Brett Deledio: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Brett Deledio
Club: Richmond
Position: Defender/Midfield
Bye Rounds: 11 & 19
2010 Average: 89.4
2010 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 96

Why should I pick him? Because this guy is now listed as a Defender/Mid. He is the perfect guy to have in your team along side Bryce and Goodard. Swithing the buggers around as they have byes and injuries thoughout the season. He is also slightly under priced based on what he can do. In 2008 he averaged 97, and then averaged 96 in 2009, but last year he slipped slightly and averaged 89. He is as durable as they come! He hasn’t missed a game in the last 3 years and is such a goody goody he’ll never be reported. During his youth, he was both a promising cricket as well. David Hookes, then the coach of the Victorian Bushrangers, invited Deledio to join the state team, but he declined this offer to concentrate on any future AFL career. Shame he didn’t play cricket cause we certainly need him in the baggy green, and you’ll need him in your DT for sure.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? No real reasons really. Delids does have a history of not handling a tag. He looks set to play a similar role to what the Hawks did with Hodgey, and having the ball go through him out of the back half. He therefore may attract a ‘back tag’ from time to time but realistically he should be fine. His top score last year was just 114 and he only cracked the 100+ mark 27% of the time, which is well below other players of similar ability.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – He’s a keeper. You wont be trading him for any reason this year if you pay the top dollar required (unless he snaps a leg or something). He is the perfect player to mix in with the other dual position players, especially with the changes to DT in 2011.


  • The ROCK of the backline, especially since he’ll be there for the first 10 rounds. (Byes 11 & 19- where’d they go Calvin?)
    Pretty sure he dislocated his elbow last year & still played every game.
    Gun, Jet, Lock & Load!!!

  • consistent, durable and can score well. Will be one of the most picked backs this year, and will rotate through the mid in little spurts, however with Grigg and Houli, Deledio might be spending a lot of his time in the backline this year, which is great if he’s marking and kicking on the back flanks.

  • There are only 2 Richmond players you would pick without hesitation.

    Brett Deledio is one of them.

    With the recruitment of Grigg and Houli, Brett Deledio will spend more time in the middle.

    An interesting sub-plot will be Trent Cotchin as he is expected to move to outside midfielder this year.

    It will all depend on how Nathan Foley gets through pre-season.

    • Mate, very interesting! You told me more about Richmond that I didn’t know than the Hearld Sun will tell me in a year. In regards to your comments, I was thinking that having Giggs and Houli would give Deledio more time to play at halfback, given that Richmond wouldn’t need him in the middle as much. Enlighten me!

      • While Deledio provides elite disposal from the HBF.
        He is more effective through the middle where he can kick goals.

        B: Farmer – McGuane – Moore
        HB: Newman – Astbury – Connors
        C: Deledio – Cotchin – Morton
        HF: Houli – Riewoldt – Martin
        F: King – Griffiths – Vickery
        R: Graham – Jackson – Foley
        I\C – Edwards – Tuck – Grigg

        The Tigers also recruited Jake Batchelor @ pick 30 in the 2010 Draft.
        Left footed defender – Half Back (Av 21 possessions @ TAC Cup)

        It would appear the short and long term plan is to move Deledio back to the centres

        Reece Conca will have to fit in that line up as well.

        • It looks to be a good team. I am expecting Richmond to climb that ladder this year. I’d imagine you’d be
          expecting/praying that it happens!

          I was on Conca for a bit but now wonder how long it will take him to break into the team coming off an injury and if Grigg and Tuck are on the bench, then he will have to work hard to get a game.

          I couldn’t believe Tuck wasn’t started on the field last year. It amazed me. Still, when I think of him kicking it ain’t that pretty. I’ll have to check out the prospectus and see if his kicking is that bad or if I’m just on one.

          Which Richmond players are you considering for your DT? So far I’m on Foley and Delids. I have thought of Conca, Newman (more for SC), Martin and Jack.

          I almost got Jack last year and I thought it was the right move for a few weeks into the season before he dominated, but I chose Eddie Betts instead! Like a dickhead!

          • Conca will play; Richmond is starting to get a bit of player depth.

            Tuck was omitted early last season to rectify his defensive work which was shocking and this also meant he could play in the backline if needed.

            Grigg was recruited in the off season to have a big bodied inside midfielder which is the role Tuck and Jackson play.

            Do they play Tuck and Jackson in the same team?

