Chop’s Chopping Block Round:19

I know what you’re all saying….. oh my god Chop you are soooo awesome at dream team… what an awesome score…. you must have the best team running around ever in the history of dream team…. you mustn’t have any bad players in that team of yours…. you’re sooo awesome…. WELL YOU”RE RIGHT…. but YOU’RE SO WRONG AS WELL…..

There is some dead wood in my team that still needs to be cut and I am going to dedicate all of my article to the one that disappointed the most….

J-Pod – AKA – Flash In The Pan
Now before people start writing in and saying that I should lay off this guy because he has made me heaps of money and he has been a champion and he is the best story of 2010, the whole from fitness trainer to full-time AFL player thing…. I agree with that, but it is now time to go.
The J-POD is like that favourite pair of slippers that the dog may have chewed, but you just can’t bear to discard but eventually when you go out to get the paper and you step in dog crap and the only place the crap goes through is that one hole in your slippers…. My opinion…. Don’t hold onto those slippers and definitely don’t sit them on the bench and hope the smell goes away…. toss em in the wheelie bin and trade em in for a new pair…. and get yourself a nice pair… a more expensive pair that you can rely on… GO THE VOLDT!!!!