Chop’s Chopping Block: Round 20

Righteo people, it is preliminary final time and therefor it is time to trim the fat and get ready for that one day in August. I don’t know about anybody else, but I can’t handle these nuff nuffs sitting on my ground scoring 30’s and 40’s. Nic Natanui is the serial pest that promised so much at the start of the year but has delivered so few dream team points. I was one of many that got sucked into getting the potential super star of the competition, and in all reality I will probably get him again next year, but now I am in a predicament. How do I get rid of him, or do I even get rid of him?

The problem is, with only 2 trades left, is it worth down-grading him to a $70K and upgrading or do I need to leave him there for cover… In all reality, in fairness to all others that have been chopped this year, Nic should have gone weeks and weeks ago… but the sheer practicality of it, says that I can’t. I’m between a chop and a hard place….. what should I do? Allow Nic and other under performing players stay in my team and hopefully win a premiership, on the coat tails of gun players, or do the morally correct thing and chop the under performing players and pick them up dirt cheap next year….

Who is sitting on your bench/field that doesn’t deserve to be there but you simply cant chop them????