Jed Adcock: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Jed Adcock
Club: Brisbane
Position: Back/Midfield
Bye Rounds: 4 & 19
2010 Average: 63.2
2010 Games Played: 9
Predicted Average: 82

Why should I pick him? “SShhhh Calvin… He’s my boy!”… Shut up fag cause he’ll be another discounted player who way under preformed in 2010. In ’07 he averaged 89, ’08 he averaged 71 and in ’09 he averaged 85, he is a proven player. But last year, he only averaged 63 showing us that he will be undervalued and even more so with his discount (as he’s played less than 10 games). He’ll be nearly priced at rookie value! He plays a little more time in the midfield these days, but may just be named as a back if we are lucky. He is another player who is a good pick up if you are going for a league win as well. His bye rounds are on 4 & 19 meaning these rounds will not count as DT games in your league as 3 teams are missing, so he wont cause you a headache there.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? His body is made of Play Dough. He has missed 32% of the games he could have played in over the last 5 years, only scratching up 9 last year.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Mega risky player here. If he puts together 20 to 22 games he will definitely be worth it, but the risk side of that is he might put together 4 games. Certainly one to watch over the pre-season, but as I said, he’ll be a mega cheap gun player who might just be the ticket for you to smash up 2011… but risky.


  • earlt reports out of Brisbane is that his pre season is going well and with Ricshi and Brennan gone the midfield is more than likely. Please DT Gods, let his body stay in one piece!

  • Gonna stay away from him. Better options at his price. If he plays well in the season I might jump on him

  • for that price you’d be silly not to get him. is the lions general down back and easily has the potential to average 90.

    • I think the Lions defence general is Maguire isn’t it? Not being a smart-ass, but Adcock wasn’t playing too well last year, and the Lions defence general is probalby Maguire or Drummond.

  • Could be an interesting one – hopefully priced at an average of ~50-55 (so ~10-20% discount)..

    Bit injury prone but has pieced together whole seasons recently:
    2005 – 22 games @ 55
    2006 – 8 games @ 81
    2007 – 22 games @ 89
    2008 – 21 games @ 71
    2009 – 15 games @ 85
    2010 – 9 games @ 63
    Certainly more reliable than Drummond (71 games in 6 seasons). My first instinct is to be cautious with him but then look what happened last year with Waters, Kennelly, Maguire, Hunt – dudes who started with 3 or 4 of these guys (which was a high-risk strategy and in previous years wouldve nuked your team) wouldve gunned it! This year i can only really see Adcock and Otten as being DEFs at tasty prices due to injury.. possibly also Chornes (who at 32 is probably past it) and C.Bolton (who isnt a keeper anyway)..

    My concern with Adcock is that both BL byes are in the horror multi-team bye carnage rounds so going with him could be dangerous if you’re going for the car.. but then if you’re going for a league win, get on board!

    • Agreed, Waters was in that catergory last year and he ended up being a keeper, and a great scorer at that.

      I’ll be locking in Adcock, I’d expect more midfield time for him with Ricky and Brennan gone…

      Lock and Load

  • Not interested in this guy.

  • i’ve got a feeling those people who are going to make their teams purely based on the draw are going to end up missing out on some gems just because there byes are at inconveinient times. at the end of the day we have 3 on the bench and if you can’t pick 3 guys who are going to be able to cover you don’t deserve to win anyway.

    • 3 on the bench? Isn’t it meant to be 2 for each position? Is there a change i haven’t heard of?

      • should be in a previous DT Talk post from earlier in the year – extra bench player for backs, mids and fwds to cover for the team byes due to Gold Coast coming in this season.

        should be articles from champion data/virtual sports and maybe even AFL dreamteam sites about the likely/proposed changes …

  • Lock and load baby! Better option than walker imo and will be the malceski and waters of DT this year. Pretty sure fanfooty has him estimated at bout $260k so i know im in (barring preseason injury)

  • jed adcock will be a rapid improver this year, you would be silly not to consider him, although he had a injury, very inuterupted career, he can still whip out a 100.. even if he averages like 80-85 like calvin has preditcted, he is still going to be worth that mid 200k.., im on him like me onto your mum. lets hope he doesnt get injured though :\ ahaha

  • Locked and loaded for me…..Rischi and Brennan have left which means more midfield time! And he is a multi position player. Hopefully he plays most of the year!

  • im considering lachlan hansen from the kangeroos. may be a breakout season? unique options aswell, could pay off. Any thoughts?

  • Can’t believe how many people keep coming up with the comment “oh, a bit risky”. If you want to win this competition and/or even your league you MUST take risks. Albeit educated risks. Playnig it safe all the way through will give you the same group of players 20,000 others will have.
    My starting squad last year included al these so called risks – Waters, Malceski, Kennelly, Maguire, Hunt, Hille and the so-so Gumbleton.
    I personally believe Adcock to be a certain starter in my squad this year, unless something untoward is to happen between now and round one. My other certainty (and I’m sure some will say risky) is Petrie.
    Considering the chances of winning the car are around 300000 to 1, I am looking at winning my league (which will return me about $600). In doing so, small advantages as not having to worry about players missing due to byes because it is a non competitive round all add up.
    Similarly, the byes will make dual position players more valuable this year than they were last year.

  • 2 words. Lachlan Hansen. The new Riewoldt