DT Talk Stubby Holders $10

Ever get sick of sitting there watching the footy with cold hands because your icy cold Boags Draught is taking a little too long to slam down… You have 2 options, harden up and scull it, or purchase yourself a stubby holder. And there is no cooler more hip stubby holder going around than the DT Talk stubby holder.

We are selling these little hotcakes out for $10.. and due to the fact that we live in little ol’ Tassie there will be a blanket $5 postage on all holders. We are more than happy to combine postage if you would like to purchase more than one to the same address… (2 stubby holders $20 + $5 postage = $25)

How to Order

All you need to do is e-mail dttalk@hotmail.com to place your order. You will then recieve an e-mail reply with the information on how to pay for your purchase. When all this is done, it should only be a few short sharp days before you are enjoying the comfort of drinking out of this little beauty.

P.S. Beer is not provided, oh and thankyou for supporting the website that supports you… peace!