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End of an Era – The Cuz’s Take on the real Ben Cousins

Contrary to popular belief, Ben Cousins is one of my favourite players of all time. My team name, Cousins Coke n Ice, is one that I first put up when the original Chasers skit of an Eagle at the airport chasing Bens team mates trying to snort a white substance through an oversize straw came out. It was my first year of DT and I thought what kind of funny name could I come up with. The forums were a buzz when I first started posting saying that it was disrespectful to have such a name for my team, but I loved the fact that it was memorable. Memorable is something Ben Cousins will always be.

Before I go on, let me point something out. I’m an unashamed proud and loud Richmond supporter. I have been a member for the past 10 years and I bleed Yellow and Black. The day Richmond took Ben, I remember leaving work to go to my car to listen to the pending announcement of the Tigers only live draft selection of the pre season draft. Richmond had finished strongly the year before and there was a rise amongst our supporters that we thought we had a real chance of playing finals. Collingwood & StKilda had made it known that they were not going to take the risk with Ben, and deep down I thought if we took him, our chances of playing finals would be strengthened even further…maybe even top 4!

When the announcement was made, I was seriously high 5ing myself! “YES YOU BEAUTY!” I screamed with excitement, on my own in a multi level car park in the city!! I was wrapped that we had picked up a brilliant brownlow medallist who might have had issues off the field in the past, but would make all of our players walk a little taller. I literally turned on my car and drove directly to punt road oval to renew my membership. There would have been a line of 30 people there and there was a buzz around the joint like I had never felt before. Ben Cousins Has that effect.

You need only look at the West Coast Eagle supporters whom in all seriousness, he probably let down in the end. They loved him and never a bad word you would hear come out of one of their supporters mouths about him. Ben has that effect on people. A bit like Shane Warne. He could rob a servo and people would still love him! Ben has this fire that lights up a TV screen, a magnetism that not only would have entire rooms go quiet when he entered simply because they were in his presence, but would draw a football towards him like few others also. He is a package that most people would crave to have.

The road didn’t quite turn the way us Tigers supporters had hoped in Bens first year. The round 1 flogging by the Blues was the bitterest pill to swallow up until ¾ time. 5 minutes into the last quarter I remember seeing Ben go down clutching his hamstring. The horror of that night was complete.

Richmond went into that season with the new shining light and a belief that we would make a difference. The Tigers of old had arrived and it was going to be hard to stop this juggernaut! 120 minutes into the season, it was already over. Never had I been more disappointed than that night. Questions were being asked if Richmond had shot themselves for drafting Ben. 2 years on, Richmond are justified and our kids are better players for having played and learned from him.

It’s Time to go…….Cousins Coke n Ice

I was going to change my team name the year Richmond drafted Cuz. How could I have a team name that takes the proverbial out of one of my own players? It’s just not right. Why I didn’t do it 2 years ago has got me stuffed, but in hindsight, im kinda glad I stuck with it. It is more fitting now that I retire the team name at the end of the season that Ben does. The closure of his career co insides with the milestone that Ben has made it. He has redeemed himself to the football public and he has passed every drug test with flying colours. You know he has come full circle when pretty much every mother would love for Ben to take out their daughter!

The level of respect I have for Ben now is of the highest order. To have pulled through what he has had to do is an inspiration and I for one cannot wait to see his documentary. This will be like one of those events that fully captures the nations attention. Forget Masterchef, this will be the highest watched television program of all time on Australian Television. The reality is, this doco is about a bloke who is a drug addict footballer trying to come to terms with his demons. If it was about anyone else, I doubt it would make it to commercial television. Because it is Ben Cousins, it is going to be a hit. That is the power and the draw that this man has, and it’s just something you can’t put your finger on! It’s the Cousins Effect!

Now to the retirement of my team name. Im going to leave it up to you, the punters of DT Talk to rename my team. Feel free to make other suggestions keep them in line with Cuz, and if they are worthy, we will poll again! There are options below, so vote for the one you like the most and I will carry it into season 2011!

Ben, if by some small chance you read this, I seriously wish you the best of luck in the future and thank you whole heartedly for the significant contribution you made to my football club. You will forever be my second favourite player of all time (No one gets in front of Richo!).


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