Gold Coast Leadership Group: DT Relevance?

Being Captain of a team is nothing new for Gary Ablett. He was selected as a captain 180,283* times last year in Dream Team and this year, he will lead the Gold Coast Suns. Nathan Bock will be his vice and deputy vice will be Campbell Brown.

But if we look more into this announcement, we see who else is in the leadership group. Surely they won’t be putting anyone in there who won’t be getting games? Huh?!

Zac Smith (RUCK), Maverick Wellar (MID) Daniel Harris (MID) and last years captain Marc Lock (MID) will be basically rookie priced and surely now guaranteed games – at least early on! Not a bad thing to keep in mind when selecting your team… especially as we won’t get a “Round 1” team for the Suns with them having the bye first up.

* completely made up statistic.


  • Had Smith/Wellar locked into my side for abit now. Guess I can breathe abit easier knowing that they’ll get games

    • spent some time with sean hart and zac smith at the end of november last year. Sean (development coach) was saying josh fraser and zac will share the role fairly evenly, and that swallow will get games (although thats a given). He also said K hunt was progressing a lot better than expected, and would surprise a lot of people once season 2011 started off…

  • wat didwellar and smith average in the vfl

  • Wellar hmmm
    i’ll look into that
    i already have Smith
    Harris to expensive
    and whats with this 5k tax on gold coast rookies on the fan planner and a 20k tax on like brennan, ablett, fraser etc

    • afl webiste revealed Barlows price in an article about him. They revealed Gaz’s price too. 5K more than what his 2010 average X the MN (4152) is. So it is assumed that all the GC players coming from other AFL clubs will get a 5K price hike and that the VFL rookies for GC will get a 20K hike

    • VFL experience vs TAC =$20,000!!!!
      Monty did say might not be as much- his conservative approach!
      Makes sense & seems fair, as GC will have the most rookies.

  • Smith lock-n-loaded and Mini Tippett will be my fourth ruck

  • Marc Lock = great name for DT.

    He looks like Ben Cousins

  • MARC LOCK…..midfeild / defender?? or only midfeild…fan planner saids midfeild / defender


    • Dude I don’t know what the hell your looking at but it’s not Fanplanner……..Marc Lock has always been a MID

  • ok fair enough sorry champ

  • weller is a gun get on him!
    will lock be worth looking at, dont know what type of player he is?

  • Just signed up and allready looking forward to the season. Hopefully it’ll be easier to play from Australia.

    Good luck for the year ahead fellas :D

  • Anyone with the name Maverick deserves a spot regardless!

    • Just think of all the Top Gun quotes you can use while watching him:

      “Maverick, you just did an incredibly brave thing.”

      “Don’t screw around with me Maverick”

      “Holy shit it’s Maverick and Goose” (pity Maguire isn’t playing for the Suns)

      “You up for this one, Maverick?”

      And some misquotes:

      “Let’s not bullshit Maverick, your family name ain’t the best in the AFL”

      “I see some real genius in your kicking, Maverick, but I can’t say that in there.”

      “Maverick, I played with his old man. Tell me one thing, if you had to go into battle would you want him with you?”

  • mav played at my footy club, his brothers play there still :)

  • burnie boy? ^

  • yeah mate :)

  • From the Prospectus, Mark Lock:

    Ranked no. 1 for disposals for QLD in the 2009 Under-18s.
    Ranked no. 2 for disposals (2nd in uncontested possessions, 3rd in marks) for Gold Coast in 2009
    Ranked second most ‘outside’ player for Gold Coast in 2010 (77% of possessions uncontested).

    Sounds like a potential DT whore.

    • Thanks Virgil. I’m overseas atm and can’t wait to come home in 2 weeks to buy the prospectus.

  • I’m going for a league win. I’m prepared to play with < 6 mids in round 1, which may cost me 1 win, because I’m going to stack my midfield with GC rookies – Swallow, Harris, Bennell, Weller and Lock (at least). All are shoe-ins for early games (injuries permitting). At $106k, the latter 2 just need to average around 50 to increase $100k. The former 3 should average way more. Easy money and I can stack my forwards with premiums to make up for the initial lack of midfield firepower.

  • Zac Smith LOCKED AND LOADED! so is David Swallow. Marc Lock…….?