FMDT: Tell us your story!

We all have an FMDT story and the preliminary finals weekend probably brought out a few… especially with late withdrawals and some pus scores. Here is a story from one of our mates, Justin.

I have the pinnacle of the DT cruelty story of the year mate. Going into the bombers game (last game with different players), I am 244 points ahead, my opponent had jobe, hille and rockliff, I have Ryder. Of course Paddy withdraws last minute which means I play 1 short.

Final quarter I am holding on by 1 point and guess what?? Hille takes a mark on the final siren!?!?!?!? Paddy and that mark cost me a spot in the gf. You couldn’t plan that script if you tried.. How’s that for a cruel way to end someones season!

Do you have an FMDT story to tell? Hit us up in the comments and vent baby, vent! Trust us, it’ll make you feel better.

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