            King / Nason and Post / Vickery are basically fighting for the same positions in the starting line up.

            Edwards is an intriguing case has all the skills but is very light bodied will have to wait and see what the indigenous all-stars line up is and how he goes.

            I have 3 Richmond players in my line up:

            I am banking on Cotchin having a breakout season this year; he has been going very well and starred in a closed session practice match.

            He has done all the pre-season except the TAN run but did the equivalent work at punt road on softer ground.

            This is his first full pre-season without injury.

            Here is a quote from Hardwick about Mitch Morton:

            “”What (Mitch) does is he has an ability to kick goals but he can also find the ball 25 times, which is why we moved him to the midfield. Mitch to his credit suggested that, so we have found a real damaging wingman. ”


            I would consider Foley however he has missed the greater part of 2 seasons, so he is watch the pre-season form.

  • He is in my team only cause of his dpp status……..he will prevent 1 or 2 duck eggs over the season for sure.

  • Will be one of the first players picked in my team thanks to his new defender/midfielder status. Very consistent scorer.

  • Ticks all the boxes.


    Good write up Vin.

  • He was an early lock in my team, but did anyone else notice the Fanplanner change when the Prospectus came out. Connors is now listed as a defender…

    Deledio’s certainly the safer pick, way more durable, Connors is capable of higher scores but also getting punched by teammates or injured.

    • Not a bad thought that one. Got me thinking about Connors now!

      • Surely ‘frothies’ Conners cant be listed as a DEFENDER?!?!

        If this is the case then he is a dead set lock for my team – I considered him for a spot in the mids, I reckon he’ll pop a 100+ average out this year if he can stay off the grog!


        • I’ll have both Lids and Frothies Conners thanks.

          To the DT boys – if you can it would be sick to have a thumbs down or dislike button on each comment?!

          • Priced at a 92.4 average tho.. might be a tad pricey.
            Does 14 games get you a discount? Or does that only apply for 10gms or less?

            Still a pretty good prospect tho! Certainly will have a lot of people interested and watching him in the preseason.. He posted up some great numbers when he came back in the 2nd half of the year!

        • He is listed as a defender i was the one who told Monty to change him

  • Locked and Loaded

  • Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Broughton/Duffman= lock an load as your first four defenders

    • haha i swear almost everyone will have those 4 as their first 4 defenders

    • Agreed, great point mate. That’s my defence now and i’m sure the one of millions of other people

      • I’m thinkin more along the lines of Goddard, Gibbs, Lake and Delids, although Lake may still be shipped out for now if he has a poor preseason cause his price will hopefully drop early on in the year if that form carries through

    • Big mistake if you pick Goddard, Gibbs and Lids all as Def. One of them has to be a mid to make good use of DPP

      • You’d be stupid wasting a spot in your mids. The more you think about DPP, the more you comprimise your team

        • Thats why you choose one of either:

          – Hibberd (mature aged rookie taken with Bombers 1st pick in the rookie draft)
          – Heppell (Bombers)
          – Jacobs (Port)

          in your mids and then you can swap round with Goddard, Gibbs, Lids when you need cover – added to which they are all promising rookies who should get game time from round one, maybe not Hibberd but definitely the others.

        • I would pick Gibbs as a mid this year if that was his only position. Priced at an avg of 96 with an 09 avg of 107. I don’t believe having him as a mid is any disadvantage. Looking at others I would be picking ahead of him as a mid I would have to go to Pendles, Selwood or Hayes who are all priced at about 440-450K as opposed to Gibbs at 400K with similar scoring potential.

          • If gibbs was only a mid i probably wouldn’t get him considering his bye in round 22, also i dont think that he will avg 110 this year but probably something closer to 102-105

    • I’ve got Grimes and Malcheskie added to your list. Tough choices. But easier than working.

  • Locked in but only because he is a defender now

    • I only locked in Delidio because he is a defender as well. But what a defender he will be!

      Now for my drunken rant.

      If only Champion Data didn’t pretend that they knew what GC are going to do!

      I recon that there is a good chance that with Gary’s goalkicking and the new interchange rule, he will be rested in the forward line. Or at least have stints there. Maybe he won’t. But if positions were judged on the previous season and not esoteric weirdness, Gary would be a MPP! Do Champion Data really think they know what GC will do next season? Because if they looked at last season, Jr is a MPP! And if they know what is going to happen this season, they are like Jedi’s that are into chicks and beer.

