The day I realised I cared too much

I had my final two trades for the season completely figuered out weeks ago. Desperately wanting to win my way into my league grand final, I consulted Team FLOSSY’s assistant coach, Warnie, and it was decided that the Friday afternoon before the Preliminary Final lockout was time to use them.

The trades were Henderson to McNeil (for DPP swap with Chappy) then Gysberts to Boyd.

Friday afternoon rolled around and I found myself at the footy with no computer access and having to use my iPhone to trade. Then I couldn’t access the internet from my phone. Naturally, panic set in. I needed to get those trades done!

After calming myself down, I thought of calling Warnie to get him to do it. Just before I clicked his number, I changed my mind and called my sister, Alyce, who knows nothing at all about DT. This would prove to be a monumental mistake.

The questions/directions/instructions I gave her went a bit like this:

“Ok if you look at the bottom group, who are the two that aren’t on the green oval?”

“See the little ‘s’ under McNeil? Click that and tell me what happens”

“Who are the two on the side in the second group of players?” etc etc

And I got responses like this : “oooooook a whole heap of people just went blue!” “ummm ok I have Shu-ay. L and Gise-berts”

I was meticulous in my instructions, or so I thought.

After getting her to complete the final trade for my 2010 campaign, I just needed her to apply the finishing touch by subbing Shuey off the bench for Hayes.

I tell her “Ok Alyce just click the little ‘s’ under Shuey”.. and the response I got made my heart stop.

“Amanda there is no Shuey. I have that Gise-berts and McNeil.. We traded Shuey to Boyd”


I kinda hung up on her and went back to where my boyfriend and I were sitting. It took him 2 seconds flat to figure out that something was horribly wrong, and when he asked me I went into meltdown.

“Alyce messed up my trades! I’m going to lose now! To Trent!!! Im going to get a donut and everything I have worked for will be gone!! This cannot be happening to me. My whole weekend is ruined now. I cant believe this!”… and I went on like this for a good 10 minutes.

Then at the end of my rant, I all of a sudden realised what a complete idiot I sounded like. This wasn’t a life or death situation, this was just my Dream Team. I reacted to my sister the way that someone would if you crashed their brand new Porsche into a tree. It was lame and it was over the top and some might even say pathetic.

But I know that all of you COMPLETELY understand.

So let this be a lesson to you all. Never EVER trust somebody else with your Dream Team, especially not someone who wouldnt recognise Dane Swan if they saw them walking down the street (like my sister). Don’t let what happened to me happen to you!

Oh and by the way, I won my way into the Grand Final with 2207 points….