Roy’s Real Estate: Round 16

Similar to Calvin’s Captains and my team (destROY) Roy’s Real Estate will not be up to the usual standard this week due to work commitments. But as I still have the hope that Mitchell, Goddard, Brown and Neon may be back to cover my 0’s this week, that’s enough “excited hope” to conjure up the energy to look quickly at a couple of categories. From the positions I cover, I will look at the best possible and the biggest bargain.

Get in my forward line:

Paul Chapman: Chappy is by far the best forward option in the league. He is an absolute machine and hasn’t looked like skipping a beat. Hopefully the 2 week break he took mid season is enough to get him through to finals. His average the last month is 120 and you wont find another forward even close to that! Priced at $459,400 and a BE of 96.

Adam Goodes: Look who’s back in the midfield… as a goal kicking midfielder. Last week, Goodsey said goodbye to his role as a target forward and said “hello midfield, I remember when we won a Brownlow or 2”. Against the Roo’s he was back to his dominant best, and I can say that confidently as he actually matched his best ever score with 158. Priced at $345,900 and a BE of 5. (yes no typo, better get on quick)

My mids need a serious boost:

Dane Swan: All arguments are over, Swanny is this years king of DT. After an inconsistent/slow start to the year by his standards, the great Dane has clearly put his hand up as AA DT captain. He is averaging over 140 the last month, a tally most of my players struggle to get in 2 weeks and has a 150 average in his last 2. Priced at $521,300 and a BE of 88.

Daniel Connors: It looks as though Cous’s right hook knocked some serious DT sense into old DC. In the last two game alot of tigers have lifted their work rate and scoring but it seems Connors has been the best of the lot. His last two weeks have produced 116 and 132 which are scores well above his price. $316,500 and a BE of -12.

Get me some back relief:

Brendon Goddard: Taking his rostered break a couple of weeks early this year, Goddard is ready to bounce back this week to say “sorry” for the poor late withdrawal effort last week. Goddard is an absolute champion of the game, and more importantly, DT. To have a backman that is so consistent and capable of such big scores is a Godd send. (haha, that was good). Priced at $478,900 and a BE of  116 he is a must have for any team that wants to be taken seriously in the finals.

Nathan Lovett-Murray: If you are after a unique backman to take into your finals campaign who has great scoring potential, combined with his increasing consistency, Nathan LM might be your man. He looks 10 times the player he has in the past and is coming off a great game of 122, especially great considering how badly his team SUCKED! Priced at $384,100 and a BE of 63.

Well by the time team are posted, no doubt I will have to carry doughnuts again. Thankfully I have written this already because that little straw might have broken the camels back. Good luck this week, enjoy discussing your trades! destROY.


  • love it.. first btw

  • Got 4/6 of those players already, the small proportion of people who got Connors in for Barlow will be licking their chops.

    • They may be happy at the moment but Connors will be lucky to avg over 90 for the rest of the year. You needed to get in someone who would average 110+ for the remainder of the season. Eg. Boyd, Ablett, Monty

      • not necessarily, I traded Barlow – Palmer (got connors week b4), moved Connors from emg to start and used extra cash this week to upgrade Hitchcock to Goodes so yes i lose 20pts a week with Barlow to Connors but hoping on extra 40-50 from Goodes over Hitchcock

    1/ Gilbert + Maguire + Pods
    2/ Gram + Waters + Pods
    3/ Riewoldt + Maguire + Waters

  • Great write up Roy!

    Seriously considering Goodes for Bazza. Lets hope they leave him in the mids now!

    On a side note, was discussing with someone earlier abot the format for DT next year. It then dawned upon us that in order for all teams to have the samuner of Byes, there are going to be rounds where 3 teams have the buy! Imagaine if the 3 teams in 1 week were Geelong, Stkilda and Hawthorn! For me this year, that would mean I am copping Donuts for the following in 1 round


    Thats 7 bloody players! How could you cover all of those donuts!
    DT is gonna seriously hard next year!

