Adam Goodes: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Adam Goodes
Club: Sydney
Position: Mid/Fwd
Bye Rounds: 5 & 19 (both multi bye rounds)
2010 Average: 94
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 96

Why should I pick him? To call him Goodes is an understatement, he should be re-named Adam BloodyawesomeatDTforadecadenotout. There are so many reasons to put Goodsey in your squad, one being the “no risk factor” meaning you know what you are going to get. When you pick your initial team, there are so many players you literally sweat over/lose sleep over, but that’s not the case with this man. Not only has he missed an unbelievable 3 games between 2001 and 2010, he has had 2 of his 3 best DT years in the past 2 years, taking and “age/past it” rules out of the equation. I love the fact that he is duel position which increases the flexibility of a Dream Team dramatically, especially now we need to cover byes as well as injuries. Last year he went of a 5 week burst of averaging 126, which included a whopping 158.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? In all his years of elite DTing, somehow, Goodsey has never averaged 100 so it is hard to see that happening in the year he turns 31. The fact that he has reached 30 counts Goodes out of alot of teams that stay true to the “no player over 30 rule” although there are no signs of a significant form drop or injury concern. Under a new coach, I guess nobody knows the role he will play this year, and sometime being so versatile can work against DT output, depending on where the coach thinks the team need him most.

Deck of DT Rating.King- The word out of the Swans pre season camp is that Goodes is once again teaching everybody a lesson on the track. With other reports that Bradshaw has made significant improvements with his knee due to a new strength program, this may free Goodes up to run up the ground and rest forward….. a potential (dare I say it) recipe for a 100 point average.


  • Never had Goodes in my DT before, but I think this is the year. Too many question marks over too many forwards this year, so it will be nice to have one guy I don’t have to worry about.

  • Mr reliable Goodes. Good thing this year.

  • Structure-wise, an upgrade target!
    Hopefully can upgrade the likes of Prestia/Pettard/Knights, etc… into the dual Brownlow medallist soon after his first bye!
    Legends like Goodsey are an exception to the 30yr old player rule in my books.
    So yeah, for me, hoping he doesn’t go berserk early!!!

    • I’ve been considering Knights as well, but haven’t heard much about his condition. Does anyone know if he is fit??

  • should be the only captain of the swans this year too. after kirky’s retirement and bolten stepping down. also good if your going for a league win as his byes are both multi bye rounds. he will be well priced averaging only 94 last year and i think even at his age he will improve on that this year. not only is the talk about how well bradshaw is going but alot of talk about lewis johnston also. a new key forward to take the pressure off goodes’ having to carry the forward line. sydney is on the rise this year and with there byes in multi bye rounds its a good year to stack up on swans players! CARN SWANS 2011!!!!!!

  • upgrade option in latter half for me ………..he usually turns it on around the half way mark as well

  • Captain boyd and Captain Goodes!!!!

  • I have generally had goodsy in my Dream teams sides over the past 3-4 years. Probably because he has always been one of the few Sydney players who had Dream team value.
    i am reluctant to have more than one player from a team in the same position and I feel Ryan O’Keefe is a better value option to start with this year. ROK was running (hobbling) around last year on one leg with a very dodgy groin yet reports on pre season training has him at 100%. I suspect he will get more midfield time this year than last year (much like 2009).
    Goodsy has had a habit over the past two years of starting the season slowly but coming home like a train in the second half of the year.
    A lot depends on what new coach Longmire sees Goodsy’s role as. If it is as a key forward, I wolud not consider him however if it is as a free roaming midfielder he will average 100 for the year.

    • dont forget. goodes is DPP, as ROK will be hopefully. that means you could have ROK in your forward line and goodes running though the mid if it suits your team structure.

  • feathertopDT

    what do u guys think of Cooney i mean he is a brownlow medalist priced under 400k

  • Goodes is an up-grade option only, and I think people are slightly overrating him. Some players consistently score 100+, meaning you’ll never get them cheaper than 400k, so you may as well have them from day 1 (Chappy, Didak, Sylvia, Franklin). Goodes will inevitably go through a patch of shit scores, he does every single year ussually early in the season.

    Each and every year, there is a stage where Goodes is priced around 340k. Goodes is a momentum player, when he’s up and about he can have an awesome block of 6-7 DT games. The best thing to do is pick him up at the start of that form block.

    I can’t see him averaging above 94 (like last year), which is decent for a premium, but there will be 7 other forwards who average above 94 in 2011. For that reason, he is not essential.

    The main benefit he has is his durability.

  • Locked and LOADED! Always reliable and is fit and never misses a game. In the forward line for me.

  • good write up but my forward line is set. not even his two brownlows can persuade me.

    great buy for league victory.

  • LOCKED IN! Great write up Roy but you forgot to mention the fact that his 2 byes are during the multi bye rounds which is perfect if you are going for a league win like i am :)

  • I didn’t need persuading. Sure he starts slow but you never know when he’s gonna go bang and this year could be the exception! Let’s hope for a fast start for a change

  • Also he didn’t forget to mention the byes. It’s right at the top haha. But you’re spot on, I’m after a league win so will take both Goodes and ROK. Might even stick one in the middle so I can also take TDL.

  • I wont be worrying about 60k if he drops that far.With Bradshaw back and the emergence of TDL in the forward line and the retirement of Kirk,Goodes will play midfield.He never gets injured and has a good tribunal record,also sydney have their byes in rounds 5 and 19 excellent !.I will be starting with Goodes

  • Big Day today, eh Roy ;)

  • Roy dropping the Goodes bomb on his big day is definately a good omen! Enjoy the honeymoon, waking up to “the deck” in Thailand has certainly made mine better! Cheers boys!

  • With his tendency to turn it on during the second half of the season, I’ll take ROC instead and hope that he is over his injuries. I would love to upgrade Petrie, Knights or Pettard for Goodes in about round 10. Bring it on.

  • He is a maybe at this point ;)

  • He’s getting abit old, but is still reliable and consistent. At this point, IMO, he’s an upgrade option after his byes. Maybe upgrade Knights or Petrie to him at round 19 or 20.

  • He’ll probably cost a fortune by round 19!

  • Apparently still on a modified program with quad niggles

    • Interesting to hear of quad troubles. I haven’t heard anything about ROC’s fitness so far. I figure if he was running well Sydney would be boasting about it. Seems Malcheski is the one that is training the metaphor down.

      • GJayBee – Jed Lamb stated on his trainee inductee video that ROK was really fit, and also working hard in the gym!!!

        • ROK….gotta keep an eye on him. But Goodes…..who knows…he could win his 3rd Brownlow Medal this year and he’s my dark horse.

  • With any luck he will be released back into the midfield and get back to his best