The Plus Four: Round 21

Who honestly cares about this game anymore? Maybe I’m just bitter that I’m no longer in the finals and am probably lucky that I’m not. My side is hideous and wouldn’t be doing enough to be considered a threat anyway.

Carnage ahead of the Grand Final

This could be a shocking round for players not playing through injury and suspension. The big names who could miss the Dream Team Grand Final are Luke Hodge (knee), Shane Mumford (knee), Adam Cooney (hamstring), Grant Birchall (hamstring), Ben Cousins (hamstring),  James Podsiadly (suspension), Beau Waters (suspension)… with quite a few others ‘sore’ after the weekend. We could see a few rested this week too. General Soreness will strike. Watch out for him. Make sure you check the injury list when we post it tomorrow.

Late withdrawals suck donkeys nuts

We saw quite a few of these this weekend. Just about everyone would have been effected in some way with Andrew Mackie, Clinton Jones, Paul Haselby, Ryan O’Keefe, Colin Sylvia and Paddy Ryder all late outs. Not much we can do about those, but for those with Mackie, you could have known about that before lockout. So stay tuned… and don’t trade until those lists are in (usually 90 mins before the first bounce). Could save you a zero.

Again, we will probably see a whole heap of these this week too! FMDT.

The Freo Shockers

Not only did the Dockers murder our Dream Teams this week with a lot of us trading out Mathew Pavlich, they also murdered the spectacle that was the game at Aurora Stadium on Saturday. This should have been a great contest. Two top eight teams playing ‘finals’ style footy. But no, we saw B-mantle not kick their 2nd goal of the game until a few minutes into the last quarter. The positive was that 8 Hawks cracked the 100 in DT and for those who got in Cyril Rioli for Pav, would have been very happy. Personally, I hope the Dockers don’t win another game for the rest of the year after that disgusting display.

Cats Kick to Handball ratio

It’s been talked about a bit, but the Cats kick to handball ratio improved for the good of Dream Team on Friday night. While it is a great thing to kick instead of handball for the extra point, the problem was that we didn’t get the possession football that means for high DT scores on Friday night. Only 3 players cracked the ton. Fingers crossed that they can finish off the DT season down at Kardinia Park this week with some thumping scores… without players being rested!

Grand Final Episode of DT TALK

Tonight we will be filming and putting together the final episode of DT TALK for 2010. We chat to Tom Murphy from the Hawks, there is one last UnderBenny as this is the end of his awesome career, we’ll have some advice for you to win your DT Grand Finals and lastly, some BIG news in relation to Dream Team rules for 2011 with the inclusion of Gold Coast and subsequent byes. Make sure you check that on Tuesday when it’s online!