Luke Shuey: Deck of Dream Team 2011

Name: Luke Shuey
Club: West Coast Eagles
Position: Centre
Bye Rounds: 5 & 15
2010 Average: 73.8
2010 Games Played: 6
Predicted Average: 85

Why should I pick him? Firstly because he’ll be at a discounted price, meaning he’ll be cheaper than other player who are valued at the average of 74 as he missed heaps of 2010 with glandular fever. He did scratch together 6 games where we played 3 at the start and 3 at the end end of 2010. He is a great DTer and scores well with his top 3 games being 105 (21d, 8t), 85, 81 with 2 of those scores coming in his last 3 games. When fit, he is in WCE best 22 and will certainly go up in price this year.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? He’ll be an expensive rookie, despite the discount. If you are looking at a pure cash cow them a straight up rookie would be a better bet.

Deck of DT Rating. JACK – he will go up in price cause he will average more than the 74 he has next to his name so far. Expensive ‘rookie’ with 6 games under his belt, proven DTer and in the WCE best 22. He has a lot going for him in 2011.


  • Ahhh, the man who sat one my bench all friggen year… The numbers don’t lie though, he is certainly worth looking at.

  • He was on my bench all year until around R19, then traded out when I needed cash, then finally came back a week later!

    Pass, not enough upside for me. Averaged a goal a game last season, don’t know if he can keep that up.

  • He’s worth considering, they rate him highly at west coast so he’ll be given plenty of opportunity this year.

    Could be interesting to see where he slots into, maybe fwd flank like last year, as Kerr is back and Dalziell should be getting some midfield time too.

  • No he isn’t in my plans.
    Good write up though Vin :)

  • Bit of a risk alright. Not really sure if the Eagles will be good enough for this guy to pump out the scores. Worth considering but not a definite in my book.

  • With the discount he might fit into my structure but have my doubts…….he might be over the glandular fever but has he gotten all the splinters out of his arse from last year!!!
    One of my top three most frustrating players last year wont be reappearing in my DT11

  • Got him as my 5th mid at the moment

  • I, like a lot of us, got burned by him last year! I agree totally with the write up, and I wont be going for him. I had 2 many 200-340K players at the start last year and most (Ziebell, Gray etc) were total failures. Rookies and guns with a sprinkling of Malceski.Waters performers from last year would make a good recipe in 2011!!

  • Considering he’s only priced slightly higher than Swallow according to FanPlanner ($192K vs $184K) and we have seen what he can do, I’ll be jumping on board.

    A safer bet than a first round pick who may or may not get game time (although that said, I am looking at guys like Bennell, Gaff, Polec and Atley). I’d think that Shuey would play 20-22 next year and will be a tasty cash cow.

  • I second that motion. High draft pick, WC think a lot of him, third year in the system, only marginally more expensive than some rookies and more likely to play from round 1. Also loves to tackle. The hard part is fitting him into my team when there are so many mids in that price range that I would expect to see play immediately if fit, eg Foley, Kerr, Houli, Harris, Swallow and the other rookies that look good to go. Will be hard to pass up if he does get a 40% discount and plays well in the scratchies.

    • And he finished the year off well which is always a good sign for the following year.

  • Predicted 2011 average of 85 is pretty much what the WCE’s midfielders will get this year. There are no stand-outs. Kerr, Priddis, Rosa and Selwood. May look at him next year

  • A guy ill keep a close eye on, but thats about it atm

  • Gaff will be cheaper and will probably go better if all the hype is true

  • Totally off the subject question here so apologies but no where else to put it atm.
    Looking at strategy for this year and getting an early idea of the structures of my team this year eg amount of premiums, rookies in each area of the ground. Not so much the actual players but the types if you follow me…..Anyways to my question……I have been thinking that holding back some cash initially for my first set of trades next season would be a smart move………..if so how much? is leaving $200k in the bank a worthwhile move at the start of a season of is it a bit of a waste of resources and time?

    • You should always keep money in the bank, I don’t see why you would start this year. It’s a good strategy and you should do it, trades are the downright make or break of your team.

  • it’s a little hard to look at this stuff this early I reckon (making teams). Monty’s fanplanner is great but as the prices are ‘rough guides’ making my team at this early stage just frustrates me to buggery.
    Too hard and then I find someone I like and I find it hard to let go of them… Thats what I reckon anyway

    • Might be something we can talk about in our first episode… coming soon!

      • true true vin and warnie soz to jump the gun…..and agreed way to early to be thinking players I was actually more just thinking strategy at the moment…………..
        Not actually sure what has got me even thinking DT in December…….could be that I am a magpie supporter so 2010 just may never end or that the way the aussies are playing in the cricket I cant bear to watch and require distraction!!!

      • Warnie, is it possible that DT talk will be owned by the AFL? It would be good since many more people look at it, and you guys would probalby get better money, i think it’ll be good.

  • In. No-matter what happens