      Life is so amazing

      • I think Champion data are going off the word from Geelong that the bald maestro was angry about too much time out of the midfield last year. Part of his tiff with Bomber Thompson. Probably guarateed by GC to be left in midfield most of the game, less time forward.

        You are right though; he was Mid/For last year and they should go off 2010 stats and not rumour. Or maybe I am just saying that because my forward line looks horrible.

        • I think you make a good point, bringing up Ablett’s spat with Bomber, which is accepted to be about midfield time. If the dual premiership, charlie wearing captain want’s lost of midfield time, he will get it. But it wouldn’t take much, an injury to a forward, a solid bump to Gazza that left him needing a rest, or a last quarter bid to win, for Gazza to go forward!

  • Locked and loaded only but because he plays defence

  • locked and loaded but only because he went to the same school as juddy.

  • Locked and Loaded!! Tempting to gran Connors aswell!!

  • Lcoked and loaded becasue he plays in defence and could increase his average by 10 quite easily, especially now in an improving Richmond side.

  • nice, definitely locked.

    wondering if you could do sam jacobs for the deck as well?

  • Judging by the above photo, either Deledio has incredibly large arms, or an incredibly small head.

    I’m voting for the latter.

    • Post of the day – no doubt – I always knew Carlton supporters had a great sense of humour, especially about Richmond or Collingwood players

  • Locked like a swiss bank

  • This man will be the first back I pick this year!

  • Locked in the bank vault.

  • Okay, I’m all for Deledio and at this stage, he will most likely be in my team, but I don’t see much reason for his average to increase.
    In 08 and 09 he played closer to the forward line than the back line, and kicked more goals for this reason.
    Last year he moved further down the ground and only kicked two goals for the season, and if you look at the stats at the following link, is about the only thing that changes on his stat sheet.–brett-deledio

    So at this stage it is looking as though he will remain in his back/mid position which means fewer goals.
    I still think he is a valuable player due to his DPP asset but just keep that in mind, as the only way he is likely to average more in DT 2011, is if he gathers more possessions in my mind.

  • Initially I considered him a lock but I’ve thought about it some more and I’ve decided not to get him.
    I’ll probably get burnt down in flames here but I just can’t see his scoring improving. In fact he may even drop a few points in my opinion given that the likes of Foley, Houli and Grigg are on the scene. Also, Edwards will will likely spend more time on the ball according to reports.
    I prefer to look at some defenders that are cheaper such as Gwilt and Russell that have the potential to have break out seasons.

    I’m trying to think outside the square a bit this season and take some reasonable risks that will differentiate my side from the herd. Every man and his dog will have Delideo and it may be an advantagous to try something a bit different in the backline.

    In saying all of this, Delideo might be upgrade target for me. But I won’t start with him.

    • I am with you buttttt, the thing is, even if Delideo doesn’t get higher scores, he has a very good chance of being in the top ten backs. And has dual position.

      Looking for breakout’s that other teams don’t have will give you the edge, but as you know Delideo is a keeper and so not competing for the same place in my team as a breakout player.

      If you don’t have Delideo, and say you don’t want Gibbs because it will cost a trade at a time of year when you need five, then you are going to be giving up two players that will most probably play 40 games between them at an average of 99! That is back line insanity. Shit, I’m almost on Gibbs again now!

      Tell me that you are starting Goddard in your backline at least. Or maybe you will chose the six best breakout backline players and all the locks will get injured and you will be the man!

      • @GJayBee
        Goddard and Gibbs are certainly locks for me in the backline but I think you can be a bit creative after that.

        Goddard is a must because he is the only true super premium in the backline. You’ll leak alot of points to the opposition if you don’t have him.

        Gibbs is a must because of this role change to the mids.

        But I am not as convinced about the next batch of players that are averaging in the 80-90 area, and that includes Delideo. No change of role so I doubt any improvement in his score. I can’t see his price getting away from me if I choose to pick him up later in the season.

        I don’t think Delideo is a bad pick by any means, but I don’t see him as an absolute must have from Round 1.

  • Locked from day 1

  • Jedis that are into chicks and beer. That was amazing haha

  • Certainly looks like all serious backlines next year will begin with the 3 B’s….Brendon, Bryce and Brett. Just quietly my old mate Broughts will almost certainly be rounding out the top 4 haha!