was F/C last year, now F/B.

      • Good write up as usual!

        Does anyone else think it’s a good idea if we just refer to Gilbert as the Photographer from now on? Or maybe the Paparazzi?

        Black Klaw, thanks for breaking down the B/F’s. I think you’re right when you say there isn’t a player to match up with Gilbert at first look. Gilbert’s role looks to be changing and so that means he is more of an upgrade target, hopefully after loosing fifty grand and then powering on.

        eeepobreci has got a good smokey in Hurley. Could be worth considering. I think Hurley might be a good pick up but I don’t have the faith.

      • havent got the prospectus but is waite not a fwd/back this year????

    • Is there any chance Brian Lke will be a mpp?

  • With Goddard and Roo certain starters, it’s gonna be hard to get this guy.

    Pass for me.

  • Gotta agree with housn & Black Klaw!
    Hard to fit him in initially, & other upgrades before this guy.
    Think he is a great defender & worried his DT scores may suffer if played up forward.
    (Then there’s always the risk of Kosi crashing into him, flying for a mark!)

  • I don’t think I’m going to start with Gilbert in my side this year. I’m just a little worried about how this whole scandal and his possible new position up forward will affect him to outlay a large amount of my dollars for him.

  • Don want to go near him or Sam Fisher until their roles are clearly defined. Gilbert costs far to much if he’s gooing to be a hit up half forward flanker. Maybe an upgrade target, especially if playing forward knocks a few dollars off his price and then he goes back to the rebounding role.

  • Sammy will be a upgrade target if his going strong.
    B/F is a joke!

  • I’m keen to have a B/F, F/B combo. I had Waite/Talia till Waite was named solely Fwd. Will Talia get games do you think? How cruicial do you think having a combo is? Gilbert is obviously the premium F/B now, but is it worth having the combo from the start?

    Was impressed with Staker as a player last year, but can he really step up his DT game any further?

  • leave him!!………there are better options…. don’t let your whole team revolve around DPP’s , focus on your mid/cheapies and rookies….. everyones guns will be almost the same, watch the NAB cup closly and look for the third year break out players, they will set up your year…….as well as rookie ball magnets.

  • Massive PASS.

    There are so many better underpriced forward and backs -many of them DPP- that should not be excluded at the expense of this happy-snapping tool!

    The fact that no one really knows what his role will be should be a huge red flag for everyone.
    At best, like others have mentioned, he could be a good upgrade target. At worst, his inconsistency in his ‘new role’ will put you in a straight jacket.

    I’m hoping Kozi has his Captains back and takes him out ON PURPOSE -knees into the middle of his back Fevola style- during the first quarter round 1.

    Did I mention he is a tool?

  • He will be in my team lads..

    Forward of Defence??

  • Better options…..maybe an upgrade target. But def not in the starting 33 at this stage

  • I would think there will be ill feeling between Roo and a few boys against Gilbert.

    His new role is a worry as most of his possessions were cheap half back flank marks and kicks.

    Goddard in the back and Roo in the FWD will more then likely prevent having Gilbert from the start, I’ll see how he goes in the NAB Cup

  • The role change rules him out until he can prove himself a good scorer up forward. Probably better options to consider, espcially considered the round 4 bye with Brisbane and the Dogs.

    Also, LOL at the camera.

  • Pass, I think he’s gonna be focusing more on his photography career instead of footy.

  • anyone heard any news of the Record magazine that comes out at the start of the footy year with all the DT news and stats in it.

  • a bit off topic but does anyone know where i can get a list of all third year players

  • Great downgrade option