Dream Team Grand Finals 2010 Discussion


  • If anyone ever writes the 10 DT COMMANDMENTS in stone, one of them must be:

    “If thou covets a league flag, thoust must retain four trades as he does enter the preliminary final weekend.”

    You can’t do much about late changes, but General Soreness and players being rested is just the way it is. Reckon if you’re playing for the flag, you think of your trades as being 16 (+4 for the last two weeks). Or maybe as 15 (+5 for finals). Repeat 10,000 times: All this mid-season trading “for a must win H&A game” is rubbish.

    And yeah, I’m living in Main St, Doughnutsville.

  • Lost my one GF by just under 60 pts! Traded Enright in on Friday night and swapped my def bench cover (ricky henderson) fwd to get Jaensch off the ground. Damn.

  • Can BOOMER outscore Sylvia by 43pts?????
    I HIGHLY doubt it!!!!
    Me: 3 d’nuts, Him:1
    Will V.S let me change my team name to:
    The Late Effen Withdrawals!

  • Can anyone beat my outs?
    Didak, Brown, Pods, Hitchcock, Selwood, Enright, Hodge.

    Someone have Watson/Byrnes as well?

    • Shouldn’t have used all your trades then

    • Brown, Selwood, Enright, Hodge, Hunt (Pretty sad he was on my feild at all)
      guess that dosnt beat yours though

    • my brother had all of those except didak, plus j.hunt. he could cover for selwood with o reilly from richmond, that was it. 6 donuts

    • hodge, enright, watson, selwood, byrnes, brown, kennelly. all out
      had hams and davis covering
      worst GF ever

  • richmound

  • Yeah!!! won all 3 leagues! only had 1 donut when kennelly pulled out. Enright and Brown had cover, (Smith and my Grand Final Hero, Trent Dennis-Lane!!!)

  • All 3 opponents capitulated (their fault for burning all their trades) and made it a boring last weekend of DT, it wasn’t a close race in any of them.

    Disappointing way to finish a good year.

    Was really only playing for National Ranking this weekend.