    • Same number of Byes……Dont know how I typoed that one!

      • could be up to 11 or 12 for soem people.

        • That’s why everyone will need to check the draw for the year before selecting their teams, and plan their trades around the byes. I can see that as soon as a team has had its 2 byes, their players will become more appealing.

    • thats nothing, if it were saints geelong and carlton i would cop donuts from
      +when i get the VOLT

    • there will only be 1 team with the bye each week not 3

      • WRONG!!! – 34 byes (17 teams with 2 byes each) don’t go into 24 rounds – there will be some weeks with more than one bye. How the AFL tackles this is yet to be determined.

    • I’m assuming you missed the write up about it a week or so ago by Warn Dawg? From memory there’s a week where only 5 games are played.

      You might wanna check it out.

  • ok guys, looking to upgrade some players in backs and fowards

    Backs: grimes – > other then (goddard, hodge, enright, malceski)

    am thinking either glibert or scotland. thougts?

    also looking to upgrade ballantyne in fowards

    currently have

    O’keefe, Gia, Didak, Pods, Johnson, Brown and Balantyne

    i was originally thinking Pav this week, but all the talk seems to be with goodes. is he a better option?

    Also what does everyone thing Riewoldts bottom out price will be?

    • Go Gilbert, scores more consistently, if u wait a wk or 2 his price will drop a bit 2. 1 game doesn’t make a season, so I don’t reckon Goodes is assured of staying in the mids, unless of cource Roos has said something I haven’t seen. I reckon Riewoldt will be about $370,000 at his cheapest, all depends on how he scores the next 2 weeks.

  • Whats peoples thoughts on picking up goodes this week or waiting a week or two to get riewoldt?
    Im leaning towards goodes because who knows what saints will do with nick leading into finals. That being said they might start playing him 100% game time to get much needed match fitness into him. ahhhh decisions decisions!

    • They wouldn’t rest him, he needs game time.

      • just like Geelong wouldn’t rest Corey cos he needs game time?

        • good point… but the saints team revolves around reiwoldt pretty much and geelong did just fine without corey

        • Geelong didn’t rest Corey – he still had fluid build up in the knee – so wasn’t worth risking him.

    • Goodes traditionally finishes seasons strongly. If he plays midfield for the remainder of the year expect a 110+ avg. But then again with Roos coaching he will probably decide to move back out of position to CHF. Hopefully though he plays midfield as that will justify my decision to bring him into my team 4 weeks ago

  • are there any good rucks roy? (under 300k) (ill Definitly get DC in 2011)

    • I am looking at rucks as well, although more expensive. Under 300k Jamar is looking alright but wont make you much cash. If you want to make more cash you could go Nic Nat but he hasnt been the greatest scorer or even Ottens if you think he can find some form. What do you think about Ryder or Cox?

      • I personally rekon Ryder.
        With Hille coming back in Ryder goes back to the brilliant form he was in when Hille was playing (hopefully).

      • who would be trading to make cash at this time of the year?

        id be going jolly based on form

    • angus graham at 298k, averaging 77. i think i must be the only one with him

  • goodes is tempting but i’m going to wait for Roo, could be the perfect pick-up come finals as his price bottom’s out. Presti will do us all a favour by keeping him goal less this week. Go Pies!

  • SO have to make a decision for this Barlow trade (I had no access to internet last week).

    Which combo of 2 would you rather out of:

    N.Voldt, Boyd, Chapman?

    I am leaning towards Boyd Voldt.
    Boyd will play every game due to Dogs pushing for top 4 and Voldt needs game time, plus Chapman could get rested.
    It is the safer option but is it the right one?

    • Dont get Volt this week (is that your plan?)
      boyd and chappy would give you a higher end score overall IMO
      but if you want cash volt will be much better in a couple weeks

      • Nah Volt in a couple weeks (probably 2~3 to let him setlle himself and his price to fall even more (a 68 helps this). But you are right, Boyd and Chapman for scores.

