Roy’s Real Estate: Round 15

Hi lady and gents (assuming our 1 female reader still checks in with RRE) welcome to round 15. Well… what a big week, team selections havent even come out and I am screwed! (I’m writing this bit Wednesday night).  I thought bad things were supposed to come in 3’s but I just found out there is a fourth. What are the chances of 3 broken legs in 1 freaking week. We are all in the same boat with poor old Barlow, but not to many are stupid enough to still have Ziebell running around like destROY.

Just when I thought all was calm, yes I had to burn two trades, but I was happy that overall it made my team better, I get the dreaded news of a third broken leg… AND THE BROKEN LEG IS SWANNIE! Yes thats right, our greyhound swannie broke its leg in the 10 and a half length win last week. Lucky she is tough and will be back Barlow style. The 4th piece of bad news is Sam bloody Mitchell missing again this year which will ensure I have my trademark 0 for the week. I think the best focus this week will be to look at Barlow ($454,600).

Upgrade option:

Dane Swan– An average of 137 in the last four has quietened up and few Ablett vs Swan (Gazza is way better) arguers. Swanny is by far the best player in DT at the moment and he was at his best last week with 161 against West Coast. This week they play Port where surely Kane Kornes will try to curb Swannies influence… but history says Swannie will be free to tip toe around the park. Priced at $512,100 and a BE of 112.

Basically straight swap options:

Gary Ablett– Who would have thought at the start of the year Gazza could be picked up in a straight swap for Barlow. Well, its happened due to Ablett’s form mirroring that of a mere superstar, not a mega superstar as we have become accustomed. A month average of 109 has caused a price drop to $456,900. A BE of 119 would suggest there is 1 more price drop due, however its Gary Ablett people. The only minor concern here is that his teammates dont seem to looking after him quite as much as we are used to seeing.

Paul Chapman: Chappy was back with avengence last week with a whopping 130. After what I would think was a rostered 2 week break for Chappy he is looking good to finish off the year (fingers crossed). He has averaged 119 for the year and has the underrated label of duel position player. $459,600 with a BE of 114.

Leigh Montagna– With 3 lots of 125+ scores in the last month, Monts is looking good for the run into finals. His average for the month is 115 which is super impressive considering that includes an injury affected 65. Priced at $459,500 has a low Be of just 80. Another beauty of the Monts pick is that the number 1 opposition taggers seem to go to Nicky Dal more often than not.

Other notable metnions to discuss: Matthew Boyd, Lenny Hayes, Brendon Goddard, Luke Hodge.

Downgrade (keeper) options.

These trades are to allow you enough cash to upgrade a Ziebell for example.

Scott Thompson– I talked Scotty up a couple of weeks ago, only to have him injured on 27 against the Hawks down here in Lonny. Well, still carrying that 27, his month average is 97, which shows you the kind of form he is in for that price. Last week he was at his best for 146 which was wis second 140+ in the last 4 games. $343,300 and a BE of 41.

Chris Judd– After a massive start to the year, Juddy had dropped off the boil slightly making him a perfect downgrade target. 99 last week showed that his form is still good and he his carrying a 106 average for the year. Cops a tag but is starting to get more help from his teammates. $391,000 and a BE of 107.

Andrew Carrazzo– Need alot of cash? well Carrots could be the man for you. He is a proven DTer that is capeable of big scores. The last month has seen him tagging which has caused his price to a low $317,200. He averages a respectable 90 and if by chance he is freed up, will average 100 again.

Brent Stanton– After a huge start to the year Stants has had his price heavily affected by a few hard tags. Experience tells us that he can score big 150+ scores but you need to be prepared to take a few 70’s along the way as well. For that price, anybody averaging 101 is a bargain, especially if it gives you the coin for a tasty upgrade womewhere else. $359,700 and a BE of 120.

There are plenty more out there guys, but I’m hella busy at work so please discuss other options in the comments. Cheers, destROY.

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