Deck of Dream Team 2011: Starts December 10

DT TALK's Deck of Dream Team ... starts December 10

Last year we wanted to look at a whole heap of players we were thinking of selecting in our Dream Teams… so we decided to review 52 players in 52 days. We are back to do the same thing for the 2011 season with our Deck of Dream Team. Starting December 10, we’ll be looking at players who are on our radar in this pre-season and will finish up with our last post on January 31, the day before AFL Dream Team officially opens for the new season.

Come back to daily to see who the new player is in the deck and join in the discussion in the comments.


  • Awesome, can’t wait for this stuff. Perfect for pre season. Thanks, Warnie. Can we have a sneak peek at the first player?

    • I’m guessing the first player will be the Great Dane- the ace of spades and the gun of all guns.

  • Ha ha – I wrote the 1st one the other day… and yeah, good guess.
    Dane Swan will be the first player up

    • Do you start with him though? That is the question. Given that Gold Coast are in the comp, there will be plenty of money making strategies to pick up the guns of his ilk when they drop slightly.

      Maybe in his case i should say, IF he drops slightly, rather than when.

  • but dude deck of dream team will discuss that type of
    stuff its more about info not just telling you to pick him