Roy’s Real Estate: Semi Finals

Well it could be crunch time in your league, you might be striving for your national ranking PB, hell, you might even be trying to ahead of your girlfriend, yes thats “of”, not “off”. For whatever reason, trades are on the minds of many DTers this week, so this is the place to discuss them. Unfortunately, its only a short RRE this week as I’m pressed for time and therefore will require you guys to discuss the options for trades this week. The initial carnage from team selection is not half as bad as I thought, however the concern of late withdrawals have intensified. All the big named “questionable resting” Cats have been named, along with the “50-50” crook  Hargrave and the biggest of all is big Johnno Brown named at CHF despite his swollen knee and cancellation of his 200th game press conference (read into that as you will… seeya Browny). For anybody lucky enough to have trades left, it was refreshing to see a group of rookies named that may be part of your double trade plans (ah how i long for a double trade haha). A couple of relevant DT names that will be considered for the chopping block this week after selections will be Davis, Sandi, Ball, Cooney, Priddis and popular rookie Webberly. I mentioned a few great players there but desperate times can call for desperate measures.

So, cut and paste the following in the comments to discuss your potential trades. There will also be a seperate section to cut and paste at the bottom in order to review other people trade considerations. Hopefully it creates some good banter, but more importantly, ideas to get you over the line in the Semi.

Team Name:
Money in the bank:
Number of 0’s without trading:

Considerations for downgrade “out”:

Consideration for downgrade “in”:

Consideration for upgrade trade “out”:

Consideration for upgrade “in”:
Your teams story eg. national ranking, match status or general explanation etc:

Below is the review section to cut and paste in the reply of teams your are commenting on.

Your name:
Rating of trade idea out of 10:
Suggested downgrade trade “out” (if options were given):

Suggested downgrade trade “in”:
Suggested upgrade trade “out” (if options were given):
Suggested upgrade trade “in”:

Well, hopefully this helps you get through the day at work a little easier, especially with a trade or two on your mind for later tonight. Goodluck and RRE will be back to its normal format next week. destROY.