Brent Stanton: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Brent Stanton
Club: Essendon
Position: Midfielder
Bye Rounds: 10 & 24
2010 Average: 99.5
2010 Games Played: 20
Predicted Average: 105

Why should I pick him? Essendon’s pure Dream Team specialist, Brent Stanton is a little DT whore-bag. He racks up plenty of uncontested touches all around the ground… but especially in the back half in 2010, and when playing for Essendon, is a must! The Bombers can’t get much worse, so they should improve and therefore Stants should improve a bit. The better Jobe Watson and Brent Prismall (and other midfielders) get, the better it is for Stanton as he will be a long way down the line for a tag. He has only missed 4 games in the last 5 years, making him very durable. To top this off, he is being mentioned in every article from the Bombers about how well his pre-season is going… latest was that he ran 16.2 in the beep test! Hopefully that means there will be plenty in the tank this year for prolonged time on ground!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? He’ll miss the Grand Final if you are playing for a league win, so you’d want to have a trade up your sleeve. Stanton stuggles with a tag, but is probably getting to be a player with less impact on the game than others so won’t attract as much attention.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – He is pretty much a DT gun and at 24, turning 25, is in peak Dream Team age range. I can’t see him going backwards and while he may let you down sometimes, he is capable of those 120+ scores. The only problem is that he won’t be playing in Round 24… so deal with that as you wish!


  • I won’t be picking him because of round 24.
    I am going for a league win and overall so I have to plan my team very well ;)
    Although could he also be named as a backmen? Because he played a bit on the half back line last year?
    You would think if Gilbert is F/B after just two games up forward Stanton will be B/M.
    Its a disgarce players like Ablett aren’t F/M and Kelly B/M but Gilbert seems to have MPP.

    • I don’t trust the NAB to much but it did help me last year.

      I don’t want to go with Stanton as I have GIbbs and I’m not going to have any Don’s that aren’t cash cows. It’s a bit scary to not have a Geelong mid, but this is my third year and after eating donuts in the Grannie last year I have leaned my lesson!

      20 days to go hahahahah

  • I’m playing for a league win so Stanton won’t be in my team same with Gibbs. Why does every essesndon supporter hate him?

    Off topic a little bit, any chance of seeing sharrod wellingham in the deck? Really keen on him?!

  • Seriously considering him as I currently have no Essendon player and i am concerned that I have three guns from St. Kilda. Am trying to limit any team to 2 of my starting 22.
    His durability is great but none of us know what impact Hirdy is going to have on their game plan. We know they won’t be down hill skiers as they were under Knights as Hirdy has said on many occassions that they have to become more accountable.
    Will watch the NAB cup to see what trends are developing at Essendon.

  • locked in me team at the moment, but all can change!

    little off topic, but whats the deal with the eliminator this year.
    btw. good write up Warnie and nice little poll on the side

  • really tempting this bloke. coz as youve said, he is a dt slut. if he steps it up another gear, look out. only thing is he can be a little inconsistent.

    his back problems last year scare me a little, but 16.2 in the beep test and a very solid looking preseason has him on my shortlist.

    if he is a B/C which i doubt he will be, id lock him in.

  • Would only consider if he was a Back.

    If you’re going for a League win, Essendon players are not good options as keepers this year.

    On the flip side, Essendon rookies / cash cows are definitely worth considering as their first bye is not until round 10.

  • I made a decision early on to stay away from Essendon and Carlton premiums as I’m going for league and don’t want to have to use any additional trades around the finals (although I will go Gibbs purely for the DPP). Other than that he’d probably be locked in my team. The biggest worry is the low scores when he cops a tag but is very capable of pumping out the 120+ scores. Bit like Heath Shaw though so you have to be prepared to ride the rollercoaster. Still may make my team but at this stage it’s a no for mine, but a very non-definitive no.

  • No, just, no! He is banned from high voldtage for at least 5 seasons after dogging me last yr. Treat this man with extreme caution people he is another jared brennan, promises the world then crushes ur hopes and dreams like a bug

  • Lol dunno why cause the numbers dont lie but no chance of getting in my DT lineup….
    Will probably haunt me all season but NO!!

    In saying that 16.2 on the beep test thats so impressive…..he’d nearly be fit enough to be an umpire!!!

  • I had Stanton last year and he wasn’t that bad. But this year is a No because are playing in the GF. Plus I have got other Essendon cash cows; Cale Hooker, Stewert Crameri and Marcus Marigliani

    • well umm you need a bit of help, Cale Hooker is not capable of good scores unless he somehow gets moved to CHF, where im sure hurley/gumby will be picked ahead of him. Crameri and Marigliani are purely players recruited to help develop youngins in the VFL side by providing some extra competitiveness. Neither are best 22 and will not get a good run of games, and they arent rookie price anyway. If you’re looking at makin the top 50,000 you will listen

  • only 16.2? for a professional athlete that’s quite low isn’t it?

    • Yeah, low for an Olympic marathon runner maybe. 16.2 is one of the highest recorded beep test for any AFL player. I can think of only Shane Crawford who has done a better time, certainly no one still playing has.

    • The highest it goes to is 22. 16.2 is a perfect score for a professional footballer.

  • For all those people who are not choosing players because they have byes in finals, i’m pretty sure that is why we get 24 trades. Also, if you miss out on all the good buys because they have a bye in the finals, you won’t even make the finals..

    • And what if you have bad luck with injuries. Top 8 teams may rest their players again coming to the lead up to finals. Trades are gold! Stanton ain’t better mids out there

    • exactly i am definately having stanton in my team

  • That is a very good point ProudLion but still i would have to say no.

  • No dons for me this year

  • #5 is alive!
    I will worry about rnd 24, in late July.
    Judging by the comments, he’ll be pretty unique too.
    And 16.2 in the bleep test is bloody impressive!
    Ok, I’m gonna google bleep test now!!!! lol

  • what’s all this crap about a rollercoaster? he’s nothing like heath shaw, his worst score last year was 62, his bad scores aren’t terrible like some other premiums out there, and he can knock out the massive 120+ scores as well.

    • agree. hes definitely not as bad as heater. but 5 scores below 80 suggests he can be a wee bit inconsistent.- does that cut it in fantasy land these days.

  • Viable option but with the likes of Swan, GAJ, Selwood, pretty much Prem locks for me In my mid-field I cant fit him in.
    As per usual its all about the NAB for me, but then again If i recall correctly he went nuts in last years NAB and then didnt quite get there in the regular season.

  • Quality player, but i’d rather go for better, more conistent premiums such as Swan, Hayes, Montagna, Boyd, Bartel, Ablett

  • So after reading through the comments, theres only speculation on his position. Anyone with the prospectus who can actually confirm whether hes a Mid only? or Mid/Back? coz if a back then im very interested

  • Sorry, can’t help you with that on timmy but I really want the book.