Roy’s Real Estate: Prelims

One of the reasons DT is so awesome, is the main reason I can hate it so much at times! Shit teams, and or players are always a chance for one reason or another in head to head match ups. Whether it be through injury, bad luck, or worst of all…… resting players, any old dud team can get up and win. Last week I was knocked out of our finals and I was left wondering why I bothered upgrading players at all. In a key head to head match up I watched my boys Goodes and DT Junk king Simpson get well beaten by a Fyfe, Martin combo…… Pfft, please. Now for people still standing I see another way teams are being placed on an even playing field….. by bloody resting. Honestly, how soft is this game getting? Fremantle are the worst, apparently a big plane flight sealed the fate of the 10 players or so that need a rest. Heaven forbid they have to sit on a plane for 6 hours. From a football sense, they are showing a massive lack of finals experience because the 100 point flogging they get this week will be in the back of their minds in 2 week, regardless of who is resting or not. From a Tasmanian football fan perspective, sorry Hawks, but there is no way I am going to turn up and watch that sh*t. While on the resting players, how about the Lenny Hayse owners that are being punished for picking a gun! it sucks! So what I am going to do this week is look at the best straight swap options for some missing guns (for whatever pathetic reason).

Lenny Hayse
Price: $451,000
Average: 108

Replacement: Scott Pendlebury
Price: $457,300
Average: 107

Why? Scotty is an absolute gun in both forms of the game (normal matches and DT). In his last 5 games Pendles has averaged 120 and has not slipped under the 3 figure mark in that time. This week he plays the Crows who he averaged over 100ppg against and is on a 5 game 100 streak at the MCG. He looks a safe bet that also has the X factor potential in a BIG score.

Matthew Pavlich
Price: $339,100
Average: 90

Replacement: My boy- Bryce Gibbs
Price: $342,100
Average: 96

Why? Well its fair to say that Bryce is not in career best DT form, largely due to the roles coach Brett Ratten gives him (see Andrew Carrazzo). Gibbsy has not scored 100 for a month which is disappointing considering he had 5 in a row before that horrid streak started. Although the initial thought of bringing in a player vs the Cats is fraught with danger, Gibby has scored 107 and 105 in his last 2 vs them. HOT TIP: No-one that has dropped to that disgusting price is on fire.

Bernie Vince
Price: $361,000
Average: 85

Replacement: Chris Judd
Price: $369,400
Average: 103

Why? Juddy is an absolute Jet and this year he is converting it to DT better than ever! His last two game have produced scores of 122 and 102, showing that he is in good form for his price. The reason he dropped this low was due to an injured 50 he wore 3 weeks ago. Once again the Cats are a worry although the Juddster have 108 against them in round 5 this year.

Aaron Sandilands
Price: $362,200
Average: 97

Replacement: Hamish McIntosh
Price: $360,600
Average: 82

Why? Big H-Mac is back, bigger and better than ever! It would appear in the last few weeks Mac has remembered how to play, as well as convert his form into DT scores. In the last 3 weeks Mac have averaged 103 including a nice 128 point match 3 weeks ago. This week he takes on the Eagles who have traditionally been a bad team for him. Something tells me this could be his week to turn it around…… risk it at your own peril.

Good luck if you are still in the finals and a special thanks to everyone that is knocked out, but still took the time to read my article. It took me ages. destROY.