Grand Final Watchlist: Monday

Ok, I thought we’d use this to look at players who might be out this weekend for the all important AFL Dream Team Grand Finals.

Match Review Panel

The big one for a lot of forward lines is that James Podsiadly has been offered a two match ban (if he pleads guilty) for his high bump on Bryce Gibbs. Even best case scenario won’t see him playing this week.

Josh Hunt‘s two week ban could hurt a few teams who are still playing him down back. With a guilty plea, he will be free to play the first week of the finals. Doesn’t help us much though.

I know one coach who will be kicking himself after using his Pav trade to get in Leigh Brown (I won’t mention any names here though Morts). He will be missing this week, even with a guilty plea.

The good news is that Beau Waters‘ report was thrown out. Phew!


It has been named up that Adam Cooney could possibly miss the whole finals series with his injured hamstring. Looks like it is a 5-6 week injury. So don’t expect him in your DT grand final, let alone any Bulldogs finals games!

For those who brought in Shane Mumford for Sandi, well… bad news is that he will miss this week too. Ouch.

Good news for Ben Cousins fans (no one owns him I’m sure). There is no serious injury on his hamstring and will play in Rd 22! Ohhh yeah!

Quite a few ‘no name’ Dream Team players will be missing the final round. Troy Selwood and Adam Selwood are done for the season. While he isn’t a bad DTer (actually, he is awesome), but Matt Priddis will also miss the final round. Brett Ebert is also done for this year, and possibly 2011 because of an ACL. Ohh… first picked in 2012?! Haha.

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