Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 17 UPDATED

Last week, I personally went with my new mate Seaman Love Swan (ha ha), he has been in smoking form and was wicked. Now… for all those people who last week said “Calvin, why isn’t Gary Ablett in your top 5?”… we’ll I guessed that was answered by the people who had him locked in for his 81! My point I’m trying to make here is… listen to the Irish pirate, he’ll guide you through. Hodgey was even solid for me with 126, but my top 5 was let down my Bartel for his 72, but who hasn’t be burnt this year doing that?

Now… yeah, I’m once again snowed under with work and will not be able to piece together an article and will once again call upon you guys to get this stuff rolling again. Hopefully the last time this year, but I said that last week. But seriously, snowed under big time and need the time to keep the bosses happy.

So simply… cut and paste the following in and last week we saw some ripper player reviews so keep them coming. The more details the better! Details are the key… for example, I told you last week that Clinton Jones would go to Didak as he has done it for the last 2 times, that info is golden and sold Swanny for me with the big C. Good luck and thanks again guys!

I’ll kick the ball rolling as I have had good luck with this guys, and I’ll start it with DANE SWAN.


Player: Dane Swan
Vs: Richmond @ MCG
Smoking! Scores of 138, 141, 161 in his last 3. No one in the AFL is even close to the numbers that this boy is putting up at the moment.
Richmond are his 2nd worst team to play across his career. With previous scores of 125 (2009) and 89 (2008) and even 62 (2007) it is safe to say that the 125 in Rd. 20 last year is his only ripper. In that game he had 34d, 2g and was tagged by Jackson (then Rance).
Consider This:
He was smacked in the face. But it’s not like having your house shot at like Travis Cloke experienced (which really unsettled his year) so Swan should be 100% fine to go. Roy made a good quote the other day: “If Malthouse rests him for this… what message does it send to the public thugs out there who hate opposition teams and players? Hit em and they’ll rest?” Right on Roy, Swan will be fine.  Last time they played the little dirty rabbit (Jake King) tagged Didak and really should be going to him and it seems Swanny should be let off the tagging hook again. Last week Richmond only gave the Roos 2×100+ scores but this doesn’t concern me in the slightest. Swanny loves the MCG and has previous scores there of 138 and 150 in his last 2. You’d be a gutsy dude to be putting a “C” on anyone else this week I reckon.
Predicted Score: 121


Now here is your thingy, get into it guys and try to cover as many of the big guns as possible!

Consider This:
Predicted Score:

Who will be your Captain for Round 1?

  • Dane Swan (62%, 2,003 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (2%, 65 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (19%, 605 Votes)
  • Trent Cotchin (3%, 105 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (3%, 95 Votes)
  • Josh Kennedy (7%, 229 Votes)
  • Someone else (3%, 83 Votes)
  • I'll be taking my VC (2%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,234

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  • Player: Bryce Gibbs
    Vs: West Coast @ Subiaco
    Form: DT-wise, consistent enough with his last 5 scores all over 100. However his own supporters have been disappointed with his form.
    History: West Coast are his 2nd favorite team to play (altho he doesnt play them often) with scores of 166, 84 and 86 in the last three seasons. The 166 came just 7 weeks ago. His last score at Subi was a massive 140 against Freo.
    Consider This: There is a whisper that Gibbs is will be dropped this week. :o

    I’d wait for the teams to come out first obviously, but assuming he plays, will Worsfold put a tighter tag on him after he tore them up last time? I think not!
    Predicted Score: 133

  • Player: Lachlan Hansen
    Vs: Essendon @ Docklands
    Form: His avg over the last 5 weeks … 69! Wow!
    History: Has only played one game against Essendon scoring 114! Wow!
    Consider This: Mark Lecras kicked 12 against Essendon last week and he’s a ****ing midget! Lachie is god and will kick a bag so big that is almost impossible to comprehend. Also, Essendon is shit.
    Predicted Score: 3258

  • shame for us people who don’t have lachie hansen :(

  • Player: Leigh Montagna
    Vs: Hawthorn @ Etihad
    Form: Last 4 :128 135 129 133 = Avg of 131.3
    History: Avgs 102 vs the hawks from 5 games (94, 80, 143, 114, 79)
    and at Etihad…. Last 4: 137,151,146,135= avg of 142 WOW
    Consider This: Hasn’t played Hawks since 2008 so his avg of 102 against them could be higher if he played them last year when he became a jet.
    Predicted Score: 135
    If you have Swan and Joey (Like I do) it’s going to be a tough decision.

