New AFL Substitutes Rule for 2011

AFL interchange rules changed for 2011.

The AFL has introduced a new rule for the interchange to commence in 2011. This is that teams will have 3 interchange players and 1 substitute for each game. This means that if a player is injured, or ‘gone for the game’, the substitute will take their place and the former player will not take part in the game from that point.

This was aimed at cutting down the amount of interchange rotations.

Which, to be honest, isn’t really a problem!

As for Dream Team, this will be interesting. I assume on the team lists (on Thursdays) we will see which player is nominated as the ‘substitute’ so we can adjust our sides accordingly. This player will obviously not have the same DT impact as another. I wonder as well if this means some teams will be strategic with how the interchange is used?

What are your thoughts?