Sandilands you weak-arse-sh*t… oh and Pav too!

It looks like Aaron Sandilands will most likely miss the trip to Tassie this weekend being all but ruled out by coach Mark Harvey. Matthew Pavlich is also a chance to be rested for the longest trip in AFL. See article.


Sandilands has been the best ruck in DT for the year, but hasn’t played a finals game after being out of the side in Round 19 and 20… and then likely to be out. If you have no other issues, then you need to trade him! But who to?

If you have Robbie Warnock as cover, he probably won’t have a smashing game against the Cats, so a trade to Darren Jolly (vs Crows), Hamish McIntosh (vs Eagles ) or even Mitch Clark (vs Bombers) who is in some form are decent options. Clark would be my pick – bit of X-Factor there.


Pav may still be named, but if not… trade, trade, trade! If you have DPP link – if you can get away with it, stick with it. But this is what we save trades for. For $339K, there are plenty of options, but with extra cash, get that premium player that you don’t have! Is it time to get Paul Chapman if you haven’t had him all year?

I feel these preliminary finals are going to be about the teams with the most depth (or trades/cash) going through to the big one. Thank god I am in pre-season training for 2011. Sandi, you can become Mark Blake and Pav… welcome back into the Warne Dawgs Jared Brennan!