  • Not sure if anyone has done him yet but…
    Player: Brendon Goddard
    Vs: Hawthorn
    Form: Has been playing really well, last 3 he has averaged 112
    History: in his last 3 he has scored 146, 88, 124, so pretty bloody good!
    Consider This: hasnt played them in a while, not since 2008, but hopefully he’ll pump out a huge one
    Predicted Score: 125 – 130

  • would someone please tell rocket eade to put gia in the mid so can actually get a half decent score, shit!!

  • Player: Dane Swan
    Vs: Richmond @ MCG
    Form: 138, 141, 161 in his last 3.
    History: Richmond are one of his worst… with previous scores of 125, 89
    Consider This: May be in some doubt after the pub incident.
    Predicted Score: 113 or 124 or even 137.

  • not sure who to bench out of pods and rockliff??

    • Rockliffe… lions will do shit, limiting his score and pods’ just loves the skilled.

  • was leaning that way, cheers

  • essendon won’t win another game 4 the yr and will end up on the bottom of the ladder
    seriously if u support them then well…. change teams cos they’re a joke LOL

    • If you go for Adelaide and your name is Kevinf21, you might aswell just die right now… otherwise change teams cause you and your team is just a joke.

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        go get a life and stop replying 2 evrything u dighead

  • jt’s top 10 so far:

    Good golly, i got all of them. Decisions decisions people.

  • i have read all of the jt368 comments and their all pissers keep it up mate :)

    • Your welcome mate, glad someone takes life not so serious.

    • You seriously read all of his comments??? GET A FUCKING LIFE

      • 16 comments in all… takes me 57 seconds to scroll down and read them all… just don’t see how he is wasting his life.

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            Just a tip for Brappin: Everyone can determine how old you are just by the clear lack of maturity in your comebacks. They are of primary school level, thus, is your age

          • “If you go for Adelaide and your name is Kevinf21, you might aswell just die right now… otherwise change teams cause you and your team is just a joke.” jt368 does this reflect your age well??? Now go away!!!

          • No, not really but when i mentioned that i was 17 or 21 or even 35 that reflects my age, clear and accurate.

  • am i the only one considering getting Tim Houlihan next year

  • no you dickhead brappinalong i read the last roughly 20 and i saw that he started chatting you idiot!

    • Me the dickhead?? I’m not an “eagle4life” c**t

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  • who should i bench Gia, Grundy or Pods?? was my intention to have grundy as back up for injuries for the rest of the year but his form warrants a starting berth so im leaning towards gia. wat does everyone think??

    • i reckon gia pods his playing at skilled and grundy hasn’t been too bad

      • Gia surely has to hit some form soon, it’s a 50/50 between him and Grundy

        • thanks fellas appreciate it, im leaning towards grundy but still about 50/50 with gia and grundy. Youve convinced me with pods and for interest sake, my other forwards are chapy, pav (who deserves the bench of late but has to much potential to be sitting on bench), goodes, voldt (could also go to bench but i reckon he will come good) and franklin.

    • Gia or Grundy… Grundy will porbably spud it up now that he did good for one week.

    • I reckon Pods. Playing at Skilled, i’m tipping another 5 goal performance

  • Thinkin of pickin up either judd or murphy or ablett or hayes

    who do u think i should pick up out of those 4?

    • i’m kinda a judd hater but i respect what he did with wce but i got him plus 63k for barman (Barlow) i reccomend him and also won’t get rested BTW i also have hayes out of the 4

    • In terms of uniqueness, i’d go murphy. But realistically, Ablett, still.

    • judd’s cheap

  • I’m currently receiving counselling for my Barlow trade. Got Ablett in over Montagna/Boyd. P*SSED. Only way I will not regret this trade is if GAJ doesn’t get rested and starts scoring half decently. Montagna will definitely be rested in the upcoming weeks now that Goddard and NDS have had thier turn. Why did I think Ablett would turn his sh*t around? *Sigh* Another bad decision.

    • Actually St Kilda are on the ropes and have got a fair bit to prove. Don’t think Montagna will get rested. btw didnt think you could get counseling for dt, if thats possible, im sure i could find a uni that will let me get a PhD DT.

      • stkilda are not on the ropes you tool. theyre third for f**k sake.

        • settle down champ, i think he just means that they were beaten last week and will want to put out a convincing effort to eliminate any thought that they are sliding.

    • to be honest i don’t regret any trades this year except for hall to dawes rest have been all reasonable

  • Well no doubt Calvin will recommend Swan again- his heads and shoulders above everyone for consistency and will get my big C click of my mouse. Go Swan Dawg!!!!

