Roy’s Real Estate: Round 1 Finals

Yeah! its finally here, round 1 of finals action, the moment we have all been waiting and playing for (especially if you gave up on a good national ranking ages ago like me). Hopefully you made the top 8 in your league and have not ended in the bottom half fighting it out for the Tit-Ed Cup. Actually, I’m pretty sure if you are reading this, it’s safe to say that you are in the top 8, bottom 8ers would be well and truly into mad Monday by now. This week I am going to look at 2 pinch hitters from each position that could get you over the line in round 1 of finals. The players I will look for will be in good form, 1 will be at a premium price, the other a bargain.


Colin Sylvia: A month of domination has seen Colin jump to the elite forward in the competition. He has had scores of  149, 124, 103 and 124 which have many owners considering him a captain option against Melbourne. Well done to anybody who followed this advise last week, you were well looked after with his biggest score of the year. Priced at $417,600, it seems a great unique pick to bring you home the flag.

Nick RiewolDT: With back to back 90’s it looks like big Nick is on the verge of some big scores. I think the fact that St Kilda are in desperate need of some form going into finals, works right into the hands of this great leader in terms of performance and minimal likelihood of a rest. A bargain for finals at $338,900.


Matthew Boyd: Currently the best DTer in the competition on recent form with a monthly average of 134. It seems no matter how much he dominates, major defensive attention goes towards Cooney and Griffen. He is an absolute jet and there is no one better to lead your squad to the flag. Priced at $498,600.

Brad Sewell: After almost missing a round through bad form, Sewell has recaptured his best. In the last month he has dropped below 100 just once with a 95 and has maintained an average of 108 in this time. For the price of $370,700, an under-priced consistent 100 might be just the boost you need.


Brendon Goddard: No secret here, Goddard is a must have for your rise to the Holy Grail. In the last 4 weeks he has dropped below the 100 mark just once with a 96 while maintaining a 107 average (slightly down on his 112 for the year). He had been Mr dependable all year apart from a horrible first half against Port. This week he plays Port again, however I’m tipping a nice 100. Priced at $449,800, do it, your backline needs it.

Brian Lake: Stuff the bargain option for the back, I’ve just stumbled across Lakey! As a matter of fact, it could still be argued that it is a bargain. After talking up my old mate Goddard, Brian Lake has proved that maybe he is the best option in defence for the run into the finals. In the last month he has averaged 119, that is better than my on ball unit! Priced at $462,800, get on and enjoy the old “mark, kick” + 6.

Rucks: It’s been arguably the most annoying position in DT this year. Personally I have wasted many a trade there, still only to end up with a Ryder/Nicnat combo. Lot’s of people will be taking big Robbie Warnock’s score this week to cover Sandi, especially considering there is no standout ruckmen worth trading in. If you are in a knockout final and your only chance of a win is to gain a slight advantage due to this Sandi misfortune, Ryder would probably be the best bet.

Well, goodluck in the first round, please discuss your scenarios and possible trades. destROY.