        Well with 7 trades and 20.3 K.
        I have Barlow to trade out in the Mids and assuming I go for the Boyd Chapman combo (which will take at least this week and next) this is my predicament.

        Mids – Swan, GAJ, Bartel, Gibbs, Montagna Barlow (Lucas, McNeil).
        FWD – Pav, ROK, Didak, Pods, Rockliff, Brennan, Danger (Brown Gumby).

        In an ideal world I would like Gumby, Barlow and Danger out of my team, This gives me cover all around the area and I would have the highest scoring combo, however I can’t see myself getting that unless one of them has a stink game and Danger keeps scoring big. Worst comes to worse I will get rid of Pods/Rockliff to allow the combo to work (assuming I don’t like the look of Volt).

  • Im still deciding weather to go with pav or goodes..
    Anyone?… and why?

  • Couple questions

    Goods now 350k
    Riewoldt in a few weeks 350k
    Which one?

    Get Rid of who?
    Hall (How long is he out for? 1 week, 2 weeks or Season)
    Betts (if him it has 2 be for goodes)
    Fyfe (when will he return?)

    i will be taking one donut in forward this week if i dont trade

    Also i will only get goods if he continues to play in Midfeild will he?

    Can anyone answer these questions

  • this would be more useful if i had any trades left :'(

    • haha, i totally agree…. i hate everyone who had self control and says they still have more than 6+ trades left.
      my fingers have been trade trigger happy, and already looking forward to next year. 8000 ranked but i bet thats about to blow right out once i start getting donuts!

  • Hey guys,
    just after some trade advice

    Armstrong to Boyd
    Ballantyne to Goodes or Harvey

    im struggling to make the 8 and i was just wondering about any thoughts on these two or better options?

  • Havent traded Barlow out yet is Daniel Connors a too risky pick to bring in???
    Coming off a 95, 116, 132. Although before that he had: 77, 72, 73, 53

    • connors is a joke don’t get sucked in
      straight swap him for ablett/boyd/montagna

  • Ok, I think that my team is pretty much set now; no Swan or Ablett but I think this should see me through until the end now;

    Hodge, Goddard, Enright, Malceski, Carrots, Waters, H-Shaw, (Webberley, Heath)
    Montagna (c), J-Selwood, Boyd, Deledio, Stanton, Judd (Ball, McNeil)
    Sandi, Cox (Trengrove, Roughead)
    Chapman, Pav, ROK, Didak, Rockliff, Brown, Sylvia (Pods, Hughes)

    In hindsight, probably would have been better off dropping Ball down a little and using that to upgrade Deledio, but hey. Trades. Anyway, as it is, there’s pretty decent cover everywhere except the backline… hopefully Webberley can hold his spot.


  • Hey I’m looking to trade out L Jetta for someone better.
    I have bout 390k if i trade him and am thinking of these people

    or any other suggestions

    Who should i get?

    • goodes is tempting but idk whether they’ll play him properly…ideal is Didak, but am bout $700 short of him!

    • Harvey this week or Stevie J next week.

  • what do you think ….

    pav / brown …. injury worries me
    pav / l davis … cheap and has upside to turn in some big scores if he can find some form or got more of a run throught he mids
    pav/ brennan …. named on the ball this week, wing last week scored 87, CHF the week prior scored 57,

    or anyone else under $315k to go with the Pav ?

  • I’m pretty keen to jump on the goodes train but i don’t know if i should, or even where i should get him.
    To start with i have 5 trades left and 82k in the bank with one upgrade left to be done – which is Bastinac in the mids. I figure i have a few options:
    1. Straight swap basti to goodes (due to 80k in the bank).
    Downside: there are better mids that i could get later on. (although that would take 2 trades)
    2. Trade Ballantyne to Goodes as a straight swap – Atm balla is on my bench as JB has came back and i’m playing Pods and Rock on my field.
    Downside: I would have to put Pods, Rock or JB on my bench. Also i would still need to upgrade Basti in my mids and with 5 trades i would be down to 2 after that.
    3. I could not get goodesy and instead in a week or so downgrade hitchcock and upgrade basti to a premium such as montagna or boyd.

