Alex’s Sweet Dream Team: Jason Porplyzia

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  • Haha, love the ex thing.

  • Wish it was a bit less about him and more about the players.

  • hahahahahahahahaha.
    Good work Alex!
    Love it :)
    But there was nothing about dream team??

  • used to real funny.
    now just not the same. not as funny anymore not even close

  • Hahahahahha…. “Give me some f**king boots man”

    Funny shit

  • he’s a comedian, a good one, doesn’t always have to be about dream team

  • Cant wait to get home and jump on redtube to look for girls in bath.
    Good shit man, always a great start to the morning.

  • Why do these Crows players keep agreeing to do this?? lol
    Do they get paid to do it? Or do they know that its just a pisstake interview?

    • Mate, what i want to know is, who the f**k let you out of the basement.

  • thats the first funny one since the first four episodes. I advise anyone who hasnt seen those to do it now haha

  • He did say that she said “he should kick more farkin goals!”

  • The porpoise must have spent too much time watching the redtube videos this week that is probably why he got the arse this week.