DT Dreaming with The Cuz

Over and Out! Bring on Next Year!

Well I battled it out with Vin in the numpty finals of the DT Talk cash league last week, only to have my proverbial arse handed to me by the Doyon of Captain Selection. Cousins Coke n Ice fought on valiantly to score a 2030, but Vin was way too strong ripping out a 2150. With my national ranking now sitting at  17,996, I have well and truly given up on this year and I am now looking towards 2011 with a lot more optimism!

The Jayden Post Interview

If you were lucky enough to catch the Dreamteamtalk episode this week through I Tunes, you would have been privileged enough to see my interview with young Richmond Tiger Jayden Post. Ill be honest, I was pretty nervous about conducting the interview, and it is true what they say about television adding pounds! Im a 177cm 95 kilo lad (not light by any stretch!), but you could have sworn I would be nudging 105kgs in the interview!

I explained to Jayden that this was the first time I had done anything like this, and he was more than accommodating pre interview basically giving me the all clear to ask him about anything at all. I even asked if I could take the piss out of serial pest Jake King (FYI, I love Jake King and the way he goes about it, but thought it would be a topic of humour for everyone else out in Dreamteam land!). Jayden had a laugh and told me he had some great stories he would be more than happy to relay to the viewers at home that would get some laughs, but once the film got rolling, I was a bit like a rabbit in the head lights and completely forgot to ask about him! DOH!

Jayden was fantastic though and all credit to him and the Richmond Football Club for allowing the time and the patience with me to get the interview done (in one take I might add!). Quick shout out to my mate, coach of the team “The Farcups” Kegga who provided his time to hold the camera! Good Work champ!

Player Roles – 2011

One thing I have been saying to my mates of recent is the fact that next year, I already have an idea of how my backline will be starting the year. There is one player in particular that is going to be a walk up start thanks to his role change this year. Brett Deledio is listed as only a midfielder this year, with this taking him out of a lot of teams that would have had them in the forward line the year previous. Thanks to Damian Hardwick, next year im sure “Lids” will defiantly be a duel position player thanks to the amount of time he has been playing off half back. This year he has been averaging 91.05 points a game, so whilst I wouldn’t want him directly in my midfield, there is defiantly room for him in my Backline.

So I have unearthed one MUST have for next year already, can any of you out in DT land think of any other players that may find their way into a new position or change to a duel position player? Let me know! I would be interested to hear!


Cousins Coke n Ice.