    • i hav a similar problem wanting to get goodes but don’t know whether he is on the whole a better player than others

      i think that if u hav decent players in ur forward line, u should hold out. what is ur midfield?

    • 3. Montagna or Boyd are far more consistent than Goodes. Perhaps trade Hitchcock for Trent Dennis-Lane this week to get the cash?

    • Option 3 for sure. I am in same situation and not touching forwards. Nothing to suggest Goodes will even average more than say Rocky or Pods for rest of season, whereas a premium mid definitely will!!!!!!!!

    • If goodes is going to keep getting midfield time I think he will average over 100 and at the price he’s at he’s a bargin. Hard decision.

  • Anyone else having problems logging in? I haven’t been able to log in since Tuesday :(

  • sitting 9th in my comp need to get into the 8 have been the top scorer for the yr but had bad luck & dont get the wins. have 6 trades 60k would love some help on my trade option & team structure.

    godard enright gilbert duffield hodge waters kelly – webberly strijk
    swan ablet bartel boyd ball howlett – barlow gizberts
    sandi cox – trengrove warnock
    okeefe didak gia brown pods rockliff silvia – ballatine gumby

    ok so i was thinkin of gettin chapman in for barlow & then 77k (dpp) for balla that way makin cash on that trade leaving me with 4 trades & 260k. then next wk if i can get montang or NDS in for howlett that way leaving ball as my benchy if i have a good player missin in the next few rds.
    help wont to get into the 8 & smash my mates

  • should i keep or trade david hille? there are no good rucks apart from sandilands who i already have. and my bench guys arent playing so im copping a zero and i need to win the next few games! someone help!

  • G’day guys,

    I was wondering what you all think about Goodes this week! He’s named in the Forward line but will the coach play him in the midfield??

    And what do y’all think about playing Warnock in the rucks?? Should Hille be traded out for Cox in lieu of the finals!

    Thanks to everyone on the comments and, thanks to the whole dreamteamtalk Team for their great posts!!

    Best of luck to everyone this week!

  • hey guys

    been racking my brain for the last week but is it just me or is there no quality forwards?? haha
    got 5 trades and 260,000 left, with hall and grundy my only non premiums left. I intend to trade hall this week and then grundy for roo when he bottoms out in 2-3 weeks.

    so im looking for advice, who do i swap hall for?? this is a critical trade and probably my last chance at having a go at the car (or 500 for winning the richmond comp). I have enough money to buy any forward in the comp (ive already got chappy, pav, franklin, gia, pods) but the more i look at them the more i get disapointed With the lack of talent. Douglas j riewoldt and didak most expensive?????????????? hahah

    please can someone convince me either way, cause at the moment im leaning goodes and arent real happy wih myself cause i swore never again lol

    thanks in advance for any help

    • I wouldn’t trade in any forward this season except for Chaddy and Reiwoldt.

      The best of all the others average only low 90s, so probably would only gain 20 or so points per game, even compared to a lot of rookies

  • start goose or webberley? richmond playing the kangas, and the lions playing the hawks.

    and goose coming back from injury, although being a lions fan im tempted to start him…


  • Should I start Warnock or Trengove (Hille on my bench).

  • Hey guys do you think it’s worth upgrading pods to chapman this week and then rocky to n. roo in a couple of weeks? My team is finished in all other positions and they seem to be my worst players, are they worth upgrading?
    I have 250k, 5 trades left and I wanna get my overall rank as high as I can, currntly 600.
    Thanks to anyone in advance for their advice

  • what do people think of Jarryd Blair’s job security?
    do you agree the it is unlikely he will hold his spot in the pies line up.