  • Not sure about this but ……

    Player: Jason Winderlich

    Vs: NM

    Form: Smashing it!! 100, 126, 94, 113 avg. – 108.25

    History: Only played North twice in his career for 118 (2007) and 80 (2009)

    History At ES: Last five have gone 104, 45, 118, 71, 100 …. a bit of inconsistency there

    Consider This: Even though his history against North hasn’t been very extensive, his form is what to look at, with another 100+ score predicted IMO. However if his inconsistency at Etihad continues, could be a 70-80 score. Be Careful

    Predicted Score: 106

  • swannie or joey as the big C this week? tough decision. no sleep for the next 2 days :D

  • Sorry Calvin but dont even bother wasting your time anymore with this.

    If you have Swan make him your captain.
    If you dont, think about what you have done, then head to the gold coast to try and scout some good rookies for next year cos this year your team is f**ked.

    That is all.

    • ha ha true – glad we get some normal comments in here other than the bunch of girls who come in here and act tough on the keyboard

      • +1 to both of you, not having swan sucks!! i just pick different captains most weeks, although i aint quitting this year, still averaging 2150

  • good old coin flip. before you know the result you already know who you want when the coin is still in the air. good to see boyd on the list calvin he wasn’t on last week. I have it down to swan or boyd every week now gone with swan the last 4 & doing the same this week. I hope swanny kills it & at the end of the game flashes a nice smile for the camera to the clown that sucker punched him.

    I think we should start a… “Protect Swanny Group” we all take turns looking after him 24-7 making sure he doesn’t ever miss a game. Personal Servant/Bodyguard in return for HUGE SCORES!! hahaha go swanny!!

  • easiest captain decision I’ve had all year

    How can you go past a bloke who has scored me about 880 points in the last 3 weeks

    Swan vs Richmond = Big points

    • especially with daniel jackson out, he might have gone to swan. Hardwick seems to actually see swanny as a threat unlike some coaches. For those that are interested this is a qoute from hardwick on their website…

      “Dustin Martin gets a chance to play against a great player in Dane Swan or Scott Pendlebury … so for every player that we put out there, it’s going to be a good challenge for them.”

      “I think he [Swan] is almost untagable,” Hardwick said.

      “Even when you tag him, he still gets 30 [possessions]. He’s a terrific player and a guy that seems to get better every year.

      “So from our point of view it’ll just be a huge challenge for whoever picks him up and hopefully we can keep him to a reasonable number.”

      • Hopefully Martin goes to him, can’t imagine Martin playing a defensive role!!!!

  • Wondering if Calvin’s captains will have to be renamed Calvin’s Vice Captains next year since 100% of people will be selecting Swan and locking him in as C? Or am I the only modestly smart bloke here?

    GO Captain Swan…you have single handedly dragged my team from the horrible depths of the overall DT rankings.

    • good call but… people were saying the same about ablett a while back and you dont read those comments anymore. PLUS… some people like going unique, hoping Swan fails… each to their own I guess

      • or you could call it, “Calvins captains for those who missed the swan boat!”

  • I have neither Swan or Ablett.. Makes the risk and dreamteam far more interesting ;)

    I’m going unique and putting bartel up again even after a poor show last week.

  • Why the hell is Matthew Boyd not suggested
    He’ll deffs be my captain with scores of 143, 116, 114, 121, 142 and 133 in the last 7 weeks
    He’s only had 2 off games with scores of 86 and 75

    • Id go with boyd over ablett, but not over swan against richmond

    • boyd is mentioned he’s in calvin’s poll.

    • one word: DARWIN. I was looking at ait aswell and was seriously thinking about it but then remembered how exhausting last week was. I know he’s fit but you never know how they will bounce back

  • WANRING – any bitching little sooks in here, who come to act tough on a keyboard and mouth off other can piss off or be banned. Yep… I’ve seen enough. I’ll get Warnie on to yas!!

    • Calvin, you spelt warning wrong……..haha.
      Good call…………though i felt a little intimidated by your keyboard tone. ;-)

  • Oh and warnie… see my graphics?? Impressive hey?

  • S is for Super,
    W is for Wonderful,
    A is for Awesome,
    N = NO BRAINER!

  • I’m throughing up swan and montagna
    Swan because of his fantastic form and montagna for his uniqueness

  • i know ablett is in top five this week but does anyone elso seem somewhat unconvinced by his last month. Whether its an injury, gold caost decision or whatever, he doesnt look like the gazzaa ive seen for the last 3 years. I know his history might be good and people saying he’ll bounce back but im just not convinced.

  • got everyone in that top 5 ahha dilemas dilemas (although good dilemas) lol ive officially taken the captaincy away from ablett for the first time (when hes played). i dont care if he kills it, im teaching him a lesson ahhaha so im thinking swan + richmond = prom king and queen surely. locked and loaded (until i change my mind like i have the last three weeks and go scurrying back to ablett like always haaha)