Roy’s Real Estate: Round 13

Hi team, welcome to RRE part two. I’m sorry in advance about the quality and size this week but I’m sick as a dog, and don’t mistake that for sick like a Warne Dawg, because he is fully sick as in cool. Ah it seems I spend my whole life apologising about size and quality… dammit. Anyway there are only a couple of games left this round but lots of our go to players are yet to come.

Quietly Dominating:

Sam Gilbert: Sam just seems to fly under the radar, not only by DT coaches, but often opposition coaches. He is one of those reliable defenders that will give you his averaged of 90-100 each week. His last three weeks consist of 111, 96 and 95. Not too bad for a back priced at $394,500 and a BE of 104.

Scott Pendlebury: For a player that oozes class, Scotty has been getting off the hard tag hook lately, rare for a player that is so damaging with each possession. Not only are his touches damaging in a footy sense, but he has been DT damaging of late to the point where he is crying for captaincy. His last three weeks have produced 119, 136 and 136. Priced at a premium $446,200 and a low BE of 61. WARNING: Sydney is one team that tends to pay him the honour of a tag.

Farren Ray: Lots of Saints seem to be getting the hang of playing without Nick. It would be interesting to see what happened to each individuals scores for the first month without him but I’m guessing that almost everybody’s priced dropped. With alot of their players now realising they can still play, plus Nicks return getting closer by the week, further improvement can be expected. Farren is in hot form with 91, 100 and 111 in his last three and costs only $364,200. His BE is only 61 and he would probably be the most unique pick in your league.

Ok, I’m stuffed. What I would like people to do is select players that are on this week and do a little spread in the comments as I have above. Team effort this week and I’ll be back next week bigger, better and full of antibiotics.